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How to Drink More Water at Work + Free Water Drinking Tracker

Whether I’ve worked in an office or at home, staying hydrated throughout the day has always been a challenge. Time flies when you’re busy and it’s easy to forget how important and beneficial drinking enough water is. These are my tips on how to drink more water at work that will also help you stay focused and a little bit more awake!

The amount of how much water to drink a day for each of us varies on many factors. I’m no medical pro, so my tips on the importance of drinking more water are just what works for me and my health. I try to drink a minimum of two litres per day. You will work out for yourself how much water to drink on how it makes you feel. Sometimes I drink a lot of water and still feel dehydrated – I just try and drink a bit more that day.

I wanted to share how I manage to drink a decent amount of water a day because I know it helps me function better throughout the day. My mind is clearer and therefore I’m way more productive!

Some of these tips are the obvious ones we sometimes forget and some are a little sneakier!

Desk with glass of water

This post on how and why you should drink water contains some affiliate links.

How to Stay Hydrated at Work

1. Start as you mean to go on

Let’s just start with the obvious one! Before you do anything else, drink a large glass of water. One down, easy!

2. Always have a bottle of water with you

When we’re sucked into meeting deadlines or on long phone calls, remembering to drink water is easily forgotten.

I actually have two 750ml bottles of water on my desk every day. The first thing I do, before I start work, is to bubble up two bottles of sparkling water in my SodaStream and pop their plastic water bottles on my desk. Then I have NO excuses as it’s right there in front of me. Also bottled drinking water is expensive and not environmentally-friendly.

I make it my mission to get through them both before 4pm but over time I’ve started refilling one of both of them and working through those bottles too. So the habit is working!

If you’re in an office and heading to a meeting, internal or external, remember to take your bottle with you too. I use reusable water bottles that can be refilled – less to carry and much better for the environment.

Refill your bottle from the tap or the water filter and refill it immediately when it’s empty.

You can buy a SodaStream Power online here in Australia, here in the US or here in the UK.

3. Set yourself a water-drinking goal!

Ever since I started adding a water drinking reminder to my daily planner, my water intake has soared!

I set myself a goal of eight large glasses of water to drink per day and I rarely miss that now.

I use colourful stickers in my planner to remind me to drink plenty of water – you can stick these on your daily To Do list if you don’t own a planner. Or if you bujo, you can draw your own.

You can grab the stickers I use in Pastel here or Bright here. It’s a simple, visible way to track the amount of water to drink daily.

You can also buy a water bottle with times on the side to give you mini goals to reach throughout the day.

4. Create mini challenges

Give yourself some challenges throughout the day to always drink a glass of water as certain events occur. It’s like a drinking game with yourself – without the hangover!

Every time you finish a phone call, every hour, after every bathroom break – have a glass of water.

You could even rope your colleagues in to doing this with you and remind each other.

5. Add a pop of flavour

If water is boring to you then add some slices of lemon or cucumber or mint leaves to freshen it up!

Glass of water with lime and mint

Most fruit can be added to naturally flavour water and if it makes it more fun, there might be more of a chance you’ll drink it.

Flavoured teas can work well too as well as healthy water drinks.

6. When you feel hungry, drink

I’m not telling you in anyway to avoid food! But I do find that slowly sipping a glass of water sometimes helps curb feelings of “hunger” that were actually signs of dehydration.

The alternative for me is grabbing an unnecessary snack – and that’s something I’m trying to stop!

Slowly drinking a glass of water before meals too and while you’re eating can also help increase your intake without really trying.

7. Or cheat, with food

If you’re really struggling to drink more water, or you want to add even more hydration to your day, eat foods that are high in water content.

Cucumber or celery sticks work great as well as sliced melon for some sweetness.

8. Use a straw

Depending on the size of your bottle or glass, try sipping your water with a straw instead. I don’t know why, but this sometimes helps me drink more!

One of the benefits of drinking more water throughout the day is that it’s really improved my concentration. I just feel fuzzy when I’m dehydrated.

I hope my water drinking tips help! Do you have any hacks or tips to drink more water at work?

Don’t forget to grab your free Water Tracker here in my resource library! Or my Water Tracker printable here.

Love from Mim - Water Drinking Tracker

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