10 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

I’m a day early with this but I’m 10 weeks pregnant. I’m going away tomorrow for the weekend and wanted to make sure I wasn’t late in posting.

Here’s a bit of a run down on the rest of what’s happening:

10 Weeks Pregnant

10 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Nausea and fatigue – it continues – I expect it to until the second trimester when I HOPE it disappears. Oh I hope so. I’m going to bed at 7pm every night just to rest really, not sleeping until about 10pm and then waking up in shock every hour with the crazy dreams – not fun.

My Body

Bloat – I have a lovely big tummy bloat starting just under my boobs, which makes me look about 6 months pregnant – wonderful. That’s just want a first trimester mama wants, isn’t it?? I’m hoping this goes down a bit soon and I’ll be able to see an ‘actual’ baby bump start to form. Then I can dress the bump instead of trying to hide it.

Acne – urgh my skin is dreadful right now – it’s so oily and clogged and I can’t use any decent face scrubs as they contain chemicals that you can’t use in pregnancy. I feel like I’m wearing far too much make up trying to cover up and I can’t wait for this to get better. I do remember with my last pregnancy that my skin and hair were awful for weeks and then suddenly I had the best skin and hair of my life! Ooooh I so hope that happens again as it’s pretty upsetting. Maybe Mini is another girl – they do say baby girls rob your beauty and any I may have had is GONE!

My mood – For the past few weeks I’ve been feeling a bit down occasionally and I think it’s to do with the tiredness more than anything. I really feel like this has lifted though and I’m starting to feel more positive and happy again. Not that I wasn’t happy before of course but I think as I’m getting closer to the scan and knowing I can tell my whole family and friends, I’m feeling more positive and excited about being pregnant. I always expected it to be nice to have the secret of being pregnant but for me it isn’t fun to hide it – I want to tell the world but I know it isn’t appropriate to. This blog is definitely helping me have an outlet!

Claustrophobia – I don’t really know how to explain this but I experienced it in my first trimester last pregnancy too. Occasionally, I just have this feeling of being physically trapped – perhaps it stems from a psychological pregnancy thing, I don’t know. It’s when I’m in closed or small spaces or even sometimes when someone hugs me for just a second too long and something weird happens like I can’t breathe and I need to physically ‘escape’. I’m aware of how odd this probably sounds but if anyone else has experienced anything similar, please let me know!

Pelvic Pain – I think the Relaxin hormone is setting in as this week I’ve felt some pain in my pelvis – nothing very uncomfortable, just a bit noticeable. Last pregnancy I suffered very badly with the loosening joint pain in my pelvis and hips and I wore a pelvic belt nearly every day. I do still have that but I’m hoping not to need it this time.

Round Ligament Pain – this has started sometimes when I’ve been sitting down for a while and stand up suddenly, like when I’m at work. It isn’t very painful, just a sharp twinge in my tummy. I must remember not to grab my tummy and wince at work to give away that I’m pregnant!

The Baby

Mini is apparently the size of a green olive or a grape this week – it’s crazy how fast they grow so soon. I have a Sonoline B Pocket Fetal Doppler and had another go at finding the heartbeat and hurray, I found it! It took AGES – nearly an hour I think but I was so grateful to have been able to hear and see it. It’s so reassuring. I will probably have another check next week but then won’t before my 12 weeks scan – it’s too easy to get obsessed with checking I think and I don’t want to add to my current paranoia any more!

Medical Stuff

I met with the Midwife at my local hospital this week who was so so lovely and she has booked me in – so it’s all happening now. My 12 week scan is still on October 17th and I’ll get the ‘definite’ due date then but it’s looking like May 1st 2015. I predict Mini will come early though but we’ll see.

I really want to look into the option of a home birth but I’m a bit clueless as to where to start – if anyone has had one or knows more, please let me know. For now, I will consult Dr Google :)

Hope you’re all having a great week and enjoy your weekends!

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  1. Alexandra Mercer
    / 3:22 pm

    I had a bit of bloat in the first trimester too but it kind of went and then the bump started to grow!
    I’ve had a couple of home births, just let your midwife know you’re keen to have one and they should support you every step of the way. I’m quite disappointed that I can’t have a home birth this time but I’ll always be pleased that I managed to have two.
    It’s lovely that you have the 12 week scan to look forward to soon xx

    • Mama Mim Blog
      / 7:55 am

      Ah I can’t wait for the bloat to go, thanks Alexandra! How wonderful that you had 2 homebirths – I’m definitely going to speak to the midwife about it at my next appointment as I think it’s the way forward for me. I hope so anyway :) Scan is tomorrow – nervous and excited :) :)

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