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52 Week Money Saving Challenge + Money Saving Printable

For years now, I’ve been doing the 52 Week Money Saving challenge. I’ve been able to save $1378 each year to put towards something important or fun!

I love this weekly money saving challenge and I think you will too.

52 Week Money Saving Challenge - Love from Mim

I’ve always been quite a good planner and saver but only when I’ve had a really good plan on how to save.

The 52 Week Money Challenge is perfect for that. I know exactly how much to save each week. Also, because I’m only saving a small amount each week, I don’t really ‘miss’ it coming out of my account.

How this Weekly Money Saving Plan Works

The premise is that for every week of the year, you put that Week Number dollar amount in a savings account or jar.

Of course, you can do this in your own currency if you’re not in Australia but you might have to adjust the amount.

You want to make sure that the amount you are saving is both manageable and worthwhile.

If you find it helps you budget better, you could reverse the weeks and save the larger amounts earlier in the year. That would be a reverse 52 week money challenge!

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Love from Mim - 52 Week Money Saving Challenge

Who Can Do This 52 Week Money Saving Plan

Any member of the family who wants to start a savings plan for a year can do this challenge. Whether you’re a parent, looking to save for the family, or a Uni student wanted to save to pay for fees.

Just print out the 52 week money challenge chart and start your 1 year savings plan! You can access this 52 week money challenge pdf here or  in my resource library here:

Download the 52 week money challenge template and print a copy. I would recommend laminating the 52 week savings plan printable so that you can use it year on year. Pin the weekly money saving chart somewhere where you won’t miss is – perhaps on the fridge or in your office, if you have one.

I also like to set a weekly reminder in my calendar to make sure I never miss my payment.

How to Start the Weekly Money Challenge

52 Week Money Saving Challence Printable

You can get your 52 Week Money Saving Chart printable below, then, print off the 52 week saving plan PDF and start saving. Tick each week as you go!

The 52 Week Money Challenge Printable looks like this:

Love from Mim - 52 Week Money Saving Challenge

I’ve kept the weekly savings chart really simple.

You can see, at a glance, what week number you are on and how much money you need to save.

I had considered making a 365 day money saving challenge but I thought saving an amount once a week was easier than remembering daily.

Happy Saving! Good luck with how to save money every week using my 52 week savings chart.

You can grab your money saving challenge chart here or in my resource library here:
Let me know if you use my money saving chart pdf to start your own 52 week savings challenge?

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Want to easily save $1378 every year? Take my 52 Week Money Saving Challenge and save money as a family easily! #familyfinances #savingmoney #moneysaving #moneysavingchallenge #52weekmoneysavingchallenge

I have updated this 52 Week Money Challenge 2017 recently and it was originally published on 31.12.16.

I hope my 52 Week Money Saving challenge printable helps you save!



  1. Kerrie McKenzie
    / 9:48 am

    I love this idea. I returning to study and this is a great way to put away money for holidays.

    • / 7:27 pm

      That’s a great incentive to do it :) I love knowing throughout the year I’m saving for something with such little effort :) x

  2. / 11:01 am

    This is the smartest idea I have come across. I am printing it now and starting today. This is the year I want to get serious about savings and focus on buying property after many years of being careless. This idea is amazingly simple. I won’t notice any of that money gone from my bank account.

    • / 11:23 am

      It’s such a brilliant idea isn’t it – I love doing it every year :)

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