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Lhami Skin Care Review

Lhami skincare for a Father’s Day Gift!

I talked about Lhami skincare in my recent Father’s Day Gift guide. Well, my husband has been treating himself with a new daily regime using Lhami skincare products and he’s loving the results!

Lhami is a boutique skincare brand, handmade in small batches, using all natural and certified organic plant oils and extracts. Lhami is pronounced laa-mee and is Tibetan for ‘Divine’ or ‘Goddess’.

Natalie, Lhami’s creator, makes all the products on her acreage on NSW’s Central Coast. She spent some time living in the mountains of Nepal with a Tibetan Lama and his family and feels a strong connection to the culture and situation of the Tibetan people.

Lhami skincare for a Father's Day Gift + Giveaway! Lhami Foaming Cleanser Lhami Soothing Face Lotion Lhami Men's Cologne Father's Day Gift Guide Father's Day Gift Idea

Each product is lovingly made by Natalie with beautiful ingredients to make skin soft and glowing.

I spend a lot of time trying out skincare products to look after my own skin and finding options that are natural and organic. My husband has never really done so and he was over the moon when I presented him with these lovely Lhami products!

He’s been using the Foaming Cleanser with Pink Grapefruit & Geranium and Soothing Face Lotion with Sandalwood & Chamomile every day and is already seeing results.

Lhami skincare for a Father's Day Gift + Giveaway! Lhami Foaming Cleanser Lhami Soothing Face Lotion Lhami Men's Cologne Father's Day Gift Guide Father's Day Gift Idea

Mr M works outside as a Carpenter, through all seasons, and in his mid-late 30s is seeing the signs of aging and wants to do something about it. These are his words by the way, not mine!

Having previously been a ‘soap and water’ man, these products are a real treat and he’s seen a difference in the texture and softness of his skin very quickly.

Another gorgeous Lhami product that he’s been using is the Citrus & Spice Men’s Cologne and it’s just lovely! You give the bottle a little shake before each use and the scent is delicious and very long lasting without being too over-powering.

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Lhami skincare for a Father's Day Gift + Giveaway! Lhami Foaming Cleanser Lhami Soothing Face Lotion Lhami Men's Cologne Father's Day Gift Guide Father's Day Gift Idea

Disclosure: Lhami sent these gorgeous products to my husband in exchange for our honest review.



  1. Belinda B
    / 9:32 pm

    Soap and water’s way too harsh
    and chemicals really aggravate..
    cue beautiful, natural Lhami skincare
    and Hubby’s skin’s going to look and feel great :)

  2. Jo Miller
    / 3:08 pm

    He’s not the smartest, richest or most stylish, but he’s always the first to lend a helping hand and why to us he’s a Super-Man!

  3. Becky Downey
    / 10:50 am

    Cupboard door hanging off? Dad comes. Tap dripping? Dad puts his coat on. Lock broken? Dad runs! He’s amazing and to say thanks I’d like to make his CREAMS come true!

  4. adrienne harries
    / 8:24 am

    Lhami skincare products will help protect his skin after a hard day in the sun
    He works outside to provide for everyone

  5. Elisabeth Martins
    / 3:44 am

    Dad – My superhero

    He never looks for praises,
    He’s never one to boast,
    He just goes on quietly working,
    For those he loves the most.
    His dreams are seldom spoken,
    His wants are very few,
    and most of the time his worries,
    will go unspoken too.
    He’s there… a firm foundation,
    through all our storms of life.
    A sturdy hand to hold to,
    in times of stress and strife,
    A true friend we can turn to,
    when times are good and bad.
    To me he is Superman,
    because he does all that he can.
    One of our greatest blessings,
    the man I call dad.

  6. Sue B
    / 10:48 pm

    Years of taking no care are definitely showing, time for some tlc……or a little pink grapefruit lol wouldn’t go astray.

  7. Jean Rutherford
    / 8:11 pm

    How wonderful for Dad to win some skincare. He’s not much at shopping and pretty much relies on someone else to get for him!

  8. Eva Kiraly
    / 11:47 am

    He’s worked hard his whole life and it’s taken its toll on his skin, I’d really love to give his skin some natural pampering~

  9. Rosemarie De Bari
    / 11:04 am

    Because he is the kind of Dad who will wear his clothes until they fall apart, rather than spend money on himself and buy more. Case in point, his trackies have the knees held together with a safety pin, and his work pants have a hole in the crotch that are just about indecent! It would be nice to treat him for once.

  10. Kelly Ryan
    / 10:17 am

    My husband needs this in his life so he leaves my skin care products alone! Like me he is noticing the need for a good regime!

  11. Amanda S
    / 11:18 pm

    He’s been called ‘Grandpa’ twice now by strangers when he’s been out with our daughter. First time was funny, second time not so much!

  12. Bethany
    / 3:04 pm

    Although I’m quite into the rough and rugged look I think my partner has taken this a bit too far! These products may help! :-)

  13. Laura S
    / 7:06 pm

    Because he’s always stealing my skincare so he needs some potions of his own!

  14. Kathy CLARK
    / 5:14 pm


  15. Dean ARDERN
    / 12:46 pm

    FMFFFD!!! Fix My Face ForFathers Day! Stope me scaring my kids and wife with my rought head.

  16. Dani
    / 12:17 pm

    Let’s FACE it, he is kind and loving but needs to CLEAN it up his skincare regime.

  17. lynne lillington
    / 8:31 pm

    I need to get him hooked on his own products saving mine for me.

  18. Alyssa F
    / 4:04 am

    My man needs to better take care of his skin and since im becoming an aesthetician i need to help him!

  19. Gabrielle Stavrinidis
    / 1:47 am

    My husband is so loving, caring and kind, he always puts our son who’s 3 and myself first before himself and would rather go without so that we are happy. He deserves this fabulous pack to put back into his most precious organ- his skin- the love it deserves like he gives to us.

  20. Laura Power
    / 11:14 pm

    My Husband has been working a grueling night shift the past 3 years an dit take sit toll, this would be great treat to give a healthier glow

  21. Vanda Bacich
    / 10:13 pm

    My hubby is the best dad to our two children. He turned down a better paying city job so he could work closer to home and spend more time with them. Would be lovely to win this amazing prize for him so he can stop stealing my products as I’m sure he would absolutely love them.

  22. Jessica Hughes
    / 8:56 pm

    My husband deserves this because he is always on the go looking after his children and working he also loves looking after his skin and is always looking for the best skincare products, so this would be perfect.

  23. Isla Tyack
    / 8:47 pm

    My fiance needs this because in our house the bathroom is NOT taken over by me, but by him! He comes out of the bathroom in a cocktail toxin cloud of Metro-liscious leaving me gasping for breath, & wondering how my lungs are still surviving! I would love for him to come out still feeling fresh, but with all the pores of his skin singing hallelujah in a fresh natural glow & my lungs will also sing many thanks! :)

  24. Faye
    / 8:20 pm

    My son in law deserves this awesome prize. He is a great Dad and has a good sense of humour when he comes home from work and finds my daughter and the two kids have ‘adopted’ more animals….

  25. San Watts
    / 7:18 am

    WellI swear he must have been hand made with care, and he’s a real natural, supernatural actually, and if he could be certified organic he would be! ????

  26. Jessica Ashbrooke
    / 8:16 pm

    My partner hates using unnatural things so maybe he might start using this cause it’s natural

  27. Kate Slack
    / 1:07 pm

    My dad spends a lot of time outside so this would be great for him to give his skin a boost and encourage him to start a new regime.

  28. Laura Scriven
    / 9:22 pm

    He is a metro guy,
    Once wrinkles appear he will cry!
    Always stealing my creams,
    So for him it’ll be a dream.

  29. Lorna M
    / 3:07 pm

    Cause he certainly could use with some pampering :)

  30. nicole larsen
    / 10:47 am

    My man needs some spruching up and to get his sexy look back. This might get him started to give him his confidence back

  31. Tess
    / 10:41 am

    My dad has the horror of having his birthday and Fathers Day fall on the same week each year meaning we generally just give him the one present. This beautiful Lhami skincare pack would be the ideal proper Fathers Day gift for the most amazing dad out there.

  32. Ashley Beech
    / 10:01 am

    My father in law has been the paternal figure I need
    and overall been a great dad, and a great pop to
    my beautiful 3 children. He works hard and does
    the best to help out when he can.


  33. Sacha Pech
    / 9:45 am

    My partner is incredible. Our son has additional needs and when it took it’s toll on me earlier this year and I got ill, he held everything together and showed so much kindness, support and understanding. He deserves spoiling too!

  34. sarah
    / 8:19 am

    Dad isn’t the type of bloke to spoil himself, so it’s up to his kids to spoil him instead. He takes great pride in taking care of himself, so this skincare set would be a lovely surprise for him.

  35. ange
    / 8:15 pm

    because he is my dad

  36. mikaela C
    / 2:02 pm

    Dads skin is looking worse for wear,
    he’s in need of some care,
    with some help from Lhami,
    he’ll be looking spiffy!

  37. Cheryl Moulton
    / 12:51 pm

    no man in my life just at the moment :-) however, I will nominate my son in law, who is a great dad, husband and an awesome son in law.

  38. Jane Gardam
    / 12:23 pm

    This sounds really nice ,might even have to steal a little to try if I win.

  39. Sharon Markwell
    / 10:26 am

    These amazing Lhami products could turn my grumpy old hubby into my handsome prince (did I drop my slipper?). He’s been a good boy, honest!

  40. Lesleigh S
    / 8:14 am

    He is just the best daddy there is

  41. Linda Hynson
    / 8:14 am

    Love this for my 19 year old son

  42. Jade O
    / 6:46 am

    Dad’s also a carpenter and has been complaining for years about his skin. I swear he loves skincare more than mum!!

  43. Michelle
    / 6:13 am

    My husband has supported me and continues to do so whilst working 6 days a week, whilst helping me raise our three children. He never once complains, even after working up to 14 hour days. I don’t know of anyone more deserving.

  44. Amy Petersen
    / 5:34 am

    My partner has recently gotten down on himself and really let himself go, we’re talking beard, moustache, daddy belly and I he needs this pack to get back on track and make his daughter proud.

  45. cleo
    / 3:03 am

    Works tirelessly to please his family. Incredibly dynamic bigger-than-life charismatic man who throws himself into everything with unfettered and unapologetic zeal and never quits.

  46. Christina
    / 12:02 am

    My dad’s the best, no-one can compare to his love, kindness and passion. He inspires me to always reach for the stars even in my darkest days. Would love to pamper him this Fathers Day

  47. Tina Elvins
    / 9:30 pm

    I would love this for my husband, he has quite an outdated regime, would be great to introduce him to some new products

  48. Troy Simpson
    / 9:12 pm

    Sadly, I’m the only man in my life. I deserve this boutique skincare because it matches my personality: boutique. My personality is very “special”.

  49. Andrea Dinan
    / 4:50 pm

    Dad is a painter and decorator and a typical Dad, ‘Why do I need the latest skin fad?’ Soap and water is all he’ll use, as he doesn’t want to be the next skincare muse! Dad’s skin needs a helping hand, so a prize like this would be just grand!

  50. Mick G
    / 2:46 pm

    great for Dad to break out of his very dated routine and see what the modern world has to offer

  51. Paula Harris
    / 2:15 pm

    I swear my Dad is stuck in a 60s time warp, complete with the comb over & long socks with sandals….the only thing he’s put on his skin is a sploosh of the old Brut 33. C’mon Dad, even at almost 80 it’s not too late to start to look after your skin (well, maybe just a whisker hahaha)

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