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5 Benefits of Walking with a Baby and How to do it!

If you’re wondering when can you take a newborn out for a walk, you’re in the right place. This was one of the biggest questions I had after having my first baby.

I wanted to know when can you take a newborn outside so I could start to get into a routine, get some fresh air and be out and about.

Not that I expect it to be easy, of course! But there are so baby benefits of walking with a baby.

When I had my first baby I was living in Sydney and my parents were in the UK, halfway around the world. I had no car but I’d seen so many other local mums out walking with a baby that I knew finding a good stroller was going to be essential. I wondered when can newborns go outside and really there was no need to wait.

I asked my GP when can I take my newborn out for a walk and he gave me the go-ahead. In fact, he recommended going out with a newborn after I saw him so I could get the benefits of it.

After I had my baby, the baby stroller was my lifeline to being able to get out and about every single day. I didn’t need to rely on having access to a car, or even public transport, as all I needed was the stroller to take my baby everywhere I needed to go!

Instead of sitting in the house day in day out, we could get to appointments, get some fresh air and meet other mums who were also on maternity leave. When I said the stroller was my lifeline, it really was.

The first few weeks of being a new mum were really hard. Don’t get me wrong, they were wonderful too but I had a baby who cried a lot and slept only a little. I’d had visions during pregnancy of me curled up on the sofa cuddling my baby to sleep and staring in her eyes.

The reality was quite different and instead, those early days consisted of pacing the rooms, rocking her to sleep and certainly not sleeping when she slept. What lies that little gem of advice was.

Things started to change in a big way when I started leaving the house more. I made it my mission to leave the house every day, at least once. So whether we headed out to our local shops, to an appointment, to meet my mum’s group or just have a walk by ourselves, we went out every single day.

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The benefits of getting outside with a baby

Here were the benefits of walking with a baby for me:

1.  Fresh air

Being cooped up in the house wasn’t good for either me or my baby. It’s age old advice that getting fresh air clears your mind and it really did for me. I found being stuck in the house in the early days very lonely and isolating but once we were out and about it gave me the chance to chat to passers by who loved to coo at my baby and to meet other local mums who were out getting fresh air too!

I would walk for hours sometimes and felt so much happier and more positive each time I did.

2.  Exercise

My pregnancy pounds were not going to shift themselves and whilst I was nowhere near ready to embark on a diet or exercise regime, walking for a little bit each day really helped me to lose weight as the weeks ticked by.

As I recovered more and built on my fitness, I could walk for longer too. It was free exercise, no gym fees and meant I could get a bit of exercise with my baby rather than have to leave her.

3.  Encouraging sleep!

This one worked in two ways. Firstly, I would always try and time my walks for the times in the day I wanted to encourage my baby to sleep. This was generally around 12pm and 4pm on the first few months.

It meant that while we were out, the movement of the pram, fresh air and noise of the traffic helped lull her to sleep instead of me having to pace the room and rock her until she did! Sometimes as soon as she fell asleep, I would head straight back home and leave her in the pram until she woke up. This meant I might get another 30 to 60 minutes to get through some chores!

Secondly, the exercise also helped me sleep better too. Whilst I found it hard to find the time to sleep, I felt that when I did it was much deeper sleep so I felt more refreshed when I got up.

4.  Meeting other parents

I’ve mentioned this above but one of the very best things I did was connect with other local and non-judgmental mums with babies the same age as mine.

I felt so much better to learn that I wasn’t the only one struggling with finding my feet as a new mum and we loved swapping parenting tips we’d picked up. I love a good nursery rhyme as much as the next person but I also loved having an actual adult conversation with the other mums too!

5.  I felt less stressed

Probably a combination of all of the above but walking every day for me gave me a purpose and a routine. I’d been so used to having a set routine for many years and the early months of motherhood can be quite chaotic – they were for me at times anyway.

I loved having a plan each day to go for a walk and I felt a real sense of achievement for all the reasons above when I got home. If I’d gotten some errands completed, fresh air, got my baby to sleep or met some lovely locals then I cam home feeling so much less stressed and more positive that I was doing an ok job as a new mum.

A pram or stroller was absolutely essential to me in getting to where I needed to go and I love the Zest stroller from Silver Cross.

5 benefits of walking with a Baby + Win a Silver Cross Stroller! lovefrommim.com How to get out and about with a Newborn Baby Leaving the house with a Newborn Baby Exercising with a Baby Traveling with a Newborn Baby Benefits of Walking your Baby Silver Cross Zest Stroller

It’s a super lightweight and ultra-compact stroller that weighs only 5.8kgs. The extending hood has UPF50+ so great for all seasons and the five point harness keeps your little one safe and snug in their seat.

The Zest stroller even has a carry handle for easy carrying and a large basket underneath to store your change bag or shopping.

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5 benefits of walking with a Baby + Win a Silver Cross Stroller! lovefrommim.com How to get out and about with a Newborn Baby Leaving the house with a Newborn Baby Exercising with a Baby Traveling with a Newborn Baby Benefits of Walking your Baby Silver Cross Zest Stroller

Do you know any more benefits of walking with your baby?



  1. Amanda S
    / 11:52 pm

    “There’ll be a time, many years from now, when the sleepless nights will have blurred into a distant memory but the precious memories last forever”.

  2. Val C.
    / 11:12 pm

    It will be the hardest thing you have ever done but the feeling of being a parent is like no other! Chill out and enjoy the ride!

  3. Becky Downey
    / 10:12 pm

    For me, even if you intend to breastfeed, get some formula anyway until your milk comes in. Nothing worse than a hungry child!

    / 9:53 pm

    Be kind to YOURSELF.
    It will get EASIER.

  5. Laura Scriven
    / 8:39 pm

    Treasure every moment of it,
    You will be a hit.
    Every one has no idea,
    So embrace that “no instructions” fear!

  6. Sheree Pallis
    / 4:03 pm

    While their young enjoy this time,
    If you make a mistake, it’s not a crime,
    You’re the mum and you know what’s best,
    Remember to take those hard earned rests!
    And most of all, don’t get into a state,
    About all that extra baby weight,
    Don’t feel the added pressure from society,
    To lose weight too quickly – as it’s not reality!

  7. Krystal Preece
    / 2:15 pm

    Store a full change of clothes for baby and all your children in your car door, they come in handy for unforeseen accidents.

  8. Tanya Clarke
    / 8:41 am

    Get our as much as you can, it’s great for your sanity!

  9. Kalina Harris
    / 1:16 am

    Sleep when the baby sleeps! Housework can wait!

  10. Kasey Evans
    / 6:40 pm

    You can never spoil a baby, hold them as much as you want to as they grow up so fast.

  11. Nicole walton
    / 6:34 pm

    Be confident. You are a mother and do what you think is best. There are no mistakes.

  12. Trish W
    / 4:42 pm

    Never underestimate how amazing getting out into the fresh air and sunshine with your bub in the pram is, even for just 10 minutes :)

  13. Jean P
    / 3:12 pm

    Ensure you stay connected with loved ones and your community. Help another parent out if you think they are struggling. Friendship starts with a Hello!

  14. Mellie
    / 1:50 pm

    *Brilliant ideas and support can be found through quality blogging
    *Regularly update first aid training
    *Second hand baby goods can be as good as new

  15. Monica S.
    / 1:02 pm

    Take the advice that works for you and forget the rest…less stress that way

  16. Courtney Dettman
    / 11:49 am

    I love your pages :)

  17. Tess Howard
    / 5:52 pm

    Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice….and then any advice you do get, think on it and know that its a matter of finding what works best for YOU. Its all going to ok; deep breathes.

  18. Józef
    / 2:57 pm

    From a dads prospective
    Asking lots of questions about the pregnancy and raising children was helpful.
    Massages for baby and my wife strengthened our relationships.

  19. Claire
    / 12:56 pm

    Listen to your gut instincts and be kind to yourself. A happy bub needs a happy Mum, so smile and nod and do your thing!

  20. nicole larsen
    / 10:34 am

    Dont try and do it all yourself. Always take offers of help

  21. Ashley Beech
    / 5:16 pm

    Don’t listen to everyone’s varying opinions;
    go with your own instincts.
    One bub is out, everything will flow.


  22. Luke Richter
    / 12:03 pm

    Best advice I would say is that as much as it seems on TV, not all parenting is instinctual – those instincts are developed through experience. Nobody knows your child as well as you do, because you are the one that cuddles them on the bad days, celebrates the minor and major milestones and gets up to them when they need a little more love through the night. Don’t expect it to just happen, it happens through work and at times not knowing what you are doing!

  23. Sarah Phillips
    / 1:27 am

    Listen to advice, you’ll be given plenty, but trust your own instincts – mums know their babies best.

  24. Kirsty
    / 4:30 pm

    Celebrate little things you do each day…
    Washing’s hung out: Give yourself a YAY!
    Toenails clipped: Say HOORAY!
    Grocery shopping complete: HIGH FIVE for this!

  25. Elisabeth Martins
    / 4:23 pm

    Nobody is perfect at parenting,
    we will all make mistakes which you can learn from,
    if not ask for help or hope better for the second child :P

  26. Laura Power
    / 2:25 pm

    To stock up on frozen meals before bubs arrives

  27. Jessica Gorman
    / 5:40 pm

    Have self compassion and give yourself some slack. It’s not easy having a baby and it’s ok to find things hard and overwhelming.

  28. Aleisha Sullivan
    / 3:31 pm

    If you need help, ask.
    As long as your baby is fed, it doesn’t matter if it’s by boob or bottle.
    Don’t be afraid to ask people to do things your way when it involves your baby

  29. Belinda Moxey
    / 3:31 pm

    Dont feel pressured to do something just because it worked for someone else, its your baby and your body, do what works for you

  30. Wendy Hatton
    / 3:12 pm

    Don’t be afraid to ask (or accept) for help even for small jobs that you feel you ‘should ‘ be able to manage yourself.

  31. Emma
    / 1:52 pm

    If in doubt boob(feed)them. They may have just feed, but little tummies and growth spurts mean that 1hr later they want more!

  32. Toni Chapman
    / 1:34 pm

    A friend told me to remember that everything is a phase and it will pass.

  33. Indria Purnamasari
    / 1:45 am

    You sleep when baby sleep,
    Forget about those sweep,
    If you suffer and weep,
    Remember help line that you’ve got to keep.

  34. Melinda Nardella
    / 6:47 pm

    Join a local ‘Mother’s Group’ It can be the best thing you’ll ever do! You only need to click with one other Mum and you’ll be friends for life!

    (I’d love to win this prize for my Mum. A new Grandma again, her third Grandchild. Mum gave up her life to help me and my two kids through Breast Cancer and I’d love to give back a little for all her help. She is amazing!)

    Sorry more than 25 words.

  35. Vicky
    / 9:22 am

    Don’t compare your baby to other babies, your little one and everyone else’s have their own personality and develop differently, they are all perfect.

  36. Michelle Johnston
    / 11:59 am

    There’s no right or wrong way to be a parent – do what comes naturally as you’ll always have your child’s best interests at heart

  37. Kathleen
    / 8:29 pm

    Not breastfeeding will not kill your baby, regardless of whether your friends/family make you feel otherwise.

  38. lynne lillington
    / 9:22 pm

    Every baby is different do what works for your and babies routine, if baby cries don’t panic they can wait a little.

  39. M Cowan
    / 1:50 pm

    Be your own good advice!

  40. Adrienne Harries
    / 10:53 pm

    Babies don’t come with user manuals, make your own rules that suit your family, be confident and just do it, instincts and love will win

  41. May
    / 9:10 pm

    My advice would be, “Don’t feel bad for disregarding someone else’s advice.” You’ll find your own way.

  42. Jessica Ashbrooke
    / 1:34 pm

    Not all advice is good advice do what your comfortable with trying to be like someone else just doesn’t work out

  43. Jody Smith
    / 12:23 pm

    Involve your partner as much as possible in routines.

  44. Samara McRae
    / 11:01 am

    Take everyone’s advice with a pinch of salt. Everyone will try and put in their two cents worth and tell you what you should be doing. Trust your gut and do what is right for you.

  45. sarahMary
    / 7:20 pm

    It’s ok to let someone else take over when you need a break!

  46. Sacha Pech
    / 1:48 pm

    You are your childs expert whether you realise it or not. And stress less; babies can sense our emotions too.

  47. Vanda B
    / 11:16 pm

    To new parents, don’t try to be perfect, sleep when you can and trust your instincts.

  48. RachelSwirl
    / 9:50 am

    I need to get out more with my stroller, this is a nice pram!

  49. Laureneve
    / 12:23 pm

    You know your baby, if ever you think something is wrong follow your heart and go get it seen too.

  50. xzavia green
    / 10:30 am

    Just keep in mind that when most people give you their opinion they are projecting their own experiences onto you.

  51. Myla Taup
    / 12:08 am

    Follow your instincts when it comes to raising your own child. And I agree about walking definitely a stress reliever.

  52. Megan
    / 3:49 pm

    Don’t make rules for yourself before the baby comes along- do what works for you and your baby. And I agree, walking every day does wonders for you and the baby!

  53. Lisa Abejja
    / 1:13 pm

    It’s OK to reuse that singlet, to stay in the same onesie for 2 days, or not leave your own pj’s for the day.

  54. Gary Wood
    / 12:35 pm

    Love them as much as you can..

  55. Debrah Bassett
    / 8:43 am

    always ask questions and just enjoy your baby

  56. Kylie Sneddon
    / 8:31 am

    Listen to your own instincts, everyone will have advice but you dont have to implement it. Trust yourself!

  57. Maree wood
    / 11:57 pm

    There are no perfect parents, no right or wrong way of doing things.. don’t be afraid to ask for help & enjoy your precious bundle :)

  58. Lauren H
    / 9:02 pm

    Take time out for yourself.

  59. MIkaela
    / 7:56 pm

    Get some dry shampoo – it is a lifesaver whenyou realise you haven’t washed your hair in a couple of days!!

  60. Vaidehi
    / 6:33 pm

    Motherhood is like a ride and it has its ups and downs.. Do what works best for you

  61. Liz
    / 6:16 pm

    Advice given to me… Mummy guilt is totally normal and is going to happen, but be kind to yourself, you are doing your best!

  62. Karina Lee
    / 4:49 pm

    Don’t read every book under the sun about parenting. Your head will explode.

  63. Jade O
    / 3:51 pm

    The greatest advice I ever received was we will always make mistakes when we become a parent, don’t sweat over the small things, we brought something into the world, cherish every single moment

  64. Ernie
    / 2:28 pm

    Take all the good advise you’re copping from every angle with a grain of salt, things will fall into place, your way.

  65. Paula Harris
    / 12:34 pm

    Don’t forget yourself and never be afraid or ashamed to ask for help.

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