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Alternative Uses for Baby Items!

Following on from a great post Natalie at Confessions of a Crummy Mummy wrote on 5 Baby Items I Use for Me, I wondered if there were any other alternative uses for baby items.

My youngest has just turned 1 year old and I’ve started to think about what I’m going to do with the baby things he no longer needs. There will be no more babies for us so no need to keep anything so I’ll either be giving it away to friends or charity or trying to sell some of it on…or will I?!

Are there any baby items that can be repurposed somehow? I asked the experts – some of my parenting blogger friends! They shared with me their alternative uses for baby items and I wanted to pass on their tips to you:

Multiuse Baby Items

1.  Muslin Cloths

“Use a Muslin cloth as a sheet in the Moses basket to mop up any spit up or leaks etc. Tuck it over the normal mattress sheet and it gives you extra protection. If baby is sick you simply whip it away and you don’t have to change the whole mattress. They are super cheap so you can stock up rather than buying loads of mattress sheets. Larger muslins are also amazing for swaddling or using as blankets or sun shades when out and about in the pram.”

Alex at Lamb & Bear

“We use muslin cloths as dusters!”

Debbie at Country Heart and Home

2.  Dry Skin Cream

When Kate from The Less-Refined Mind developed eczema out of the blue, she reached for the Oilatum cream she had been using on her daughter’s eczema and it worked wonders!

“It’s perfect for both our needs and saved me the cost of buying my own.”

3.  Nappies

“If you develop a blocked duct, use your baby’s (clean!) nappy as a hot compress. Use water from the kettle and apply it to the affected area as hot a as you can stand it. Combined with massage this works a treat – and the nappy stays hot for far longer than a flannel would. (Incidentally, this has made me incredibly aware of the implications for a baby sustaining a scald – get that nappy off immediately.)”

Kate from The Less-Refined Mind

4.  Snack Bars

Kate also admits to occasionally eating her daughter’s Organix banana and date bars – “simply because they’re delicious. Oops!”.

5.  Baby Bath

“If you buy a baby bath and like us rarely ever use it, it makes for a super laundry basket afterwards!”

Beth at Twinderelmo

6.  Baby Shampoo

“Baby shampoo is fantastic for use on pets and is recommended by many dog groomers for dogs with sensitive skin. We used to use it on our West Highland terrier as other products used to irritate his skin.”

Rich from Cash Savvy Tips

7.  Baby Wipes

“Wet wipes are so handy for cleaning around the home, stubborn marks are quickly removed and they work wonders on hobs!”

Debbie at Country Heart & Home

“I have been known to use baby wipes as makeup removers, particularly WaterWipes, they are also good dusters should my 21 month old pull far too many out of the packet, and I recently got biro and felt tip pen out of the sofa using baby wipes!”

Sophie at Sophie & Lily

“In our house baby wipes are used for everything: cleaning, wiping the dogs paws and of course cleaning Ava!”

Jess at Beauties & the Bibs 

9.  Baby Powder

“My husband does a lot of miniature modelling and talcum powder keeps his hands free from grease and sweat meaning he can hold the pieces easier.”

Debbie at Country Heart & Home

10.  Nipple Cream

“Nipple cream is edible and as such can be used whenever you have sore skin – from armpits in Summer to sore bums and burnt fingers – and it doesn’t suffer from being touched by grubby fingers like pots of cream do.”

Jenny at The Brick Castle

“I use Lansinoh cream on dry skin and on my lips. On a recent flight I saw that someone has rebranded a nipple cream as a miracle skin cream!”

Karen at Monkey Feet

11.  Top and Tail Bowls

“Top and tail bowls make very handy bathroom holders for shampoo, soap etc!”

Beth at Twinderelmo

“Top and tail bowls are excellent for on your lap when you are building LEGO.”

Jenny at The Brick Castle

12.  Baby Bottles

“A baby bottle is excellent for measuring small quantities of liquids for baking.”

Jenny at The Brick Castle

13.  Formula Tins

“We covered a bunch of old formula tins in pretty paper and used them as storage, and containers for cookies, etc, to give as gifts at Christmas.

Jess at Babi a Fi

14.  Moses Basket

“The Moses basket was getting a bit too shabby to be passed on for another baby (it had been round many friends and family) but it does make an excellent cat bed. The cat always thought he was our first baby anyway!”

Milla at Live Oxfordshire

“Our travel cot worked perfectly upside down for the cat as a large cage when she broke her pelvis and needed 6 months on limited space!”

Suzanne at Meandering Wild

15.  Baby Clothes

“My daughters baby clothes are now her dolly’s dress up clothes!”

Lizzie at The Mother Diaries

16.  Cloth Nappies

“I had DD 16 years ago, we used washable toweling squares for nappies…we still have loads of them! Use them for cleaning, polishing, mopping spills etc”

Naomi at Tattooed Mummy

17.  Breast Pads

“Breast pads make great coasters!”

Amie at Finding our Feet

(this one wins for the funniest tip!)

18.  Baby Oil

“Baby oil to polish silver taps/oven hood etc”

Sarah at The Herniman House

“A couple of drops of baby oil in the bath when pregnant…no stretch marks at all!”

Sally at Teddy Bears & Cardigans

19.  Nappy Cream

“Sudocrem makes an amazing face mask! Pop it on, and leave it overnight if you can, then rinse off!”

Emma at The Mini Mes & Me

20.  Milton

“Milton is a safe bleach on cups or other items that will have food in (non metal of course).”

Sally at Teddy Bears & Cardigans

Donna at The London Mum has some extra baby beauty hacks here too!

So there you go, 20 alternative uses for baby items.

I hope this post has given you some ideas on how you can prolong the life of your baby items or keep using them when your baby no longer needs them.

I love ideas on saving money so if you have anything to add, please comment below!

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  1. Christina
    / 3:27 am

    Deciding what to do with old baby items can be difficult. Charity sounds like a nice idea.

  2. RachelSwirl
    / 9:13 am

    I took all the cloth nappies, chopped them up and now use them as car wash material x

    • / 11:55 am

      Ha ha that’s a great idea! x

  3. Laura @ Life with Baby Kicks
    / 8:35 pm

    Nappy cream and chub rub….. ;) x

    • / 9:06 pm

      Hee hee that’s a good one! x x

  4. / 7:25 pm

    These are all great hacks! I love the nappy/compress one!x

    • / 7:40 pm

      Aren’t they awesome! I wish I’d known these when I was a first time mum x

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