36 Weeks to 40 – New Hair!

It occurred to me at the weekend that my hair has started to look, well a bit crap!

I mean, I’m delighted it’s growing out a bit but the back seems to grow ten times faster than the front or sides and it has started to resemble an 80s mullet. Not cool.

So it was time to bite the bullet and get the back chopped off:

Oh my word why didn’t I do it months ago? I actually have a hairstyle again. I haven’t had a fringe in ages but thought I’d give one a go again. Secretly, I always think people look a bit younger with a fringe.

I can’t say it’s taken ten years off me but I’m very happy with the result regardless :)

My aim, for my 40th in November, is to have it all one length (minus the fringe) but for now, this makes it feel more of a style and less of a nothing!


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