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5 Tips on How to Get Your Baby to Sleep

As a follow up to my post on How I Got My Baby To Sleep Through The Night I thought I’d list a few of the main things we did to ‘encourage’ my baby to sleep at night and for longer.  These are my Top 5 tips on how to get your baby to sleep.

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5 Tips on How to Get Your Baby to Sleep - Love from Mim

Of course these tips may not work for your baby, as know that all babies are different.


For the first couple of months of my first baby’s life, she had an aversion to sleep – day and night.  Now of course, most newborn babies share this. We were very very sleep deprived. During one of my many hours awake, I did a lot of reading on the subject of baby sleep.

The common theme seemed to be trying to create a good sleep environment for the baby. It had to be as comforting and similar to the womb as possible. These are a few things we adopted to make this happen:

5 Tips on How to Get Your Baby to Sleep:

1.  Set a routine and stick to it

We came up with a version of the ‘Tizzy Hall – Save Our Sleep’ routine and tailored it a little to suit our needs more.  This is detailed in my previous post but gave us basic guidelines of when to get the baby up, when to feed, play, put down for naps and sleep.  As a brand new mum with no clue on when to do when (apart from to feed on demand), this really helped me and luckily, she loves routines and she took to it very quickly.  The key is consistency – when you find something that works, stick to it.  At bedtime, if we missed cleaning her teeth or reading books, she would let us know about it – she expects certain things now!

2.  White Noise

A midwife told me not to tip toe around the baby – in the womb they are used to a lot of the mum’s internal noises and they’re as loud as a vacuum cleaner!  So I downloaded a white noise app on my iPhone and turned this on at night as I was laying her down to sleep – we even left this on all night next to the cot so when she woke up, it seemed to lull her back to sleep.  I’ll be honest, it was weird for us at first as we were in the same room but we quickly adopted to it too and I almost depended on it for my own sleep!  This was the app we used – Relax Melodies: A white noise ambience for sleep, meditation & yoga

I also used the white noise when we went for walks at naptime. Consistently, white noise meant sleep time.  I alternated between traditional white noise and a chugging train sound.  You can imagine the weird looks I got from little old ladies in the street when I pushed my iCandy pram past them and it sounded like a train had blasted by!  It all added to the fun though.

It even worked to turn the white noise on occasionally when she was upset and crying – it seemed to really help calm her down – e.g. in the car.

5 Tips on How to Get Your Baby to Sleep - Love from Mim

3.  Double swaddling

This is wrapping up the baby veeeeery snuggly (think Burrito Baby). There are excellent videos on You Tube to show you how.  We used a large muslin cloth for the first swaddle and then a SwaddleMe over the top – these are AWESOME and I really recommend them.  They keep the baby really snug around their arms and top. Their hips and legs are free to kick around.  Swaddling is only done until babies can roll over though as far as I know. I think it’s because if they’re swaddled up they won’t be able to roll back. You don’t want them to roll on their front and get stuck.

4.  Comforting smells

A friend recommended this because my baby was used to being on me most of the day, she probably found my ‘smell’ comforting. At night in her cot she might have missed this – even though for the first 4 months the cot was next to my bed.  So at night time I would often lie her on a top I’d worn so she could smell me. During the time I was breastfeeding I rarely worse perfume. I would recommend that you don’t lie your baby next to anything very strong smelling. It’s your natural scent they like.

5.  Keep the room very dark at night

Even now at 18 months’ old, Miss M will wake up if the room gets too light at night time so we invested in a Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind.  If you already have black out blinds or curtains in your nursery, that’s great!  For daytime naps, I pull the blind too. I don’t worry about it being pitch black though so she knows the difference between day and night. At night time I really found having the room as dark as possible helped.  I think this works for me as an adult too!

If you’re also having issues with getting your baby to sleep, you might like to try the above.

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Do you have any tips on how to get your baby to sleep? Share your baby sleep tips below!



  1. Martyn - Being Free
    / 5:08 pm

    These are awesome tips for all new parents. Looking back I know everything you’ve said are such useful things!!

    • mamamim blog
      / 12:08 pm

      Oh thanks Martyn :) It took a lot of consultation with Dr Google before we finally found what worked for us. Now if only all babies were the same…! :)

  2. Kaye
    / 3:49 pm

    The main thing I think worked for us was a consistent routine. We tried lots but nothing seemed to really help until little A decided he was just ready to sleep through! I’ve been there though, sleep deprived and trying anything I could! ��

    • mamamim blog
      / 1:47 pm

      Ah you’re so right Kaye – for us anyway, routine is the key with everything. And YES, we tried EVERYTHING until something finally clicked into place :)

  3. you baby me mummy
    / 11:28 pm

    Fab tips. Baby is 21 months old and doesn’t always sleep through and she tends to wake up about 6am. We do love gro bags and they helped us, especially when she was younger. Thanks for sharing and for linking up to #TheList x

    • mamamim blog
      / 1:46 pm

      Thanks Abi :) Miss M and Baby are the same age :)

  4. Josh
    / 6:16 am

    Agree with the routine, it’s helped us so much! We went from a complete sleep refuser to a boy asking to go to bed!

    Also, I’d add that a GroBag is a good idea – we found blankets woke our little on up in the early days as he was sooooo wriggly! I wrote a little review of them on my site. The GroBag means however much he wriggles, he’s still warm and comfy. No waking up because the blankets are by his feet!

    Good tips!

    • mamamim blog
      / 2:47 pm

      Ahh routines are so awesome for some babies aren’t they! Glad it worked for you too :) Thanks for sharing your review too :)

  5. Anonymous
    / 2:40 pm

    Really interesting to read this Mim as we also stuck to all the above methods 3 years ago with our little boy and as a result (or maybe just luck, who knows!) he LOVES his sleep. We now have a new addition to the family and hoping that sticking to the same methods will result in two great sleepers. Only time will tell! I have my fingers firmly crossed. :-)

    • Mim
      / 8:38 am

      I have my fingers crossed for you too! It could be just lucky, couldn’t it? But I’ll definitely be doing the same with Mini and hoping for the best :) :)

  6. Roaen
    / 2:26 am

    #4 sounds like a great idea and I wish I’d tried it… But #1 and #5 have both worked for me. :-)

    • Mama Mim Blog
      / 7:53 am

      Thanks Roaen! It’s funny isn’t it how babies are so similar – I hope the next one loves to sleep too ha ha! :)

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