Weekly Round Up – Week 3

Weekly Round Up – Week 3

It only occurred to me yesterday that I hadn’t done a weekly round up for last week – and it wasn’t that we hadn’t done anything, it was because we’re sooo busy!

Weekly Round Up - Week 3 - lovefrommim.com Emigrating from the UK to Australia

Family Life

Things are full steam ahead with the big relocation to Australia.  Is it full steam ahead or full speed ahead?  It doesn’t sound right, I’m not sure.

Anyhoo, I’ve been majorly busy packing, selling, donating and binning our stuff.  I hope everything has gone to it’s rightful end place, it’s too late now anyway.

We complete on our UK house sale next week and then we’re moving in with my parents and I can’t wait!  I’m sure they’re just as excited at the prospect of a family of four moving in with them :)

Last weekend two of my favourite ladies came to stay and we went out for a girls night which was lovely.  I had a very nice time with them and with the wine.  This meant I didn’t get the result I wanted on the scales but it was totally worth it.

On mamamim.com

•  My Most Read Post was the same as the week before – 5 Post Pregnancy Surprises!  How lovely :)

•  My Favourite Post was – 10 things you didn’t know about me – a blogger tag  it was so much fun to write and to read other’s answers!

•  My Favourite Archived Post – What Does Labour Feel Like?  I have a few pregnant friends who’ve been asking me about labour recently and I loved putting this post together and finding out from other mums what labour felt like for them.  I’m a bit obsessed with birth stories actually!

•  I’ve been Reviewing – Y-Cam Video HomeMonitor (win one here!), Hello Kitty Personalised Name Labels (win some here!) and MAM Teether Friends.  Well Mini M reviewed that last one technically :)

•  I was asked to be the VIP blogger at the Bath Children’s Literature Festival for the Peppa Pig storytelling session and was devastated to have to turn it down because of commitments with moving.  Sob sob SOB – we were going to get to meet Peppa too.  You know, one of the Peppas.  I love Peppa :(

On my To Do list for next week

•  Get the house emptied and cleaned up ready for completion – oh I HATE cleaning.  I hate it.

•  Book our flights to Australia!  We really need to pick a date to go back and bookety book the flights.

•  Arrange to see as many friends and family in the UK as possible before we go!

•  Eat as much Cadburys chocolate as I can get away with without putting on any weight!  They do sell Cadburys in Australia but the recipe is different and it just is NOT the same.  This To Do item goes for all of the food at Marks and Spencers too.  All of it.  Especially the Percy Pigs.

Hope you’ve all had a delightful weekend and I wish you a happy week ahead:


Weekly Round Up - Week 3 - lovefrommim.com Emigrating from the UK to Australia

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