Would you Video Call your Doctor?

Would you Video Call your Doctor?

Since returning to the UK in 2014 after living in Australia, I have developed a new found love for the NHS and really appreciate the service they offer much more than before.

This is largely due to now having 2 small children as I feel that every other week I’m at the Doctor’s surgery for an appointment, check up or vaccinations.

My surgery is pretty big with about 10 Doctors on site but it can be such a nightmare to try and get an appointment.  In fact, to book an appointment with a specific Doctor, unless it’s an emergency, can mean a 3-4 week wait most of the time!

Then of course when we get to the surgery for our booked appointment, I’ve waited up to an hour before to actually see the Doctor.  It’s a pain for me but it can be distressing too with a baby and/or a toddler – they do not have my patience!  If I’m honest, I have very little patience too.

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So I was really interested to read this research by Health IT Central who have been discussing whether a patient always needs to be seen by a Doctor in person or whether it might be possible for a Doctor to conduct an appointment via video link instead, particularly via an app.  Would you video call your Doctor?

The app is called Dr Now and Pryers Solicitors have commissioned a survey to see what people thought of it.  68% of people surveyed answered a resounding NO.

It wouldn’t be a consultation with your own Doctor, but the Doctor would be qualified, so does that matter?

Personally I love building a relationship with one family Doctor as they get to know you and your children and I think that often helps them assess your condition faster and more accurately.  However, having moved house quite a few times in the past 10 years, I haven’t had the chance to build up a really long-standing relationship with one particular Doctor.  In fact, the only one I did was when I was pregnant with Miss M and after I had her, she left to move to another practice so unfortunately our ‘relationship’ ended there.

I’m quite a trusting person but I just don’t know how confident I would be in having my check up over a phone app.  I’d want to be 100% confident in the qualifications and ability of the doctor I was speaking with, as well as the confidentiality risk of having a video chat.  Where is the information stored?  Who else can access the video?

I suppose it would save costs all round.  The already overburdened NHS could divert their resources elsewhere and as a busy mum I wouldn’t have to spend time travelling to a Doctor’s surgery or waiting in the wait room for an undefined period of time.  Well, unless I had to wait on hold on the app for the Doctor to become available too!

What do you think?  Would you have a Doctor’s appointment over a phone app for you or your children?

Or would you prefer to stick with the traditional route of visiting your Doctor in person?

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