What’s in my Changing Bag

What’s in my Changing Bag

Want to know what’s in my changing bag for my newborn and 2 year old?  Read on!  (Affiliate links below).

Firstly, check out my new and very lovely changing bag from Babymoov!  It’s the Glober Bag and I adore it.  I already had a black, smart Storksak Emily bag but wanted a bigger bag now that I have 2 little ones.

What's in my Changing Bag - lovefrommim.com Nappy Bag Baby Changing Bag What's in my Nappy Bag What to Pack in your Nappy Bag

I was also keen for a bag that can be worn in multiple ways and the Glober Bag fits the bill brilliantly.  It can be worn across the body, over the shoulder, as a rucksack or over the pram/stroller handles.

What's in my Changing Bag - lovefrommim.com Nappy Bag Baby Changing Bag What's in my Nappy Bag What to Pack in your Nappy Bag

I wear my babies in a sling or carrier often and so having the rucksack option means that I can wear the straps over the top of the carrier comfortably without bothering the baby at all.  In fact, it balances out the weight on my front and back quite nicely :)

What's in my Changing Bag - lovefrommim.com Nappy Bag Baby Changing Bag What's in my Nappy Bag What to Pack in your Nappy Bag

The bag includes multiple storage compartments inside, on the front and sides so everything can be stored neatly and grabbed quickly when needed.  I has a change mat, plastic pouch, soother bag, stroller clips and an insulated bag all included!  I love that the change mat is folded and stored at the back of the bag rather than floating around inside. It’s easy to grab and hygienically stored away from everything else. So, here is what’s in my Changing Bag:

1.  Nappies – I tend to carry 4 of each kind – size 2s for my baby and size 5s or pull-ups for my toddler.  I also carry spare underwear for her as we’re potty training.

2.  Wipes – my current favourites are Huggies Pure Wipes as they can be used on newborns upwards so good for both of the minis and for mopping up spills too.

3.  Nappy Bags – apart from the obvious use of wrapping up dirty nappies, I also use Disposable Nappy Bags to take home used cutlery and bibs as well as dirty clothes.  That keeps my changing bag clean until I get home.

4.  Nappy Rash Cream – we like Sudocrem Skin Care Cream as it can be used on newborns and older babies.

5.  Sanitising Water Spray – for cleaning up messes, baby faces, hands, high chairs – this Aquaint Sanitising Water has multiple uses and is 100% natural!

6.  A Bib for my Toddler – I like the Tommee Tippee Explora Bibs as they roll up neatly and are easily to wipe clean.

7.  Cutlery for my Toddler – fairly self explanatory!  I use the Vital Baby Stainless Steel Cutlery Set.

8.  Toddler Snacks – either a piece of fruit, raisins, fruit bars or rice cakes normally.

9.  Snacks for Mummy!  I’m currently on a weight loss mission so it’s either fruit, popcorn or a low calorie cereal bar.

10.  Muslin Blankets – I love my Babymoov ones, the 4 Seasons Muslin collection is very pretty and can be used in a variety of ways such as swaddling, cleaning up messes, burping babies, covering up etc. Similar here.

11.  A Sling – I love my Breeze Baby Sling – it’s mesh and very lightweight so can easily be rolled up and out of the way. Similar here.

12.  Spare Clothes – for both the drooly newborn and the potty-training toddler!  And of course, a change of top for me if I remember as I’m breastfeeding and often covered in spit up – nice.

13.  Personal Items – keys, purse, phone, travel charger, lip balm etc. Have I missed anything?  I’d love to know if there’s anything essential that you carry in your changing bag that I haven’t mentioned :)

What's in my Changing Bag - lovefrommim.com Nappy Bag Baby Changing Bag What's in my Nappy Bag What to Pack in your Nappy Bag

Disclosure:  Links above are affiliate links and might earn me a few cents if you purchase anything but it won’t affect the price you pay.

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  1. 22nd July 2015 / 7:15 am

    So organised, third time round I have got alot less organised and often forget something, luckily now he is 2 there is a less to pack, but I still need to get more organised.
    #thelist x

    • 22nd July 2015 / 7:19 am

      Thank you! It definitely does get easier as they get older :)

  2. 16th July 2015 / 10:04 pm

    I love the Babymoov range so much! The fact that this can cope with the needs of your baby and toddler is brilliant, and having a backpack when babywearing is essential isn’t it? Now Toby’s 1 I could no way carry him and a messenger style bag!xx

    • 16th July 2015 / 10:14 pm

      It’s an awesome range – I want everything! Ah that’s so true – They get so heavy! :)

  3. 16th July 2015 / 7:44 pm

    I don’t have baby stuff to cart around any more, but with one of my sons having Type 1 Diabetes we have all sorts of stuff we have to cart around with us ususally in a rucksack but ooh this is much prettier ;)

    Stevie x #brilliantblogposts

    • 21st July 2015 / 7:09 pm

      I think you NEED a bag like this! I always have an excuse to buy a new bag though :)

  4. 16th July 2015 / 4:20 pm

    I love the bag! I’ve found I severely overpack for my 9 week old but I’m always worrying about worst case scenarios.. I literally never use any of it! #brilliantblogposts

    • 16th July 2015 / 4:49 pm

      It’s such a beautiful bag! Ha ha I tend to be an over-packer too ‘just in case’!

  5. 16th July 2015 / 12:45 am

    Love that bag! I also do 4 nappies for each kid, & use nappy bags for dirty clothes & cutlery! #brilliantblogposts

    • 21st July 2015 / 7:08 pm

      Oh it’s so lovely! Nappy bags and wipes are a Godsend for so many things! :)

  6. 15th July 2015 / 11:08 pm

    With 5 kids, I have pretty much given up being prepared and now just grab a nappy and wipes, sling them in the boot of the car and dash… I really should get a bit more organised… thanks for the inspiration!! #brilliantblogposts

    • 21st July 2015 / 7:07 pm

      Wow-wee 5 – you do well to get 5 kids out of the house together, let alone bring a bag too – Super Mum! x

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