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17 Best Ways to Make Money for Christmas (#17 is a MUST for next year)

At this time of year, money is a major focus for our family. As well as spending less, I’m always looking for the best ways to make money for Christmas too!

It’s such an expensive time of year for so many.

Whether it’s an endless list of Christmas gifts to buy or spending on food and decorations if you’re having Christmas at your place.

Most people would welcome a little extra cash for Christmas so I’m sharing my favourite ways to get just that.

If you want to know how to make extra money for Christmas, I hope these ideas inspire you.

There are a few bonus ways to save money for Christmas too!

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17 Ways to Make Extra Money for Christmas

1. Sell the stuff you don’t need

Throughout the year, I sell go round the house and declutter the things we no longer need. Then I sell them on eBay or Gumtree!

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Things like used clothing, old toys, old baby furniture and products are easy ones to find but there are so many more things you can sell such as books and appliances.

Gumtree is free with the added bonus of being able to sell to people locally. You could potentially list an item now and have it sold for cash and collected the same day!

eBay charges seller fees but you reach a much bigger audience to sell to.

2. Have a Garage Sale

Cut out fees and postage entirely and host a sale from your own home!

At garage sales, prospective buyers come to you, pay in cash and leave with their purchases so it’s not as much hassle of having to go to the post office of list items to sell online.

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3. Use Cash Rewards

I love the Cash Rewards and Shopback websites SO much. You can you save money on your online purchases by getting cash back and bonus when you use their links to shop.

Not only that, you can create your own personal referral link and share the site with your friends!

I would be delighted if you would sign up on my Cash Rewards link here and my Shopback link here and try them out!

4. Take online surveys

Another way to make money online is to do online surveys.

I used to do this a lot and earned money throughout the year that came in so handy when I had no money for Christmas presents in December!

Now when I need money for Christmas, I know this is a fab way to earn quickly.

One of my faves was Purkle. With Purkle, you earn points by taking online surveys and can then redeem those points for gifts cards you can spend at Coles, David Jones, Ticketek, HOYT’s and more!

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5. Review Baby Products

If you’re in Australia, another quick and easy way to make money online is to review the baby products you’ve tried out.

You can sign up with Tell Me Baby and get started straight away, earning points that can be redeemed for vouchers at Coles, Target or Kmart.

6. Find a Christmas job and make money for Christmas while working

If you’re looking for how to make money during Christmas season and have experience in retail or hospitality, there are many opportunities being advertised now.

For many years when I wanted to earn money for Christmas, I would undertake seasonal jobs.

Many businesses need extra staff from November to January and if you need help with Christmas money, you can start applying now.

There is usually a lot of competition for these jobs so apply sooner rather than later.

Christmas Shopping

7. Find a work from home job

Ask friends and family if they have any jobs you can help them with. Maybe a one-off job or something more regular.

You can even advertise your skills on a website like Upwork so that prospective employers can find you and contact you with work.

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8. Enter giveaways!

Entering giveaways online or offline is a great way of earning money, gift cards or amazing prizes!

9. Do paid market research

Search online for market research companies and sign up with them.

When I lived in the city, I used to do market research in my spare time and got to try out some amazing products and get paid.

10. House sit

If you’re able to do it, house-sitting for friends, family and even strangers might get you paid but will certainly save you on paying the bills at home.

Dog on Bed

11. Pet sit

In the same way, could you pet sit for friends who are going away in exchange for a payment?

Or perhaps you can charge people to walk their dogs?

12. Be an Uber driver

I’m always trying to persuade the hubs to be an Uber driver! I love how flexible it is – from what I can tell, you dictate your hours and can choose when you work and how much.

13. Rent out your home

How about signing up as a host with AirBNB?

If you’re going away over Christmas, or throughout the year, you can rent your place out and earn while you’re away.

14. Don’t buy presents!

Cutting back on the amount you spend on Christmas presents will help save money – potentially a LOT.

Rather than buy presents, perhaps you can make something (I’m all for free Christmas gifts!), regift something or just agree with friends and family to have a ‘no presents’ policy this year?

Let’s be honest, most people would rather get nothing than something they didn’t really want anyway.

Plus, they might be just as grateful to not spend more if they need money for Christmas too.

Your family and friends should understand if you need to have Christmas on a budget – they probably feel the same.

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Do you have any no money Christmas gift ideas?

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15. Find promo codes!

Before making a purchase online, I always Google the store name and “promo code” or “coupon”. Lots of sites collect discount codes for stores that are available for you to use too. Whether it’s an online grocery shop, a furniture purchase or a Friday night takeaway – always search for a code before you complete your order!

You should also check out Honey – one of my favourite money saving tips!

Click here to add the Honey extension right now and it will do the hard work of searching for coupons for you!

16. Save on your online shopping

I’m a big fan of cashback sites and for years I’ve made so much money back on my online purchases.

At the moment, I’m using Cash Rewards (Australia), Cashback Club (Australia), Shopback (Australia), Ebates (US) and Quidco (UK).

These links are referral links meaning if you sign up, I will get a “thank you” commission from them but it doesn’t affect the cashback you receive.

17. Take my 52 Week Money Saving Challenge!

For me, I do the 52 Week Savings Challenge every year – click here for your free version.

It allows me to save small amounts over the year that end up with a total saving of $1378 by the end of December! I’ve hardly noticed the amounts leaving my bank account weekly but I have a big saving to go towards something special or necessary.

It’s also a really positive way to start the year although you can start at any time. Have a savings goal and plan that you will stick to.

I hope my Christmas money making ideas have given you some ideas on how to get money for Christmas this year.

If it’s possible to earn a little extra cash without working too many hours, it’s worth thinking about for some.

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Disclosure: the post on best ways to make money for Christmas contains affiliate links. If you sign up, I might receive a small commission. Originally published on 15.12.18



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    Great ideas! I do a few of them already but I just signed up to tell me baby. Thanks for the tips :)

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      Oh fantastic! I hope you love the TMB program too :) x

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