16 Weeks Pregnant – My Pregnancy Week-by-Week

16 Weeks Pregnant

Hello there – I’m now 16 weeks pregnant!

Hmm I think this pregnancy is starting to drag a little bit – the last couple of weeks have gone sooo sloooowly.  I think that’s probably a good thing though as so much to do before Christmas.

I’m getting a bit rounder and definitely in to dressing the bump now rather than trying to hide it.  At the moment I’m living in leggings and boots, wrapping up for Autumn.

16 Weeks Pregnant - www.lovefrommim.com 16 Week Pregnancy Update Pregnancy Symptoms Pregnancy Week by Week

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So here is my weekly update:


I’ve definitely been having a bit more round ligament pain and this makes sense as my uterus is expanding quite rapidly now so I’ve been going a bit slower getting up if I’ve been lying or sitting for a while.

I’m a bit disappointed that I still feel knackered and nauseous – I thought I’d have more energy by now.  I’m now wondering whether this is my normal pre-pregnancy state as it feels like I’ve been knackered forever!  Perhaps I never felt particularly energetic?

My Body

I did think about measuring my waist line to see how much I was expanding until I had a word with myself and realised that would be AWFUL!  Some things, we just don’t need to know.

I bought a couple of maternity tops from ASOS and tried them on – they’re lovely but I can’t wear them until I have a bigger bump I think – I’ll take pics when I wear them.

The Baby

I’ve been wondering for a couple of weeks if I can feel Mini moving sometimes.  Tiny fluttery feelings – I’m not 100% sure – I’m hoping for something a bit more definite soon though as it will be much more reassuring when I can feel her move around.

Medical Stuff

Nothing new – no new appointments, just waiting for the 20 week scan now.  It was so much different in Australia with Miss M – I had a doc app every month although I guess with baby #2 it isn’t as necessary.

Thank you so much for your comments on the last few update posts!  It’s so fun to hear about how you did or didn’t have a feeling about what gender you were having – and those of you who got the total opposite!

We’re dead set on not finding out the sex and I’m still convinced she’s a SHE so I’ll be referring to Mini as a she from now on – just so you know :)

Now, a dilemma for this week, I have NO idea what to buy my 19 month old for Christmas.  I don’t believe in spending a fortune but I do want to get her something special.  I was thinking about the Ikea mini kids kitchen – can anyone else recommend it?

Or any other suggestions?
Some of my favourite new baby items (affiliate links):

16 Weeks Pregnant - www.lovefrommim.com 16 Week Pregnancy Update Pregnancy Symptoms Pregnancy Week by Week

Image Source: Pixabay

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  1. Jade Morriss
    11th November 2014 / 2:50 pm

    It sounds like all is progressing well. Lacking energy is never a nice thing, especially when pregnant, so I hope that passes soon!

    Regarding the Christmas present, we’re very much the same when it comes to budgeting for that – there is no need to spend a fortune. The kitchen idea sounds good. Although I have no first hand experience with it myself, the play group we used to attend had a kids kitchen and seemed to go down well with the little one’s there! Would love to know what you decide on.

    • 20th November 2014 / 8:34 am

      Thank you! I hope so too – I’m so sleepy all the time, perhaps it’s just the way it is now :) Thanks so much! :)

  2. 10th November 2014 / 5:02 pm

    Just had a little look at your pics on Instagram, your outfits look great :-) Dressing at 16 weeks I always found depressing as I felt that I just looked like I’d had a rather large lunch/too many pies instead of looking prego! My youngest is 19 months too, I’ve just bought her a really cool little kitchen for Christmas from ELC (in the sale!!) that her and her sister can play at together. It’s a tricky age to buy for isn’t it! xx

    • 20th November 2014 / 8:32 am

      Aww thanks – I have no fashion sense but I liked doing the pics! Aww I love the mini kitchens, they’re so adorable! It is a hard age to buy for – I suppose she’ll love anything but I feel the pressure :)

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