30 to 40 – Settling into School Mum Life

Well we’ve survived our first stint at school and, slightly more challenging, our first school holidays.

All I will say is this: I get it now.

Because it’s exhausting – for the kids and the parents! Oh yes, it’s a lot of fun too and a lovely chance to have some quality time with the minis. But did I mention that it’s also exhausting?

The constant schedule changes, taking time off work, keeping them entertained, keeping them from killing each other. Juggles and struggles and I’m glad it’s over for a bit.

I know what will happen though, when I drop her off to school again next week I’ll be flooded with mum guilt and I’ll really miss her.

It’s like when you put your baby to bed after a sleep-deprived, knackering day but then you feel compelled to wake them up and play a bit more! But you don’t…because sleep!

I wrote recently about how I suck at being a school mum¬†and in some ways I still do. I still can’t remember anything!

However it’s getting better. I’ve made some lovely mum friends and Miss is having a ball. She’s thrown herself into learning and socialising and I feel like we’re both finding out feet.

This new chapter of my life, being a school mum, is challenging for me still. It’s also a lot of fun too though and I’m so happy that at my age, there are still possibilities to make great new friends.

How are you finding settling into school mum life?


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