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8 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Here are my 8 weeks pregnant symptoms!

Just me sharing how I feel in my 8th week of pregnancy.

8 Weeks Pregnant

Oh wow, it’s going slowly. I remember this with my first baby – those first 12 weeks before you can reeeeally tell people you’re pregnant just drag.

I found out I was pregnant at three weeks and two days – I used super sensitive and super cheap tests from eBay, they’re wonderful.

Almost immediately after I saw the Positive result I ‘felt’ pregnant, it’s funny. Since about four weeks I’ve felt really nauseous and tired and that’s continued to date – here’s a bit of a run down on how I’m feeling right now and what’s happening with my baby!

8 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Crazy, extreme fatigue – it’s no joke – I could literally go to bed at 1pm every day. Which makes things really hard at work as no-one knows I’m pregnant, I’ve only been in my job for six months and I’m worried that people will think I’m losing interest in it. So I’m trying to remain upbeat and fake enthusiasm as much as possible – when really all I want to do is put my head on the desk and sleeeeep.

Nausea – I’m sure this is worse this time round but thankfully I haven’t actually been sick yet. I feel pretty rubbish all day though and the acid reflux definitely makes that worse. Zantac is already my best friend. I do vaguely remember feeling less sick in the 2nd trimester last time so I’m hoping that gets better in the next month or so.

Vivid, weird dreams – these have been out in full force since about 4 weeks and are still crazy! That would be fine, except they’re so weird that they tend to wake me up in the middle of the night and then I can’t get back to sleep – awesome. They aren’t too awful though as Taylor Kinney seems to make regular appearances – oh how I love him!

My Body

My Boobs are literally growing by the second and whilst they feel less ‘sensitive’, they do ache and feel ‘heavy’ and lumpy. I’m still occasionally sleeping on my tummy but that will probably have to stop soon and I know it isn’t really recommended to sleep on your tummy or back from the 2nd trimester anyway.

Back ache – this could easily be non-pregnancy related as my back tends to hurt anyway but I did have a massage last week as it was aching so much – and my massage therapist did Reiki at the end and had a vision that I was having girl and boy twins – argh! She did say her imagine runs away from her sometimes.

The Baby

It’s way too early for me to feel anything from the baby right now – so no kicking etc – it only just grew legs anyway! Apparently today, it’s the size of a Raspberry. We’re calling the baby Mini for now.

Medical Stuff

I’m still waiting for a date for my first midwife appointment. I have my 12 weeks scan booked for mid October. I was a bit anxious about waiting so long for a scan and last weekend I paid privately for an early one.

It definitely reassured me when I got to see and hear the baby’s heartbeat! The only concern was when the doctor said she could see ‘something’ next to the baby. I had an internal scan too so she could investigate which seemed to take ages. She concluded it was the yolk sac and not anything to worry about – or that potentially twin argh!

My tummy felt quite bruised afterwards as she had to press on so hard. I was grateful she wanted to be 100% sure all was ok.

All in all, the pregnancy is going well and very similar to my last one. I’m just going to feel so much better once I can tell my friends. We’ve only told my parents and a handful of close friends and family. It’s always so much nicer when the secret is out.

I’ll update next week when I’ll be 9 weeks pregnant to let you know how things are going :)

Are you pregnant?  How far along are you and how are you feeling?

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I’d love you to share your 8 weeks pregnant symptoms!



  1. Kris
    / 8:02 pm

    Congratulations!! I remember my first trimester and it did seem slow but, now I’ll be 28 weeks and it seems like it’s flown by. I took ginger to help with nausea so that might help if you feel a little nauseous. I feel like that this pregnancy I either feel great or sometimes huge. But it has been way better than my first pregnancy :)

    • Mama Mim Blog
      / 10:48 am

      Oh congrats to you!! Ahh I wish mine would fly by just a littttle bit faster :) :) I will try ginger again thanks – I remember eating so many ginger biscuits in my first trimester last pregnancy that I couldn’t bear them after a while ha ha! Best of luck to you and keep in touch :) :)

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