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6 Ways to Overcome a Bad Day

Do you have down days? You know, those days where things go really wrong? Or what about those days when you can’t even put your finger on why you feel sad or down or ‘not quite right’. I definitely do – and, over the years, I’ve come up with something that help me overcome a bad day and feel better.

When the greyer skies roll through, there are a few things I do to help me get through it:

6 Ways to Turn a Bad Day Around

1.  Talk it over

Sharing what you’re upset about with a friend is great for two reasons. Firstly, it’s your chance to ‘get it out’ and vocalise what is upsetting you. It’s a little like therapy.

Secondly, your friend might have some great advice to help you through and make you feel better.

Try not to isolate yourself when you’re feeling down or stressed or sad. Talking to a friend might just give you the comfort you need to start feeling better sooner.

Whether it’s spending physical time with a friend, picking up the phone or even chatting online, give it a try.

2.  Have some ‘me time’

Do something fun or relaxing that is purely for you.

You might find solace in a relaxing bath, a massage or an hour reading your fave book. Whatever is your tried and tested method of making you feel better, do it now.

Does listening to a particular song always make you feel perkier? Or looking through old photographs? An early night? Find the ritual that works for you.

3.  Boost your mood

Get those happy hormones flowing by naturally boosting your oxytocin levels.

Spending time with the people you love, cuddling your partner or pets, meditating, laughing and exercising are all great ways to boost the happy hormones and pick you up.

4.  Make some happy plans

Give yourself something to look forward to.

Even when it’s hard to see past the bad day you’re having, try to plan something fun for the future.

Whether it’s planning a holiday, to see friends or just writing out a shopping list, planning is a great distraction and gives you something else to focus on. Plus, having that sense of productivity is a great way to make you feel good about yourself.

5.  Cry it out

I don’t know about you but sometimes, you just have to let those tears fall. And I don’t mean graceful ‘TV tears’ either – I mean full blown bawling.

It can be difficult to break down in front of others; you might feel that it shows your weakness and vulnerability. If you don’t have someone you trust to have a good cry to then cry it out yourself.

Crying might help to release some of the pressure you’re feeling.

Allow yourself some time for a good cry and then stop and move on to happier things.

6.  Everyone needs to overcome a bad day sometimes

You are definitely not alone and no-one gets through life with no bad days or tough times.

Try to remember that the tough time you’re having now will either pass or get easier as time goes on.

Whilst you can’t always overcome a bad day with the flip of a switch, I hope the above techniques that help me might work for you too.

What do you do to overcome a bad day?

If you’re looking for support for anxiety or depression, you may find the Beyond Blue website helpful.

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6 Tips to Overcome a Bad Day - learn how to feel better on days when you feel a little down and need a pick me up. Love from Mim #lovefrommim #badday #anxiety #mentalhealth #baddaytips

How do you overcome a bad day? Updated from 23/03/17



  1. Sally Jay
    / 9:13 pm

    What if you have a bad day & have NO one to discuss with!!

    • / 9:45 am

      That’s hard I know – I’ve found forums online helpful – especially when I was in the first few months of being a mum x

  2. / 5:27 pm

    I am having a bad today.. This is the fifth time I failed in my driving test. Reading your blog and feeling a bit better

    • / 11:40 am

      Oh I’m so sorry and I really hope you’re feeling better. You will get there – it might not feel like that now. I have faith in you :)

  3. Kylie T
    / 12:33 pm

    A wonderful post with some great advice and tips; we all do have those bad days and it is so important to remember that talking with people and reaching out for support really does help.

    • / 1:24 pm

      Thank you Kylie :) It helps me so much – even sometimes just talking about something else – the social interaction alone helps me x

  4. RachelSwirl
    / 11:22 am

    I think we all have bad days (I bloody do ) and for me it’s best to just go back to bed!

    • / 1:26 pm

      Oh the power of a good night’s sleep is amazing! x

  5. Toni | This Mama Blogs
    / 7:54 am

    I need to take the time for me a little more. Just an hour getting my nails done, or even a half hour in a coffee shop does wonders, especially when you work from home so don’t get out much!

    • / 1:27 pm

      That’s so true – I can go for days sometimes without leaving the house when I’m busy – not good for the mind :) x

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