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Taronga Zoo Review: Tips for Taronga Zoo for Families

In this Taronga Zoo review I share tips for families going to Taronga Zoo Sydney for the first time!

A couple of weeks ago the family headed off to Taronga Zoo for the first time in ages. In fact, it was Mini’s first trip there so he, and we, were so excited!

Taronga kindly sent us a family pass to take the kids.

Taronga Zoo Review - Love from Mim

We met friends there and made a real day of it, staying over at the Ovolo in Woolloomooloo.

Our kids LOVE animals – well, most kids do, right? So Taronga zoo was a perfect day out for our family. I’d recommend Taronga Zoo for families for sure. Taronga Zoo for toddlers is perfect too as they can either walk or you can hire a stroller.

Review of Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo Giraffe Feeding

We queued for just a few minutes to pick up our tickets and the staff were lovely. Then the first place we headed was the giraffes! Both the kids love them and their godfather had bought them a ticket to have the chance to feed them!

Taronga Zoo Review - Tips for Families - Love from Mim
The giraffes have the best view in Sydney!
Taronga Zoo Review - Love from Mim
Miss loved feeding carrots to the giraffes! Mini – not so much :)


Next Up was the elephants – plus a super cute baby elephant too.

Elephants at Taronga Zoo
The elephants at Taronga Zoo!

Elephants at Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo Review - Love from Mim
Here’s my cheeky elephant!


My daughter loved the baby meerkats Taronga Zoo have – she has a toy of the one from the Compare the Market ads! She tried to hi-5 them through the glass and they seemed to enjoy playing along.


Sumatran Tigers

One of the highlights of the day was checking out the Taronga Zoo Sumatran Tigers. We boarded a pretend plane to take us on a Tiger Trek – the kids loved that! Next we explored our new destination and kept our eyes peeled for glimpses of the tigers! They’re Mini’s favourite animals right now.

Sumatran Tigers at Taronga Zoo

Sumatran Tiger at Taronga Zoo


The hippos were a bit elusive but this one finally popped out and the kids loved watching him.

Hippo at Taronga Zoo

On the way out, the kids insisted on another look at the elephants and we stopped for a family snap!

Taronga Zoo Review - Love from Mim
The family at Taronga Zoo!

Taronga Zoo Review - Love from Mim

We had such a great family day out at Taronga Zoo. The kids loved it, we loved it and the sun shone all day! As well as seeing their favourite Taronga Zoo animals, they also got to learn a lot about them too.

Despite being a busy zoo, with a lot to see, we always find it a very peaceful and calm place to be. We’ll be back very soon!

Top Taronga Zoo Tips for Families!

Taronga Zoo is a great day out for kids. We’ve been numerous times over the years and we’ll definitely be back again. In fact we would go every weekend if my kids go their way!

Here are some tips tips for families travelling to Taronga Zoo:

How to get to Taronga Zoo

Travel to the Zoo is easy – we drove from Newcastle and parked easily in the large Taronga Zoo parking lot. Otherwise there are frequent buses or ferries. In fact Circular Quay to Taronga Zoo ferry is only 12 minutes. The car park day rate is currently $18.

Getting around Taronga Zoo

Make sure to pick up a map of Taronga Zoo on the way in so you can plan your course and make sure you see everything you want to see! Taronga Zoo stroller hire is an option too!

What’s On at Taronga Zoo

There are some great events on at the zoo throughout the year. Everytime we go, there’s something new to see! We loved the Tiger Trek this year. As the kids get older, there are even more fun activities we can come back and see. Check out the What’s On page here to see what suits your family.

Taronga Zoo Tickets

A family pass might be the best option for you. Also, if you have an Entertainment Book, you’ll get a discount. Children under four are free! Ask your friends if they have a Taronga Sydney Zoo annual pass you can borrow too!

Places to Eat

There’s a cafe at the Entrance/Exit as well as a food court inside Taronga Zoo and a couple of other places to grab snacks along the way. Most food options seemed to be fast-food with a little variety. You can take along your own packed lunch and snacks as there are plenty of places to sit and eat throughout the zoo.

Accessibility for Wheelchairs

There are elevators and ramps along the way and more than 95% of the animal displays are wheelchair viewable. An Accessibility Taronga Zoo Map is available to download here.

Taronga Zoo is quite hilly in places so if you do have a stroller, it might save you from having to carry your little ones.


Other facilities at Taronga Zoo include free Wi-fi, ATMs, First Aid, Lockers, Parents Room, Picnic areas, Stroller hire and Water Bubblers.

More Information

Taronga Zoo Opening Hours:

9.30am – 4.30pm (May – Aug)
9.30am – 5.00pm (Sept – Apr)
9.30am – 4.00pm (New Years Eve)

Taronga Zoo opening times also include Christmas day.

You can find out more about Taronga Zoo prices and more by clicking here.

Next up we want to stay for the Taronga Zoo Roar and Snore!

Find out about other Australian zoos here.

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Disclosure: we were sent a family pass in exchange for this Taronga Zoo review – I hope it’s help you!



  1. Dianne
    / 7:50 pm

    The big cats because they roar and little Ethan loves to roar as loud as he can, even though he’s not match in volume for the big cats, he gives it his best go and we have a great laugh afterwards. :)
    Thanks and good luck everyone!

  2. Bethany Allen
    / 1:37 pm

    Us Allens are tall, stretching up to the sky
    But sometimes that height can make little ones cry
    The giraffes, with their long necks, always make them smile
    As we tell them, everyone else will be tall too, in a while
    The giraffes are their favourites, long eyelashes and soft fur
    We’d love to see a real giraffe, it would mean everything to her!

  3. Becky Downey
    / 10:13 pm

    Elephants and Hippos. The kids love them – especially wise, sweet elephants!

  4. Rose
    / 8:25 pm

    Would love to see the monkeys, elephants and well the whole zoo.. Been ages since ive been to the zoo and we wanted to take our almost 5yr old once the weather started to warm up.. I think he’d absolutely love it…

  5. Bella Ri
    / 9:51 pm

    The giraffe’s. It’s been a LONG 10 years since we’ve been to the zoo and this would be the perfect opportunity for my little ones to get up close!

  6. Kylie T
    / 6:37 am

    All the animals we would love to see
    Most of all the Meerkats as cute as can be
    Elephant figurines were adored by our Gran deep at heart
    To this day her passion; I continue – it will never part
    The giraffe’s so beautiful, tall and free
    A dream close up – it would truly be
    Hippo’s so unique and one of a kind
    With character, marvellously entwined!

  7. Kasey Evans
    / 11:49 pm

    The Meerkats we’d love to see,
    as they’re so cute and free,
    they stand on their two feet,
    live in groups which is sweet,
    Oh how we’d love to visit Taronga Zoo!

  8. Vicki
    / 9:09 pm

    I would love to show my boys aka ‘cheeky monkeys” the Gorillas.. Our Daddy loves to beat his chest like a Gorilla, sleep and roam like a gorilla!!! It will be nice to finally show them how his nickname ‘Gorilla Daddy’ comes about.

  9. Audrey Taylor
    / 8:07 pm

    Pandas are Red
    Parrots are Blue
    A tiger or two I’d like to see you
    Don’t be mad Ill try to be there too
    But not in the cage, ill be smiling at you!

  10. Elly
    / 8:43 am

    The giraffe will definitely be a favourite! They are so cute and tall.

  11. J. Walton
    / 5:21 pm

    We love the whole zoo experience, but especially love monkeys & apes of all sizes. One day we’ll visit the Orangutans in Borneo!

  12. Rita
    / 2:38 pm

    My daughters biggest wish
    Is to see and feed all the beautiful fish!
    She’ll be so excited and have the biggest grin
    All thanks to to the beautiful Aunty Mim! :)

  13. Carolyn King
    / 12:34 pm

    I have always been fascinated how monkeys mimic human behaviour, or maybe it’s the other way around. They are always a joy to watch with their babies and the funny things they do.

  14. Arnie
    / 8:27 pm

    I’m always amazed seeing the giraffes so big and majestic and the amazing backdrop of the Sydney skyline there are few zoos that can do better.

  15. michelle w
    / 5:03 pm

    The giraffes, as my family and I are shortly inclined height wise we love to see giraffes all the way up where the view is sure to amaze.

  16. ross powell
    / 11:38 am

    the giraffe my granddaughter loves them

  17. Michelle fay
    / 9:28 am

    I went Taronga zoo when I was a kid and my memory’s are full of how excited and filled with joy I felt that day, we had an awesome time and I want that same feeling to fill my kids, what a fantastic family outing to connect with earths most precious gift and some of these beautiful creatures will disappear forever if we don’t do something now, we must keep an eye on the fading numbers as poaches and treasure hunters decline numbers in all types of animals lines, we must protect them and stop the slaughter

  18. Angela Myers
    / 8:51 am

    The chimpanzees. Se love their almost human connections and always amusing antics. Its also one of our favorite enclosures. So stimulating for them and us!!-lol.

  19. Jody Smith
    / 6:42 am

    Watching the seals do their show would delight my son and to see his joy would make the rest of us very happy.

  20. jocy
    / 12:41 am

    I love sitting and watching the giraffes. They are so graceful and majestic,

  21. Phillip Cunningham
    / 9:39 pm

    The meerkats as they look so funny standing up at attention. They’re like little soldiers in a way.

  22. Deborah Bolam
    / 7:37 pm

    Definitely the elephants I tried to tell the grandkids when I was a little girl at Taronga Zoo you could actually go for a ride on a elephant ( not any more of course ) we all love elephants

  23. Karina Lee
    / 6:06 pm

    We love seeing the monkeys go ape crazy and doing silly things.

    • Miranda
      / 7:38 pm

      We would love to see the elephants. Such magnificent animals and not able to been seen at many locations in Australia!

  24. Sherry Pfeiffer
    / 2:27 pm

    We love our big cats!
    And tigers are our fav!
    To get up so close to one,
    Is a dream the whole family craves!

  25. Nicole Kent
    / 10:56 am

    The Sumatran Tigers it has to be
    The biggest highlight for our family
    Their teeth, stripes and enormous paws
    Would leave us all wanting more!

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