35 to 40 – When You’re the Older Woman

It’s my husband’s birthday this week and every year he loves to remind me that I’m older than him. What a loser (jokes).

But I don’t mind – I mean, it’s only an 18 month gap, we’re not talking decades. When I’m 40 in 35 weeks time, he’ll be 38.

We’re very different though, the hubs and me.

I’m organised. He is most definitely not.

I’m scared of a lot of stuff. He isn’t scared of anything.

I hate bananas. He loves them.

But we get on ok – we’re not perfect. We fight, bicker, disagree on a lot of things. But we love each other, share the same values and agree on all of the ways we want to raise our babies. Oh and we both love Outlander.

He doesn’t share my Jamie crush.

Back when I was single, about 12 years ago, I remember writing a list of all of the things my “ideal man” would have or be. There were about 15 different things on the list.

And it was like a “dream” list so I got a bit carried away. He was going to be over 6 ft tall, work in prof services (as I was at the time), have dark brown hair, earn a minimum amount, play a musical instrument. I can’t remember the rest but it was all a bit silly. But this dream man was also going to be older than me.

I don’t know why I thought that mattered at the time – or most of the other traits. I suppose our tastes and what’s important to us just changes over the years.

Mr M and I have been together for ten years now and married for six.

Our little age gap has never been an issue – nor has the fact that he only fitted one of the 15 things on my wish list back then.

And I don’t mind being the older woman – I don’t mind getting old at all now. I’m grateful to still be here and be blessed with another year of life.

Are you the older woman in your relationship and by how much?

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  1. Newcastle Family Life
    / 7:47 pm

    I am 5 and a half years older then my other half, which he also likes to remind me often. I always thought I would end up with some one older too x

    • Mim
      / 7:48 pm

      Isn’t it funny how things turn out! Yes mines the same :) x x

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