15 Popular Posts of 2015

15 Popular Posts of 2015

First of all, Happy New Year to you all! I thought I might share my 15 popular posts of 2015.

2016 is going to be the biggest year of my life – moving house, completing my treatment for breast cancer and of course, becoming cancer-free!  You can read about my other Goals for 2015 here.

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I had so much fun blogging last year about our lives, travels, pregnancy and more so I thought I would share with you my 15 popular posts of 2015 – the ones that had the most views last year.  You can click on the headers to view the posts:

1.  I Have Breast Cancer

Without a doubt the most upsetting words I’ve ever had to write but by far the most therapeutic too.  I could also have never imagined how blogging about my cancer diagnosis would have opened the doors to so much support and love, thank you :)

2.  My Breastfeeding Essentials

A little collection of the favourite products I used when breastfeeding my two babies.

3.  How to get the house ready for a Newborn Baby

Some advice and tips on preparation for bringing home baby.

4.  Mums and Babies Groups – 7 Reasons you should join

One of my all-time favourite posts to write – I LOVE my mums group and we’re still extremely close.  I can whole-heartedly recommend new mums find a group they like and here are the reasons why.

5.  5 New Parent Pet Peeves

From unwanted advice to Topsy and bloody Tim – the 5 things about parenting that wind me up!

6.  5 Things I regret doing after having Kids

Despite being a mother for the second time – I didn’t learn from the mistakes I made first time around!

7.  12 ways having Cancer is a bit like being Pregnant

So unfair.  I had finished my family.  I bragged to anyone who would listen that I would never have to experience pregnancy and it’s joys again and then came cancer, pregnancy’s evil twin.

8.  I’ll admit it, I’m really scared

The moment my cancer diagnosis really hit hard, I wrote about how it made me feel.  It helped so much to get those feelings out but what helped more so were the kind and supportive words you wrote back to me.  Thank you :)

9.  5 Post Pregnancy Surprises

Who knew it was possible to feel MORE confident the rounder I got :)

10.  I’m not the Mum I used to be

I wrote this post 2 months ago after having a bit of an unexpected emotional meltdown when my second baby started daycare.  It was hard to write but again, the support I received was phenomenal.

11.  5 Things to expect when you’re a New Mother

I loved writing this – from lack of sleep to a brand new body, my tips on what you might get when you become a mum.  I was so delighted when Netmums picked it up and featured it on their site too!

12.  Emigrating from the UK to Australia

Our big move in 2015!  Returning ‘home’ to Australia where I had lived since 2007.  It was a big move, with many challenges and hard goodbyes but it was a great decision and we’re so happy to be back.

13.  What does Labour feel like?

My collaboration with many other mum bloggers on what labour felt like for them.  I loved hearing from everyone else and comparing how very different it can be.

14.  Back of Grandma!  Unwanted advice from old people

As much as I find unsolicited advice annoying, it tickled me to write this and I know the ladies I talk about meant well.  They ALL mean well don’t they?  Grr.

15.  8 Weeks Pregnant

It’s so funny that this was one of my most popular posts of 2015 because it was my first weekly pregnancy update in my last pregnancy in 2014!  Although I’d started my blog back in 2013, I’d ditched it pretty quickly but when I got pregnant with Mini M I started writing weekly updates, just for myself really so I could track my symptoms and have a bit of a diary for the future.

I had no idea that in the past 18 months my blog would have grown to the point of earning an income, taking us on day trips and holidays, being brand ambassadors, reviewing some fabulous products and joining a community of some of the most amazingly talented and supportive parents and writers I’ve ever met.

2015 was a big year for us and 2016 holds even more challenges but also even more opportunities and I can’t wait to (over) share them with you.

Thank you so much for your support in 2015 and a big Happy New Year for 2016 to you all!

15 Popular Posts of 2015 - lovefrommim.com Popular Blogging Posts Popular Blog Post Ideas

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  1. 3rd January 2016 / 10:05 am

    Lol – twins? I meant baby… I think the pregnancy’s evil twin bit stuck in my head!!

    • 3rd January 2016 / 10:10 am

      Thanks lovely! Ha no twins my word but they are close together :) x

    • 3rd January 2016 / 10:10 am

      Hee hee can you imagine twins too! x x

  2. 3rd January 2016 / 10:03 am

    I cannot even begin to imagine the shock of being told you have cancer, nor the relief of being told you’re now cancer free. Wow – twins, cancer, and a huge move in a short space of time, you packed in a few life changing moments there! I’m missing having an excuse for a round belly now I’ve eaten so much after Christmas, so I can totally get the more confident during pregnancy thing! Xx

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