14 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

I’m sharing my 14 weeks pregnant symptoms!

Well I went for the scan last week and all went brilliantly. I was supposed to be 12 weeks exactly on the scan date but they ended up dating me 6 days ahead so I’m actually going to be 14 weeks tomorrow. Hurray!

14 Weeks Pregnant

I had worked myself up quite a bit and actually cried as I law down for it – I felt so overwhelmed and quite panicked that I might hear bad news. With Miss M’s pregnancy, I wasn’t anxious at all at the scan so I was surprised I felt so nervous.

All went very well though, definitely only 1 baby too! The baby was measuring really well and had a good wriggle and wiggle around and waved a lot to us – so lovely. My husband, Mum and Miss M came too which was lovely.

Ok so all of a sudden I’ve lost a week and I’ve been a bit busy (and slack) in updating my weekly updates but here’s how I’m feeling at 14 week’s pregnant:

14 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Nausea, Acid Reflux, Heartburn – urgh!  I had really hoped these had gone away by now but nooooooo, they are clinging on even longer. I’m really hoping as I enter the 15th week that these will subside. The good news is that I’ve now told all my family, friends and colleagues at work so at least I feel I have an excuse when I look like death some days.

Acne and Oily Skin – hmm I’m scared to tempt fate but I think this is getting a little better. This could be to do with the UK entering into arctic conditions of course but either way, I’m less oily-skinned which is a nice welcome change.

Inability to suffer fools! Now I’m not the most patient person pre-pregnancy but I when I’m pregnant, I just have no time for anything or anyone that wastes my time. I feel like I have enough to think about! So, apologies to anyone who feels my wrath over the next six months! Actually, I’m not sorry ha.

My Body

Boobs – I think I’d forgotten just how much these grew with the last pregnancy but at this point I feel like I’m adding a cup size every day. Argh.

The Baby

Aww it was so lovely to see the scan and have pictures to look at – it’s very clich├ęd I know but it really brings things to reality when you actually see a ‘baby-shaped’ baby rather than a blob. Apparently Mini is the size of a Peach now and around three inches long. I’m sure my uterus must be the size of a bus though the way it’s pushed everything else upwards to make me look six months’ pregnant. Brilliant.

Medical Stuff

My 20 week scan is planned for Dec 5th (the day before I’m actually 20 weeks) and I’m facing a real dilemma. With Miss M, we definitely wanted a surprise and didn’t find out the gender and loved finding out for ourselves after the birth. With Mini, we decided early on that we would find out this time but now I’m having second thoughts. Our reasoning was that we wanted to be in a position to be able to plan what we needed to buy and to decide on names – you know, the standard reasons I suppose. However, after speaking to another pregnant friend today who is not finding out the gender with hers, she reminded me how lovely it is to not know – it really is one of life’s few surprises isn’t it?
What about you – did you find out?  Or are you keeping it a secret?  What do you think we should do??  Please help us decide!

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I’d love you to share your 14 weeks pregnant symptoms!


  1. Jade Morriss
    / 7:48 pm

    I hope your nausea passes, I was really lucky with morning sickness during my pregnancy and did not suffer at all. I can only imagine the struggle with it!

    When we went for our 12 week scan for our little one we found out our dates weren’t as the staff had originally thought. It turned out that I was actually 20 weeks – quite the shocker! At least we got to meet our little one sooner than planned.

    Regarding finding out gender, both me and my partner wanted to find out. Not to buy a specific colour or pick name etc, we’d already picked for each gender and even after finding out we still bought pretty neutral items – the reason being that we didn’t want the element of surprise. I think its an each to their thing.

    • Mama Mim Blog
      / 10:02 am

      Hello Jade – oh I’m so jealous that you didn’t get nausea! I still have it argh, hoping it goes v v soon. It isn’t as bad as it was luckily. Wow – finding out you were 8 weeks further ahead – that must have been crazy!! Did you have any idea? :)

    • Jade Morriss
      / 5:40 pm

      No idea, both me and my partner were genuinely shocked. As were those who were aware I was pregnant as my bump was still quite small then. I know when it comes to being pregnant a lot of people think about periods stopping, but I couldn’t even judge by that because even then at 20 weeks I still had them! Crazy, but a nice surprise.

      The planner in me struggled though as I’d based everything on the estimated week and so a lot of reworking on that had to be done!

  2. Mama Mim Blog
    / 11:33 am

    Thank you so much! Every day I’m expecting to but it hasn’t happened yet – hopefully tomorrow ha ha! I’m happy anyway :)

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