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British Red Cross Baby and Child First-Aid App

British Red Cross Baby and Child First-Aid App

Whilst I’ve always been health and safety conscious, nothing puts that higher on the agenda than when you have children.

My children’s safety is absolutely paramount to me and since I became pregnant with my first baby, one of my ‘favourite’ pastimes is to google each and every symptom she has in order to be prepared to deal with it.

Research does suggest that parents have a higher propensity to learn first aid because they feel responsible for the safety of their child.  I definitely agree with that.

Being able to provide correct and effective first aid, in the event it is needed, is also something I think about a lot and I was lucky enough this week to review a brand new app – the British Red Cross Baby and Child First-Aid app.

British Red Cross - Baby and Child First-Aid App Review -

It’s a free app that has specifically been put together for baby and child first aid and it’s a wonderful resource for parents.

As well as encouraging parents to take a first aid course, the British Red Cross has provided this app to equip and educate parents on the main aspects of first aid for babies and children.  You can learn first aid so easily with the Red Cross.

It contains useful videos, animations and tips, easy to follow advice and even a section to put what you’ve learned from it to the test.  The topics covered include allergies, broken bones, choking, fevers and so on – a whole host.

Also covered are first aid skills that many parents might not be familiar with such as poisoning, febrile seizures and burns.

British Red Cross - Baby and Child First-Aid App Review -
Image Source: British Red Cross

When Miss M was 6 months and moved on to solid food, we decided that Baby Led Weaning would be the route for us and like many parents, we were concerned about what we would do in the event that she might choke – she didn’t!  However, the information in this app makes me feel even more prepared when my second baby moves on to solids.  It made me think though, would I always know what to do if something like choking happened to my children.

The app also has a place for you to add key information about your own children’s health such as their medication and details of any allergies.

British Red Cross - Baby and Child First-Aid App Review -
Image Source: British Red Cross

I’ve already consulted the app a few times whilst I’ve been on the go and it’s so reassuring to have accurate and reliable advice at my fingertips whenever I need it.

The best thing about this app is that it’s completely free and easy to download – if you have kids, there is no excuse not to get it.  You’ll find it a brilliant resource that puts your mind at rest when you need to quickly find the answer to a first aid question.

For these reasons, it has a 4 star rating on the App Store!

Personally, I think it should come free on every smart phones when you purchase it :)  First aid is an essential life skill every parent should learn.

If you do only one thing to better your parenting skills today then download and use this app – it could help you save your child’s life.  Knowledge is power.

Click here to learn more online, download a Baby and Child app or go on a Baby and Child First Aid Course.

If you haven’t already seen it, here’s the campaign video from the British Red Cross:

Disclosure: in collaboration with British Red Cross.

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British Red Cross - Baby and Child First-Aid App Review -


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