Mim Loves Blogs – R is for Hoppit

Mim Loves Blogs – R is for Hoppit

Happy Monday all and I’m back with another Mim Loves Blogs recommendation :)

The last week has been another busy one with Mini M turning 10 week’s old!  It seems like only yesterday that I was 10 week’s pregnant – time is really flying but I’m enjoying every single second.

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Having a toddler and a baby is hectic but a lot of fun and this week I finally discovered the same on the very awesome and funny R is for Hoppit blog.  I don’t know why it’s taken me so long!

My #mamamimmention this week - R is for Hoppit - www.mamamim.com

‘Silly Mummy’ writes the blog (hurray, I’m not the only silly Mummy!) and details all the hilarious, weird and wonderful things The Toddler says.  Oh how I love listening to my toddler chatting away and how proud I am of her developing language skills – but truly, they come out with the weirdest stuff at times!

Just last week Miss M pointed at Mini and said “He came out of Mummy’s tummy!”.  “Yes” I said, “So did you”.  Miss M paused, pondered and said “I’d like to go back in again”.  What?!

My favourite post last week on R is for Hoppit has to be Painting.  It just reminds me so much of my toddler’s own vivid imagination in creating fun out of nothing but also her crazy stubborn streak that verges often on the OCD.  I’m glad I’m not alone!

I love this blog – if have a toddler or you just fancy a chuckle, check it out now!  You can also follow on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

I hope you love the post as much as I did and it brightens up your week.  On that subject, go away rain, it’s SUMMER TIME!


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