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5 Ways the Second Pregnancy is Different to the First

5 Ways the Second Pregnancy is Different to the First

Regular readers will know that I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with pregnancy. Clearly the obvious plus point is the bouncing baby that finally makes its appearance at the end! There are so many ways that my second pregnancy is different to the first though.

I hadn’t bargained for some of the other side effects of pregnancy though and you can read about those here.

I was a little bit naive and had a romantic notion that I would sail through pregnancy, blooming and glowing with the best of them.

5 Ways the Second Pregnancy is Different to the First - Pregnancy Second Baby Second Child Differences in Pregnancies Pregnant
Image Source: Pixabay

Nausea, back ache and pelvic pain ensued and many hours were spent googling each and every tiny new symptom and side effect.

Second time around, things were a bit different.  I was different – not quite so naive, anxious and, well, clueless!

I was inspired to write this after reading Hannah at Budding Smiles post about the 10 things she had forgotten about pregnancy!

Here are the 5 ways that second pregnancy is different to the first – for me anyway:

1.  Embracing maternity clothes earlier

First time around, I remember squeezing into my non-maternity clothes for as long as I could get away with.

Maybe it was my way of convincing myself that I wasn’t piling the pounds on or because I didn’t want to waste money on clothing I would only wear for a few months.

Second time around, I was in those comfy, stretchy maternity leggings like a shot!

As a lot of ladies do, my bump did show much quicker with the second baby but that wasn’t the driving force.

I just wanted to embrace the fact that this was my last pregnancy, as I only wanted 2 kids, and I wanted to be comfortable in doing so!

2.  Double the exhaustion

I thought I was tired in my first pregnancy and I slept badly in both but add an energetic toddler into the mix and the opportunities for rest are few and far between!

Luckily, my toddler is a good sleeper (most of the time) so I did get a little sleep at night and a pregnancy pillow helped a bit too.

My advice to anyone who’s pregnant and has children already is to take advantage of any offers of help from family and friends – rest when you can as after the baby arrives, there won’t be much of a chance to.

3.  Twice the size in half the time!

Ok I might be exaggerating just a little bit but when they say you ‘show’ faster second time around, they’re not kidding!  I had a baby bloat bump from almost day one and while I didn’t put on a huge amount of weight in total, I did get bigger much quicker with the second pregnancy.

Which made hiding it in the first trimester very difficult!

4.  I was way more confident

This came in 2 ways – firstly, I was far far far less anxious about being pregnant the second time.  I’d been there and done that and due to having an uncomplicated pregnancy and birth first time around, I wasn’t concerned the second time.

Well apart from the occasional worry or two.

Secondly, when I was pregnant with my first baby, everyone and their dog seemed to thrust their unwanted advice in my direction as well as their horror stories about labour and birth.  Second time around, this just didn’t happen, well why would it – brilliant!

5.  Less time to plan and to dwell

A double edged sword in a way.  On one hand, I was so busy working and looking after my toddler that I didn’t have much time to worry and over-analyse my symptoms the way I had in my first pregnancy.

On the other hand, when I was pregnant with my first baby I enjoyed 9 months of planning every last detail of what I needed to buy, prepare and plan before the baby’s arrival.

Despite feeling like both pregnancies dragged a bit for me and even though I was overdue with my second baby, I just never got that quiet time to devote to planning.

Well with a toddler and now a baby too, there isn’t a great deal of quiet time full stop!  I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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What did you find was different in your second pregnancy?  Did anything surprise you?

5 Ways the Second Pregnancy is Different to the First - Pregnancy Second Baby Second Child Differences in Pregnancies Pregnant
Image Source: Pixabay

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  1. Sharon Saunders
    / 8:01 pm

    I’m 29 weeks into my second pregnancy and wth over 7 years since my last its fair to say it’s all coming back to me! Lol I totally relate to the getting big quicker – I had to wear maternity clothes from 6 weeks! Great post.

    • / 2:41 pm

      Ah I pretty much did too! It’s funny isn’t it how you forget a lot until you’re pregnant again and it all comes flooding back. Good luck to you! x

  2. Robyn
    / 7:32 pm

    I can’t wait for pregnancy no. 2. With the first one I was too anxious about the process of being pregnant, delivery, adjusting to life with a new baby to enjoy it. People told me at the time – enjoy this, you might not get another chance. I wish I’d listened and I hope I do! You’ve posted a great list for people contemplating doing it all over again! #parentingpicks

    • / 2:40 pm

      Ah thank you and good luck to you! It isn’t so wonderful to go through everything for a second time – especially the first few months with a baby. Very lucky to have as second turn x

  3. Louise @ Birds and Lilies
    / 7:57 am

    Ohh, we are trying again and I’m quite scared of the pregnancy! I was like you last time and thought I would find pregnancy lovely and easy and sail through it, and it was completely the opposite. I’m looking forward to feeling more relaxed about everything, but scared of being pregnant and feeling rough whilst looking after my daughter! xx

    • / 2:39 pm

      I’m so excited that you’re trying for another you know! You’re going to be a natural, like I told you – listen to me, I know everything :) x

  4. / 5:41 am

    Yes to double exhaustion and twice as big twice as fast! #ParentingPicks

    • / 2:38 pm

      So bad – very difficult to hide a second pregnancy! x

  5. My Mummy Likes
    / 12:07 am

    Im on my second pregnancy now and I can relate to every single on of these!! Especially tiredness, my 4 year old had 12 week summer holidays (the whole of my second trimester basically) and I just could not cope, They say the second trimester is when you have the most energy!! Not for me!!

    • / 2:38 pm

      Ha I felt a little bit better in the second trimester but nothing significant! I hope you get some energy asap and congrats! Mim x

  6. Claire at Tin Box Traveller
    / 8:01 pm

    Yep, all too familiar. I went straight into maternity clothes – it was really hard to keep my pregnancy a secret when I was always in my stretchy jeans. I also didn’t read anywhere near as much as first time. I went with the flow and only when I had a few spare hours once I started maternity leave did I panic a bit about what I might have forgotten! #parentingpicks

    • / 8:26 pm

      I did exactly the same thing – last minute stress thinking I must have forgotten things! But overall I was much more relaxed :) x

  7. Mama, My Kid Doesn't Poop Rainbows
    / 12:55 pm

    My wife was such a fab nurse during my first pregnancy. She selflessly went to buy me chicken nuggets at stupid times, gave me massages and basically pandered to me for the whole 9 months. No chance of that if there’s a second round.

    Thanks so much for linking up to #fartglitter x

    • / 8:22 pm

      Ha ha right, if I was going for another (which will never happen ever ever ever), I would be sending my husband to Partner School with your wife – she sounds awesome!!!!! Ooh I bet she would be just the same second time around :) x

  8. Jill
    / 8:24 am

    It’s so funny how you were so quick to get into your maternity clothes the second time out. Comfort first, right? I found your blog hop through Twitter….my first time linking up with you!

    • / 8:20 pm

      Totally all about comfort – if I could I’d still wear some of them now oops! I think I was also happier not to worry about hiding the pregnancy as early on as the last time. That’s wonderful, I’m so pleased you found it and linked up :) x

  9. / 7:32 am

    Haha, it is definitely very different isn’t it?! I remember lying on the sofa at 4pm utterly wiped out with cbeebies firmly on because I couldn’t function for another second! I hate to say it, but just wait until your little bubba arrives, it’s a really different story to first time. Watching siblings fall in love just makes up for it all though. My little boy just told his big sister that he is going to marry her for her birthday party next week because he loves her so much. I almost cried a bit! #fartglitter

    • / 8:16 pm

      Oh I know that feeling – I was exactly the same! Ooh I love having two, I hope they’ll be good friends :)

  10. Mudpie Fridays
    / 6:39 am

    The fact that you show so quickly with your second has always worried me, it was hard enough keeping the first one quiet!Monkey was 16 days late I am hoping if we have another it will be on time!! :) #fartglitter

    • / 8:15 pm

      I felt liked I showed almost from day 1 but it must have been in my head! Ah generally I think they do come quicker second time? My first was 3 weeks early and my second a few days overdue though – I’ll shut up now ha! x

  11. Talya
    / 11:26 pm

    Number 2 is what puts me off another, but number 4 is what gives me hope. Thanks as always for telling it how it is lovely! #ParentingPicks

    • / 8:14 pm

      I won’t lie, it is so tiring but it wasn’t anything like as bad as I thought. That said, I had my mum around to help me second time but with Miss M I was on my own a lot. Accept help from ANYONE who offers ha! x

  12. Maddy @ The Speed Bump
    / 10:51 pm

    It’s good to hear that there’s more confidence in second pregnancies – I was terrified during my first, constantly doubting myself, so hopefully in future pregnancies I’ll have a bit more belief in my abilities! Interesting post, thanks for hosting #parentingpicks

    • / 8:12 pm

      Thank you so much :) I had so so so much less anxiety second a time around – still the same aches and pains unfortunately :) I was the same as you with the doubting x

  13. A Mum Reviews
    / 9:24 pm

    So true! I’m pregnant with my second and though I’m not showing yet, I resonate with all other points. I’m so exhausted trying to work and look after my toddler at the same time as dealing with nausea and pregnancy tiredness… x


    • / 8:11 pm

      How did I miss this – congratulations!!!!! It’s so so tiring isn’t it, I hope you get time to look after yourself too :) x

  14. Anita Cleare
    / 9:16 pm

    It’s not just the pregnancies that are different – the babies are too, then the toddlers, then the preschoolers, then the…. you get the picture! Keeps us on our parenting toes I guess!

    • / 8:10 pm

      Ha yes you’re completely right – I’m starting to realise that more every day!

  15. Jodie Allen at Budget Beauty and Babies
    / 9:08 pm

    Glad it’s not just me who struggled with the “baby bloat” i looked around 6 months pregnant by the time i was 8 weeks! I’ve only got the one but hoping for number 2 soon so this was interesting to read as i often wonder how different my next pregnancy will be #brillblogposts

    • / 9:10 pm

      Ha ha me too – so difficult to hide a second pregnancy, especially when everyone is suspicious that you might be trying to get pregnant and watching your tummy! Good luck to you in trying, how exciting! x

  16. Gemma @ Confessions of a Nagging Mother
    / 7:10 pm

    Second pregnancies are very different to the first. I felt that midwives leave you to just get on with things as you have already been there, done it and know what to do. I actually felt like I needed more support during my second pregnancy which I didn’t get.

    The worst thing is knowing what to expect (labour) or it could be a good thing… depends how you look at it!


    Gemma xx

    • / 7:50 pm

      That’s so true – you’re definitely left to just crack on with things second time around – which suited me just fine most of the time! Although I did miss the regular check ups as they were nice and reassuring during my first pregnancy x

  17. / 10:46 am

    Yeah definitely less time to plan and dwell second time round. & more tiring with another young child. Had HG both times, but not quite as severe actually second time, & only lasted to about 5 months, rather than 8 first time. So that was good, given that I had another baby to look after! I don’t like being pregnant either. Worth it, but horrible. #parentingpicks

    • / 10:48 am

      I’m so glad I’m not alone in not loving pregnancy – I always feel so guilty thinking it. You poor thing with HG twice :( x

  18. Bek Dillydrops
    / 9:46 am

    These have all just reminded me of what it was like second time round – it feels like such a long time ago now. The comfy clothes earlier on was something I embraced. First time round, I think I was in denial about how big I was getting so squeezed into (and stretched) all my normal clothes. For me, I was actually smaller second time round, which I wasn’t expecting to happen. The tiredness was the worst thing about pregnancy both times. It’s got me thinking about my pregnancies now. I’m not broody though, so it is ok ;-)

    • / 10:49 am

      Ha me neither – I’ll never be broody again! Oh the tiredness is the worst isn’t it x

  19. Joanna @mumbalance
    / 9:13 am

    I am on my second pregnancy now – 7 months – and things certainly are different. Like you I’m happier to embrace comfy maternity clothes.
    The negative side is that I don’t have time to do all the exercise and relaxing I did with my first, and I’ve recently learnt that is is very important to be relaxed. Mother’s stress and anxiety can strongly affect the unborn baby.
    I am also less mobile in general. I’ve had a problem with my sacroiliac joint (where pelvis is linked to spine) in my first pregnancy from about 5 months. Second time round I’ve had pain from the word go due to all the lifting, sitting on the floor, bending etc, which is required with a toddler.
    The good thing is, this pregnancy seems to progress much quicker. As you say, I don’t really have time to dwell on it.

    • / 9:16 am

      Oh I really feel for you with the pelvic pain – I had it both times too and it’s so hard – especially with another child to pick up and run after! I hope it eases soon x

  20. Kayla
    / 1:58 am

    My second pregnancy was a bit less stressful for me as well, even with the lesser amount of sleep. I also had to deal with some nasty additional symptoms because my body had to adjust to carrying a little boy (my first was a girl). That resulted in the horrible PUPPP rash, making the second pregnancy slightly more miserable. It’s amazing how each pregnancy can be so different!

    • / 9:17 am

      Ah I had skin issues too (not PUPPP thankfully) and my second was a boy – naughty boys! x

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