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About Mim

Mim is a married mother of two small children, living in NSW. Originally hailing from the UK, Mim emigrated to Australia in 2007 after a whirlwind romance when she met her Aussie husband in China. You can read more about that here!

Mim is passionate about living life to the full in a positive way and inspiring others to do so too. She thrives on finding ways to be more productive, organised and happy!

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2015, Mim dedicates her time to improving her family’s health, making the most of each second and building a bright and happy future for her family. As a young mum with cancer, she gladly shares her story in the hope it might help another mum.

Mim loves to share newborn baby advice from her own personal experience, organisation tips for mums and parenting tips and hacks. She writes about baby product reviews and kids product reviews, sharing the ones she loves the most.

As well as that, she’s also a planner-girl with a growing stationery addiction!

Work with Mim

Mim’s professional career spans freelance writing, social media management, event management, marketing, HR/training and business writing.

She loves to partner with brands that reflect her approach to life, are looking to make a meaningful difference and that put experience above the bottom line. “Love from Mim” is a platform to share the things she truly loves.

Email: mim AT lovefrommim DOT com

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