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The Planner Podcast #9: Are you an Action Creator?

Welcome to Episode #9 of The Planner Podcast!



I sat down to watch another rerun of Dawson’s Creek last night (and 22 years on, it is not as wonderful as I remembered but I Cannot. Stop. Watching. It!).

Anyway, while watching I was texting my business buddy, Kell.

“What’s happening for you next year?”, she said.

“Something big,” I said. “Huge.”

Kell: “Huge?”

Me: “Bigger than huge”.

Kell: “How”?

Me: “Huge for me … and huge for them.”

Kell: “Who are THEY?”

Me: “They’re the creators. They’re the hand-making, story-telling, heart-centred, innovative, passionate dreamers and visionaries.”

Kell: “But…what do they do?”

Me: “Everything. They take what’s in their heart and soul, their hands and minds…to create the most beautiful products, programs, gifts and solutions to change other people’s lives.”

Kell:How will you help them?”

Me: “I’m going to teach them everything I know about building a sustainable, heart-centred online business.

I’m going to elevate them. Amplify them. Help them be who they’re supposed to be.

I’m going to bring them together. I’m going to help them take their gifts to the whole world. I’m going to answer their unanswered questions. I’m going to help them grow.

I’m going to create a space just for them. A Circle to connect with each other, to grow together, to share, to love, to laugh and to FEEL and become as big and as special as I know they can be.

They are going to create this, too. For each other and for themselves.

We’re going to do this together.”

Kell: “Wow. You sound…different.

Me: “I know. I am different. I have to be different – for them.

Because they are different. They’re special, magical, soulful, creative women who are here to make a difference in the world.

For themselves, their families, their friends and thousands of others.

They might not truly know it yet – or how to do it – but I do.

And they need me. And we need this.

And I am so excited for 2021.”


I went to bed inspired and I woke up with purpose.


To create a circle for you.


Are you in, Mim?



Enjoy the episode!

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