15 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

I’m 15 weeks pregnant tomorrow whoop and here are my 15 weeks pregnant symptoms!

I’m going to keep doing the updates on a Friday though as Saturdays are a little manic in our house.

This week has gone really fast – it’s starting to get cold now in the UK so I’ve been going through my wardrobe and picking out what I plan to wear during Winter.

15 Weeks Pregnant

I didn’t really want to buy too many maternity clothes as 1) I have no money and 2) I think I can make the clothes I already have work.

I have bought some maternity leggings, jeans and nursing bras but unless I win the lottery, that will be the lot.

One thing I did invest in last pregnancy was a few Nursing tops from Boob Design and I HIGHLY recommend them.

Anna Saccone’s blog had inspired me to try them as I really wanted some vest/singlets for the Summer that I could discreetly breastfeed in public in without having to use a nursing cover or drape blankets over me. My experience of actually wearing them has been nothing but positive and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on their design and look too. You can discreetly lift up the top half without exposing yourself and from another person’s view, it doesn’t look like you’re even breastfeeding as the top covers everything. The tops I have are a little worn as I wore them constantly but they’ll be perfectly fine for this pregnancy and for the time I breastfeed afterward.

15 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Nausea – I don’t think I can be bothered to talk about the morning sickness anymore. It’s still here. The end.

Otherwise, I have nothing new to report – I think that’s a good thing, nothing new to moan about :)

My Body

Skin – still getting better I think but so so slowly.  I’ve stopped getting more acne at least, now I just need to get rid of what’s still there so I can try and look somewhat normal again. It really plays with my emotions (as if I needed any more of that) because I desperately want to look happy and healthy but feel and look at bit like crap – well to myself at least!

Nails – now this is a good thing, my nails have started growing really quickly – hurray! Especially good as Winter gets closer, there will be less sunshine and vitamin D so it will be lovely to have stronger and longer nails.

Pelvic separation – I had a real issue with this last pregnancy and had to wear a pelvic band/belt nearly every day from really early on but, touch wood, this hasn’t been as bad this time around. I have started to feel a little bit of ‘pain’, especially if I’ve been sat down for a long time but that’s good encouragement for me to move around more.

The Baby

Mini is getting bigger although my bump is definitely still bloat and I can’t even feel my expanding uterus when I lie down and push on it. I’m sure the bump will grow quickly from now on though! I’m really looking forward to feeling movement from the baby, it will be so reassuring as I feel a bit in limbo still – not having a proper bump, not feeling anything but knowing stuff is happening on the inside that no-one else can see.

Medical Stuff

No appointments planned except for the 20 week scan in December but we have ‘officially’ decided that we will NOT be finding out the gender of the baby. I am 99.99% sure it’s another lovely little girl – in fact, I think I would bet on it! We’ve decided to keep things the same as with Miss M and have another ‘surprise’. But I know. It’s a girl – trust me! I’m carrying in exactly the same way, the Chinese Gender Predictor says girl as do the vast majority of the old wives tales.

What was your experience of not finding out?  Did you just know?  Did the old wives tales work for you?

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I’d love you to share your 15 weeks pregnant symptoms!



  1. Sara Carvosso
    / 3:16 pm

    ha for all three of mine i thought they were the opposite to what they were. I found out with all off them only because the last two needing to know what we had and what we should get, because of that friends gave us tons of clothes which we were very grateful off. Hopefully you wont have as much pain and enjoy the few weeks where your not so massive. Thanks for linking up to #sundayroundup

    • Mama Mim Blog
      / 11:38 am

      How funny – I’ll be soooo shocked if it’s a boy! Happy still of course but shocked! Ah thank you and thank you for organising the #sundayroundup – love it! :)

  2. Lisa- Four Walls, Rainy Days
    / 8:25 am

    Congrats! It seems to be going well so far. I’d definitely second the Boob Stuff – it is pricey but really, really good quality, I got one of the hoodies when I was bf-ing and its held in the wardrobe for if I ever go again! On the gender prediction; all of the old wives tales and chinese things said girl for us (as did the 20 week scan!) and yet I’m looking over at my baby boy now – you never can be 100%!

    • Mama Mim Blog
      / 11:37 am

      Thanks so much Lisa! The Boob clothes are pricy but they’re so good aren’t they – I wish they were a bit cheaper though. Ahhh that’s crazy – I am SO sure it’s a girl, I would welcome a little boy too but I’ll be so surprised if it isn’t a girl – watch this space lol! :)

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