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139 Days Sober – and feeling AMAZING

Yes yes, being 139 days sober is a bit of a random number to shout about but I hadn’t updated you since 60 days so thought it was long overdue.

I posted this on Instagram yesterday – and got so many lovely comments about how good I looked – which is LOVELY! But the best part for me, is how good I FEEL.

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Oh hello little chest scar – you don’t bother me too much these days. . You remind me that I’m here and thriving and I’m pretty darn thankful for that ? . I’m at peace with things I didn’t think I could be. I’m struggling less and I’m laughing more. . I’m 4 months and 18 days free of alcohol. My head is in a great place – really, really great! . Life is sweet ??? . How are YOU today? . . . . . #innerhealing #makeyourselfapriority #positiveselftalk #happythoughts #selfcareobsessed #youtime #selfcareeveryday #anxietywarrior #lightwithin #highervibration #cosmicconsciousness #spiritualconnection #spirituallyawake #positivethought #inthearena #goodheadspace #headspace #positiveenergyonly #sobermomtribe #sobercurious #soberevolution #soberissexy #sobermovement #soberlifestyle #soberwomen

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Approximately 150 days ago, I made the decision to quit drinking. Well, to be perfectly honest, I made the decision to try to cut down. At that point, I didn’t know I was actually going to quit fully and for good but I was open to trying.

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I listened to Allen Carr’s book “How to Stop Drinking for Women” with an open mind and heart to giving it a go and less than two weeks later, I took my last drink and that was that.

Has it been easy to quit?

Yes and no.

Yes – because reading the book made me realise that me drinking alcohol was down to two things:

Firstly, I was addicted to alcohol and to the habit of drinking alcohol. The book helped me break the addiction.

Secondly, I realised that for my whole life, I’ve been brainwashed into believing that I was getting something positive from drinking alcohol. Like, it helped me to relax or I liked the taste.

When, of course, it only helps you to relax until it leaves your body. And actually alcohol tastes like shit but we persevere in drinking it, from a young age for some, until we decide the taste is bearable and then we decide we like it.

That last glass I had – it tasted bad. It was as if a switch had gone off and the ‘nice glass of wine before bed’ wiped off its lipstick to reveal its pig-like reality.

Since then, I haven’t had any inclination to crack open a bottle or even have a tiny taste but there have been times of challenge.

It’s much rarer now, but I do still occasionally get that sense of panic when I realise that I don’t have wine to turn to when I need to instantly switch off.

You see, for me, wine dulled the anxiety, fear and pain I didn’t really want to face.

So, there have also been many times of omg-life-is-hard-how-the-fuck-do-I-deal-with-this.

But I’m getting through them. Now, instead of drowning the fear in cheap Pinot, I am dealing with it. Slowly and surely, I’m battling my demons, some I didn’t realise I even had, and I’m winning.

And the smile in the above photo is a real, genuine, delighted smile. Because life IS sweet right now and I’m embracing it.

You can check out Allen Carr’s book here in Australia, here in the US and here in the UK.

These days:

  • I’m clear-headed
  • my hair is growing faster than ever
  • I wake up excited
  • I sleep better (despite some insomnia)
  • laughing occurs on the daily
  • I’m more creative
  • my productivity levels are soaring
  • I don’t have to rewatch TV episodes from the night before’s drunken Netflix binge
  • my eyes are brighter
  • I’m proud of myself
  • I’ve saved money
  • I have so SO much more time

This is just the surface and doesn’t even cover all I’ve gained in better health and relationships.

And I’m only on day 139 – so it can only get better.

You can check out Allen Carr’s book here in Australia, here in the US and here in the UK.

Life is good!

As many of you know, I’ve just written the first draft of a book about my journey to and out of alcohol addiction.

It’s a very personal account of:

  • what led me to drinking too much
  • how I became sober
  • my own strategies for staying sober
  • the results of my survey into Motherhood and Alcohol

I’m excited to share this book with you and hope so much that it helps another person who might be facing the same challenges.

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Australia: Click to buy Less Wine, More Time now

US: Click to buy Less Wine, More Time now

UK: Click to buy Less Wine, More Time now

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  1. Lorelle
    / 9:12 am

    I commend you on your courageous(ness) to share your story with us (Some friends & Some absolute strangers & Some possible trollers).
    I will admit that I have never had to deal with what you are dealing with. However; what I just read (sorry I missed the first installment) the ride has not possibly been easy for and relieving oneself of an addiction it never usually is.
    So Kudos to you and I look forward to the 1 year anniversary of your sobriety.
    All the best.
    A Queenslander.

    • / 11:55 am

      Thank you so so so much! I feel so good about sharing my story and hope it helps others – although yes, it’s equally terrifying because of the fear of judgment. Thank you so much for your lovely comment x x

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