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5 Things You Can Get Away With When Pregnant!

5 Things You Can Get Away With When Pregnant

I’ve been thinking about the things my husband has put up with over the past 9 months of my pregnancy and decided to write this list – the things you can get away with when pregnant!  Make the most of it ladies, as it doesn’t last forever.

I’ve had a fairly smooth pregnancy luckily but I’ll be thrilled once the bump has gone and the baby appears.

I’m now almost at 40 weeks pregnant and it definitely seems like I’ve been pregnant forever.  It must feel like that to my husband too I imagine!

5 Things You Can Get Away With When Pregnant! Pregnancy Pregnant What you can get away with when you're Pregnant Pregnancy Symptoms Pregnancy Problems
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1.  Eating your husbands’ Easter Eggs – because they really should be his first Easter gift for the baby!  Well, that’s what I told him and he didn’t object.  So I had another one the next night.  Please note, this is not limited to Easter, all chocolate can be liberated for you the baby.

2.  Having a ‘Rest’ – just because you can.  Kids being too noisy?  Nothing on the telly you want to watch?  Don’t want to cook dinner?  I advise you have a Rest – take yourself away from the chaos and let someone else take over because soon you’ll have another teeny human to take care of and Rests will definitely be a thing of the past.  But hey, why limit it to just a rest?  Have a full blown nap if you can manage it!

3.  Not sucking in your tummy.  All my adult life I’ve had a ‘tummy’ and rather than actually diet or do sit ups (lazy), I’ve resorted to sucking it in or enveloping it in Spanx.  This is simply not necessary in pregnancy – in fact you embrace your bump!  Even if it is an 8 weeks pregnant lunchtime bump, rather than an actual baby.  Make the most of it now – because soon the baby will be out and the bump might take a little longer to be on it’s way.

4.  Having a good cry – you know, one of those really good cries where you let it ALL out.  The good thing about pregnancy is that you can cry for no apparent reason.  Or you can cry over the little things.  The pregnancy hormones are already in full force so sometimes, instead of fighting them, just go with it.  Crying can be quite therapeutic and can result in lots of lovely words, hugs and if you’re lucky, chocolate.

5.  Naughty Cravings.  Now despite my talk of chocolate, I do not advise you go crazy with the unhealthy eating – because let’s face it, the fat won’t disappear when the baby comes out.  You might though want to treat yourself occasionally if a particular ‘craving’ occurs.  Can you guess what my favourite ‘craving’ was?  Yes, chocolate.  I’m a woman of simple tastes.

Let’s not pretend these are the only cheeky tricks I’ve pulled through my pregnancy – but they’re the only ones I’m admitting to for now!

What about you?  What did you get away with when pregnant?  Or did you behave yourself more than me?

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5 Things You Can Get Away With When Pregnant! Pregnancy Pregnant What you can get away with when you're Pregnant Pregnancy Symptoms Pregnancy Problems
Image Source: Pixabay

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  1. The Mum Project - Meagan
    / 9:26 pm

    Love it! Number 3 is definitely my favourite. ; ) although now I am 2 months post-baby and sucking it in isn’t really helping haha!

    • / 8:30 pm

      Oh I miss the nice hard baby bump sometimes still!

  2. Kell @ All Mum Said
    / 9:36 pm

    #3 for sure! That is one thing that I loved about being pregnant. I could embrace the belly, wear tighter singlets and be completely comfortable with my body.

    • / 2:23 pm

      Oh I know I really miss that – now it’s all about sucking it in again argh! x x

  3. Emily
    / 11:48 pm

    Yes!! All these, but especially number 3 – I’ve felt sho much better about my figure whilst pregnant mainly due took being proud of my belly rather than having to suck it in – so liberating! I’ll definitely miss that…

    • / 8:04 am

      It is so liberating isn’t it – a new found confidence! Now I’m back to sucking it in argh :)

  4. Joanna @mumbalance
    / 10:20 pm

    I’m 25weeks and having a rest is my favourite. I don’t get to play that ball very often though as Daddy often works long hours…

    • / 7:09 pm

      Oh congratulations! Ah I hope you get a lot more rest if possible, put those feet up :)

  5. Debs @ Super Busy Mum
    / 8:46 pm

    Huge yes to ALL of these! Haha! I got away with SO much when I was pregnant. It was pretty fabulous really. Thanks for linking up! #MMWBH

  6. Loving life with little ones
    / 10:02 pm

    The ‘having a rest’ was my favourite as well as not being at all able to hoover or kneel on the bathroom floor and lean over to bath the kids so hubby did that for the last few months! #maternitymondays

    • / 5:43 am

      We have to make the most of it! :)

  7. Katie (@mami2fiveblog)
    / 11:38 pm

    Yes to everything! It is also perfectly acceptable to ask people to do things for you, even the stupidest things like reach the chocolate that is 6 inches away from your fingertips ;) Thanks for linking up with #SundayStars x

    • / 5:42 am

      Ha ha you’re so right! :)

  8. / 12:57 pm

    Ahh yes, definitely making the most of it all while it lasts as my last one too :)

  9. Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops
    / 10:11 am

    Hehe very true, and isn’t it great! =D

    • / 1:10 pm

      It’s definitely a big perk of pregnancy! :)

  10. You Baby Me Mummy
    / 8:44 am

    Fabulous hun! I want to know what you are not admitting to! ;) I wish I could go for a rest :) Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

    • / 1:09 pm

      Ha I could have probably added another 5 to the list at least! :)

  11. BloggerMummyLauren
    / 1:24 pm

    Yes to eating all of the chocolate! I was a bit of a chocolate fiend when I was pregnant, it was one of the only things i could eat without being sick!x

    • / 1:09 pm

      I eat so much, it’s probably far TOO much! It’s so good though :)

  12. Chantal
    / 12:28 pm

    This made me laugh! I did all of these when I was pregnant! I do miss my bump, as it definitely hid my jiggly tum! :) xx

    • / 1:08 pm

      Ha ha I know exactly what you mean! :)

  13. Caro | The Twinkles Mama
    / 9:47 am

    Haha! Love this list Mim. I particularly like ‘not sucking your tummy in’!! When I was first pregnant with The Twinkles I used to stick my belly out!!! LOL!

    SO nice to not have to think about sucking it in and trying to pretend I’m thinner than I am. Thanks so much for linking up to #TwinklyTuesday

    Caro |

    • / 1:08 pm

      So true – the only time in my life I can ‘relax’! :)

  14. Sophie @ Mum, M & More
    / 8:48 am

    Fab. I ate a lot of McChicken Sandwich meals during my pregnancy! I was horrendously sick for 20 weeks and thats all i could stomach..but it was still lovely! ;-) xx #mmwbh

    • / 1:07 pm

      Ooh you’re making me hungry – and I’ve already had lunch, oops :)

  15. / 7:30 am

    Food glorious food was mine. I loved not having to think about it in the same way. In fact for my 1st (not second) all food was heavenly. Laughed at the not having to suck your stomach in bit!! Great post #TwinklyTuesday

    • / 1:05 pm

      Ooh I share the food one, definitely! :)

  16. beth
    / 12:15 pm

    I had probably got away with eating a lot of junk, I look back now and I really regret it!
    I meant eating a FULL packet o custard creams AND 4 packs of twirls in one day? No wonder I gained 7 stone in my firstpregnancy HAHA

    Beth |

    • / 1:06 pm

      Ha ha yes, I do regret some of the chocolate – SOME of it! :)

  17. laura
    / 11:19 am

    Haha, so true…especially the chocolate and tears for me!

    • / 1:06 pm

      Ha ha thanks Laura! :)

  18. Jade (Raising the Rings)
    / 8:40 am

    So true Mim! Except, I still try and suck my stomach in, but only in the hope I might look a bit more streamlined, rather than looking like I’ve got a football stuffed up my top. Unfortunately, my other half seems to be getting to MY Easter eggs even before I can! #twinklytuesday x

    • / 1:06 pm

      Aww you look AWESOME Jade! )

  19. / 3:04 pm

    I think my naughty cravings have morphed into spectacularly mental cravings but I am loving all the naps. The weekends have particularly been filled with them :)

    • / 1:04 pm

      Ha make the most of it – nap time is rare as a parent! :)

  20. Alice
    / 8:02 pm

    Love love love this!!!! I definitely took advantage of “taking a rest”! Thankyou for linking up #MummyMonday xx

    • / 1:05 pm

      Thanks so much Alice! :)

  21. / 9:09 am

    So funny Mim, I also have a draft of things I’m getting away with being pregnant. Great post. Lots of similarities.
    I’m only 23 weeks so have a bit to go yet. Goodluck!

    • / 1:02 pm

      Thanks so much and hope you’re feeling well! :)

  22. Sarah Howe
    / 12:44 pm

    haha I think I got to do a bit more sitting down than normal but I reckon I will be trying to reap more of the benefits second time around. I was quite normal during my first and it was ok. I’m expecting second time to be awful with a toddler running around! Hope you are doing ok though xx #maternitymondays

    • / 1:04 pm

      Oh definitely make the most of it more second time :)

  23. Rebecca U
    / 9:48 am

    I miss the ‘special treatment’ you get whilst pregnant – I always had positive experiences with people offering seats on trains etc #maternitymonday

    • / 1:03 pm

      Ahh yes, it is nice to get ‘looked after’ a bit more! :)

  24. Carolyn
    / 9:19 am

    The best one for me when pregnant was being able to have a rest, literally all the time as we lived with my parents for the last few months (husband was in between jobs) and I didn’t have to lift a finger! It was great! #mummymonday

    • / 1:02 pm

      Oh that sounds lovely! :)

  25. Farmerswifeandmummy
    / 8:44 am

    Ha ha this is brilliant!! I’m sti using most, ok all of them 3 months on :) #MaternityMondays

    • / 1:01 pm

      Ha brilliant – I will try and string it out a bit longer then! :)

  26. Emz
    / 10:50 am

    Haha yes, basically, we can get away with nearly anything when pregnant! Love the eating chocolate & napping one x #thelist

    • / 1:00 pm

      It’s so nice to have a few perks! :)

  27. Sarah
    / 10:08 pm

    Every point is SO TRUE! :)
    I am definetly taking advantage of the ‘needing a rest’ and ‘naughty cravings!’ haha

    • / 12:58 pm

      Yay, I’m so pleased it isn’t just me! :)

  28. Laura @ Life with Baby Kicks
    / 7:16 pm

    Ahh you can keep it going a few weeks after I promise! :) x #TheList

    • / 12:58 pm

      Ha ha brilliant – I secretly intend to! :)

  29. Baby Isabella
    / 2:41 pm

    My mummy can relate to all of those…however she still likes having a good ol’ sob every once in a while….it helps #Thelist

    • / 12:58 pm

      Aww I like a good cry too, like your mummy :)

  30. Erika @ Ever-changing Life of a Mum
    / 11:51 am

    Yes to all of these! My downfall was also chocolate … and Nutella, lots and lots of Nutella :) All the best for the arrival of your bubs x

    • / 12:56 pm

      Oh my word Nutella – yum! Thank you so much :)

  31. Louise
    / 7:16 am

    So true – I definitely took advantage of having a good excuse to put my feet up and get hubby to take over and loved being able to indulge in cake every now and then without any feelings of guilt (it was one of my cravings with Jessica so I definitely used the ‘baby needs cake’ line a few times!)

    • / 12:56 pm

      Oh my baby has also needed a lot of cake, you’re not alone ha! :)

  32. / 3:31 pm

    Yes to all of these! I have been known to just walk upstairs when my OH gets home from work.

    • / 3:53 pm

      Ha ha I have done that often too – I’m glad I’m not alone :)

  33. Donna
    / 10:29 pm

    Totally the having a good cry. I remember crying over spoilt cake and over a dent in the fridge. Proper wailing crying! x

    • / 12:55 pm

      Ha the crying is outrageous sometimes, isn’t it! Glad it isn’t just me :)

  34. Emilyandindiana
    / 7:55 pm

    Phew glad I’m not the only one who’s eaten everyone else’s chocolate (what 16 month old needed a chocolate egg anyway, I was helping haha). Love a good rest too ;) xx

    • / 12:55 pm

      Ha ha they’ll never miss that egg luckily!! :)

  35. Tin Box Traveller
    / 4:49 pm

    I’ve just sat here reading this while eating a Twix belonging to Mr Tin Box – oops! I have also ‘shared’ a few more of the trips to see the Tot in the middle of the night with Mr TB. I could have gotten up but a bit of a moan and laboured movement to get out of bed has persuaded him to go and retrieve her special bunny from the floor instead making me do it :)

    • / 12:53 pm

      Ha ha good work :) Now you’re doing it wrong – I’ve made Mr M do ALL of the nightly wake ups – although to be fair, it would take me an hour to get out of bed sometimes ha! :)

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