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5 Healthy Back to School Tips you Need to Know!

Here are 5 Healthy Back to School Tips for you!

My kids are both in daycare and just returned after the holidays. They were so excited to go back and as much as I miss them being at home, we all enjoy having our routine again.

Last year was quite a challenge for our family, with my breast cancer diagnosis, and we’re determined that this year, we’re going to do everything we can to stay happy and healthy!

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5 Healthy Back to School Tips you need to know! Love from Mim
Some of my favourite healthy kids products

My kids’ health is so important to me and I want to look after them and teach them how to look after their own health too. These are the things we’ve been doing to keep them healthy.

5 Back to School Health Tips:

1.  A delicious and nutritious lunch

I pack lunches and snacks for both kids to take to daycare. I try and ensure that as well as being fun, they’re also tasty and full of healthy goodies.

5 Healthy Back to School Tips you need to know! Love from Mim

Here’s an example of the kind of lunches I make for them and you can click here to find out what’s inside and which lunch boxes we love to use.

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2.  Beating the Daycare Bugs

For the first six months that my kids were in daycare, it seemed like every week, one or the other would come home with a bug of some sort. Then they would pass it to their sibling. Then to us. And the cycle went on.

Sickness and school seemed to go hand in hand.

Whilst we haven’t defeated the bugs altogether, we have been taking steps to minimise the frequency of them and to help the kids recover from them quickly.

We keep our medical cupboard stocked with Flo Baby Kids Saline Spray and when the kids start up with a sniffle or a cough, we reach for it immediately. Its advanced technology delivers a sterile, preservative-free, non-medicated, non-sting nasal saline for babies and toddlers so really great for my two.

When both babies were small, they got congested noses so frequently that were hard to clear. For newborns and older babies, Flo Baby Spray can be used at any angle to help clear their little noses quickly and easily. You can grab it at pharmacies nationally as a spray or dropper so you can choose your preferred method of administration and you can even pop it into their daycare bags!

3.  Keeping them Sun Safe

The daycare that our kids attend has a lovely big area outside where they pay and learn. Whilst they don’t go out when the sun is as it’s hottest, we still apply sunscreen each day to protect their delicate skin.

Summer is here in Australia and the sun is intense. In fact, in my nine years here, I don’t remember a summer as hot as this one.

The kids love to be outside but we keep them protected from the suns rays by using an SPF of 50+ every day.

4.  Encouraging them to wash their hands

Whether it’s before food, after using the toilet or after play time, we encourage our kids to wash their hands. At home or at school.

Bugs and bacteria can be so easily spread so it’s really important that we do this. For times when they’re unable to wash their hands in the sink, I carry a hand sanitiser in the nappy bag that we can all use.

Hand sanitsers are also great for helping get rid of germs for preschoolers who might not be able to wash their own hands yet.

Schools can seem to be breeding grounds for germs for kids – germs germs germs!

Teaching kids about germs is important – and how to prevent germs from spreading.

Kids can really help to stop the spread of germs by washing hands regularly. Hopefully, hand washing in schools is encouraged at your school.

5.  Boosting their immune system

Both myself and the kids recently started a course of probiotics. I take them in tablet form and I’m using probiotic powder for the kids.

I’ve researched a lot about how a probiotic powder can support their immune system, reduce their risk of upper respiratory infections, restore good bacteria and help their digestion.

Preventing germs in the classroom is tough but these tips help us with back to school germs and staying healthy.

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5 Healthy Back to School Tips you need to know! Love from Mim #backtoschool #kidshealth #schoolhealth #familyhealthtips #backtoschoolhealth

I hope my healthy back to school tips help! What are your Back to School health tips? As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.



  1. Laura Scriven
    / 2:54 pm

    Bake homemade snacks with them,
    And he gives them so zen!
    Tasty and easy to make,
    Just watch them so there’s no mistakes!

  2. Tee simpson
    / 8:04 am

    I like to make sure my kids have had their vutamins before school and also lots of fruit

  3. Eva Kiraly
    / 12:01 am

    Don’t stress too much about what they don’t eat just make sure what they eat is healthy!

  4. Kelly Ryan
    / 8:34 pm

    Encourage the kids to pick what fruit and veg they want in their lunchboxes.

  5. Sharon Markwell
    / 10:54 am

    Keep their lunchbox contents cool with a frozen water bottle, and they can drink the water too.

  6. Elisabeth Martins
    / 6:05 pm

    We get the kids into seasonal fruit all summer long,
    their favourite is mango and pineapple,
    they ask for a fruit salad when they go back to school.

  7. Amy Macdonald
    / 12:43 pm

    A nice variety of healthy food that the little ones pick themselves the night before and a big, full, half frozen bottle of water which stays cool all day.

  8. Kasey Evans
    / 12:28 pm

    Healthy snacks & lunches with a large water bottle.

  9. Kate
    / 12:54 pm

    Lots of fresh fruit salad to keep them going.

  10. Melinda Nardella
    / 10:10 pm

    I’m with you, Boosting the immune system is the greatest. The probiotics in the power form are great.
    I also use ‘Sustagen kids Essentials’-suitable for 1-10 year olds.
    Sometimes I don’t feel like the kids are getting enough from food, so I’ll add a scoop to milkshakes and smoothies. They don’t know the difference, but I know it helps them.

  11. ashna kenyon
    / 4:42 pm

    I let the kids pack their lunch boxes with me so they have what they like but with my supervision.

  12. Adrienne HARRIES
    / 5:55 pm

    Fresh food and water too
    Exercise and a well fitting shoe
    hat and sunscreen everyday
    work, study and lots of play

  13. Laura S
    / 3:32 pm

    Cut their food into interesting shapes to make a boring sandwich a work of art!

  14. Aleisha Sullivan
    / 12:10 pm

    Home made goodies are the way to go,
    If your child is fussy, hide some veggies so they don’t show!
    Fruit and yoghurt are great for a snack,
    We rarely have any lunch come back!

  15. Kylie T
    / 6:44 am

    The refreshing hydration of H20 lets kids go, go go
    Include a healthy lunch; fruit and veggie snacks are appreciated much
    Slip, slop, slap – a path of sun safety you will map
    Wisdom to treasure; they can pass down generations with pleasure!.

  16. Tanya
    / 5:03 pm

    A hearty breakfast, nutritious lunch and snacks, plenty of water and exercise and a good bedtime routine helps keep the kids happy and healthy and ready to learn.

  17. barbiedoll99
    / 4:54 pm

    A healthy lunch, a happy child and a great teacher.

  18. blake haugen
    / 4:53 pm

    Bed early before back to school starts,
    healthy snacks and fresh air!!

  19. Chont
    / 3:57 pm

    I always pack the lunch boxes so I know what exactly is in them. Check the labels of snack food marketed at kids

  20. cassy26
    / 12:30 pm

    Make sure you place a reusable iceblock in your kids lunchbox to keep their lunch cool and safe; especially during summer. :)

  21. Rebecca Pattie
    / 1:43 pm

    lot lots of water

  22. Anthea Cornish
    / 4:12 pm

    avoid added sugar snacks and added
    chemicals. The supermarket is full of unhealthy options. Check the labels!

    • Bridget
      / 12:33 pm

      Remember you are what you eat – so eat healthy :-)

  23. Tracy Wedding
    / 4:09 pm

    make healthy food fun cut into shapes and always make it in pieces easy to eat

  24. Mikaela C
    / 1:04 pm

    home made baked goods for a healthy treat,
    wholemeal bread you just can’t beat,
    don’t forgot a piece of fruit,
    and veggie sticks to boot!

  25. Dhanya Samuel
    / 11:56 am

    A healthy and nutritious lunch box is my number one tip because it really helps build immunity and keep those bugs at bay. And the other tip is more for us as parents….we try to stick to a routine and keep our evenings free as much as possible so that we can spend maximum time with our son.

  26. Nicole Larsen
    / 10:38 am

    A well balanced diet and lots of water

  27. Christina
    / 9:16 am

    Lots of healthy fruits and snacks

  28. paula harris
    / 8:11 am

    No more late nights and make sure they eat breakfast before they leave :)

  29. Gabriela Anderson (@AndersonItworks)
    / 2:26 am

    Plenty of vitamins and good rest

  30. Karina Lee
    / 11:59 pm

    Add variety and colour to their lunch box! It gives them something to look forward to at school!

  31. Jessica
    / 7:47 pm

    Having a mental health background, I tend to focus on emotional and mental health a lot, as it’s easy to overlook with young kids. I do lots of feelings identification with my anxious son, talk through and practice ways to manage big feelings, like taking deep breaths and finding a safe quiet space to calm down, and we’ve started doing mindfulness at bed times. It’s made such a difference to how he approaches and copes with new situations like starting school.

  32. samara McRae
    / 7:06 pm

    Feed them healthy food and keep their vitamin c levels up.

  33. Deborah Bolam
    / 5:50 pm

    I freeze cut up fruit in orange juice for the kids by lunch time it is thawed out and is still nice and cold

  34. Shannon discombe
    / 5:48 pm

    We make muffins with loads of hidden veggies in the kids love them and I find letting them help pick pack their lunch brings home n empty lunch box

  35. Gayle Vos
    / 5:35 pm

    When packing their lunch with heathly food give them an unhealthy treat occasionally

  36. Amanda
    / 5:28 pm

    Stay hydrated! Especially in this heat lately! Water is always important!

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