28 to 40 – a Totes Emosh Day

In the playground today, when I was dropping off my daughter at school, it dawned on me that I’m going to be 40. I mean, really dawned on me.

And it isn’t being 40 that’s the issue. It’s that, as I watched the kids playing with balls, holding hands and running around, it just feels like a minute since it was me. Me being the kid.

But actually, it’s 35 years since I started school.

What the AF?! 35 years!

So it’s all a bit crazy and I had a moment of oh-my-word-life-has-gone-so-fast-what-the-hell.

It was the Mother’s Day assembly and a Teacher read a poem about what it was like before she became a mum.

It was beautiful and brought back so many memories of trying for a baby and early motherhood particularly.

A feeling I couldn’t shake was how long I get to be a mum for – you know, because of the cancer. It’s an every day thought to be honest. (I am doing something about changing this, I’ll share more soon).

Anyway, I cried. Other mums cried. Pretty sure a couple of dads wiped away a tear. So it was an emotional start to the day all up.

Next, it was my 2.5 year appointment with my Oncologist – who I love so much. She’s so caring and wonderful and I always look forward to seeing her, despite the circumstances.

The appointment went so well though, she was happy with how I’m tracking and she was so complimentary about how I’ve lost weight.

Every time I see her and she tells me I’m doing really well and it gives me the same warm and fuzzies you get when you’re at school and the Teacher says “well done!” or pats you on the head. I need those head pats so much.

So, you see, it might be 35 years since I started school but you’re never too old to keep learning or to admit you might need some help. Or for head pats.

Happy weekend to you all :)

Love from Mim x x x


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  1. Kylie T
    / 5:25 pm

    Thank you for sharing this post.

  2. Kate
    / 11:13 pm

    Sorry to blow your mind even further: but I think if you’re 40 this year it might be closer to 35 years since you started school! ? yeaaahhhhhh… I’ll step away now….. ?

    • Mim
      / 11:15 pm

      Bloody hell yes – I can’t count for shit! x x

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