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5 Best Baby Led Weaning Tips + FREE Guide!

I’ve written a few times before about my love for Baby Led Weaning and wanted to share my best baby led weaning tips with you.

We think there are so many benefits to BLW. Firstly, our two children now eat anything. Secondly, we didn’t have to spend time feeding them with a spoon. We could eat our own food before it went cold!

Baby Led Weaning worked well for us and saved me having to spend hours cooking and pureeing baby food. It was time I just didn’t really have. That said, I do have a lot of friends who loved creating puree recipes for their little ones. I do believe you should do what is right for your family.

We’ve mainly given our children the same food that we are eating ourselves and it’s given me an extra incentive to cook healthy, junk-free meals.

Grab my free Baby Led Weaning guide and a stack of other free resources for mums here:
I wanted to share with you my 5 best Baby Led Weaning tips, should you be thinking of doing the same with your baby.

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You can buy Baby Led Weaning here in Australia, here in the US and here in the UK. It also includes a baby led weaning cookbook!

Baby eating puree

My 5 Best Baby Led Weaning Ideas

1.  Start Simple

We started with soft fruits and vegetables. They could be chopped into baby led weaning finger foods sticks so that our babies could pick them up easily and bring them to their mouths.

Our favourites in the early days were banana (despite me loathing them myself!), soft-cooked carrot and sweet potato.

It took a few goes for my babies to get the food to their mouths. Then after just a few days we saw them developing their pincer grip and getting some success!

You can then start to build up some more baby led weaning lunch ideas – and for other meals. Then you can create a bit of a by led weaning meal plan to stay organised.

2.  Prepare for Mess!

For the first few weeks (at least), expect most of the food to hit the floor or at best cover your baby from head to toe. We invested in some full-coverage bibs at first. Although sometimes ended up just letting them eat in only their nappy (warm days) and then putting them in the bath after!

Don’t feed them on a carpeted floor. If you do, spread a garbage bag under their high chair or a surface you can wipe clean.

Baby eating a biscuit

3.  Persevere

When we introduced new foods, 9 times out of 10 my babies would turn their nose up at it.

It took 3 or 4 days of trying the same food before they adapted to like it so don’t give up at the first hurdle. I should have probably tried banana more myself in the early days!

4.  You don’t have to be ‘All or Nothing’

Some of my friends did only BLW and some only Purees. We decided to do a bit of both as we were a family who were out and about a lot. So we had a lot of different baby weaning ideas.

There were sometimes occasions when we couldn’t take fresh food they could eat. Instead, we took travel snacks or purees that could easily be transported. There were also times we wanted to eat a spicy curry or something that wasn’t really suitable for the kids. This meant they could still eat really well and we could enjoy something different too.

Our favourite travel snacks were fresh fruit, sultanas, baby biscuits, rice cakes and fruit purees that didn’t need to be chilled in a fridge. This meant if we were doing the 7-hour drive up the coast to our family, the kids could still eat well when we stopped on the way and we were not tempted to hit the drive-thru.

My Best Baby Led Weaning Tips include Organix Baby Snacks!

We love Organix baby and toddler snacks because of their ‘no junk promise’. They’re made from organic ingredients and taste great. Not only do my kids love them but I snack on them when we’re travelling too!

We started our weaning journey when the kids were 6-6.5 months old. Organix has a range of products from that age upwards.

One of our current favourites is Organix Fruit Pots. I’m from the UK where Organix has a huge following and when I moved back to Australia last year, I was delighted that they’d just hit the shores here too!

Baby Led Weaning Tips - Love from Mim
Organix Fruit Pots in Apple & Raspberry and Apple & Mango

Organix Fruit Pots with Sliced Apple

The Fruit Pots are brilliant after a meal or a ‘between meal’ snack.

The Fruit Pots are a fab alternative to yogurt for those times we’re travelling for hours or do not have a cool bag. I always have a couple in the changing bag ready for a quick snack.

The Fruit Pots are available in Mashed Apple & Mango and Apple & Raspberry and they’re brand new to Australia! You can buy them at your local Woolworths and Coles. We love that they’re only full of real, no junk, no added sugar, 100% organic fruit. Nothing else.

If you’re looking for what foods to start baby led weaning, these might be an idea.

5.  Offer a variety of shapes and textures

We loved watching our babies get used to picking up and eating different textures and shapes such as soft-cooked vegetables, buttered toast and baby biscuits. Their little looks of surprise were so sweet and they loved learning as much as we loved watching them learn.

Through a combination of baby led weaning and some purees, my babies have had the chance to not only learn to feed themselves but to also try a variety of different textures, shapes and flavours.

I really think it’s helped them to love all food and they are not picky eaters at all. Hopefully I haven’t jinxed that for myself! I just want my kids to grow up making good food choices.

FREE Baby Weaning Guide!

Grab my free Baby Led Weaning guide and a stack of other free resources for mums here:
You can buy Baby Led Weaning here in Australia, here in the US and here in the UK. It also includes a baby led weaning cookbook!

Find out more about baby led weaning recipes and more here.

What’s on your baby led weaning menu?

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Hope my best baby led weaning tips have been helpful!



  1. / 5:42 am

    Great tips! The best thing about it is not having to sit and feed them, but the worst is definitely the mess! #thelist

    • Mim
      / 11:28 am

      Thanks lovely! Ha ha I know the mess isn’t the best fun :) x

  2. Laura
    / 9:00 pm

    I ADORE baby-led weaning. Wonderful tips x #thelist

    • Mim
      / 11:28 am

      Thanks Laura – me too! x

  3. Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl
    / 11:58 am

    These are great tips for anyone going through that stage right now. I definetly agree on be prepared for mess! It’s such an amazing thing to watch them exploring new foods

    Jordanne ||

    • Mim
      / 11:59 am

      Oh so true – I love even now introducing different things and watching their reaction :)

  4. RachelSwirl
    / 10:07 am

    Some great tips, I tended to follow Annabel Karmel and hope for the best back then.

    • Mim
      / 12:00 pm

      Ah I’ve heard good things!

  5. Anosa
    / 10:34 am

    Not yet a parent but I have seen my nephew much on these snacks when he was young and my SIL also did BLW too

    • Mim
      / 11:10 am

      Ah they’re so good – I eat them too ha ha!

  6. clairejustine
    / 4:10 am

    Aww, love post. Great tips. I remember feeding my daughter a chocolate mouse. It went everywhere, in her hair and all over her face :)

    • Mim
      / 11:10 am

      Ha ha mine is the same! x

  7. Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops
    / 2:56 am

    We did our own BLW, which was a bit like yours – mainly BLW with a few purees along the way (the pouches are magic!) We actually had a lot of fun weaning Boo. And I will always remember most of the guests at my brothers wedding being amazing as an 8 month old Boo sat there and had a good old gummy chomp on a steak!

    • Mim
      / 11:11 am

      It’s so awesome isn’t it – and so fun seeing them try new foods! x

  8. Fashion and Style Police
    / 10:22 pm

    Fab tips. I did a mixture of both. I found it easier.

    • Mim
      / 11:12 am

      Isn’t it good how you can try different ways and see what suits you all :)

  9. / 5:48 pm

    We did a combination when it came to weaning but swore by organics for snacks and little purees for on the go. Such a fab brand! Things definitely do get messy when it comes to weaning. x

    • Mim
      / 11:12 am

      They’re brilliant aren’t they – my kids both love them too :)

  10. Kat
    / 6:08 am

    Great tips! You’re right, it’s all about just going with it and adapting to you and your baby. And, yes, it’s going to get messy! Haha. We did a combination of both, and also a combination of home made and some baby-friendly snacks. We had/have cupboards full or Organix stuff for when we’re on the go. B loves the banana biscuits!


    • Mim
      / 11:13 am

      My two love the banana ones too :)

  11. Dean of Little Steps
    / 12:46 am

    Those Oragnix baby food look yum! I definitely remember the mess when T was that age. I have loads of photos of her with food all over her face and the kitchen floor ;)

    • Mim
      / 11:14 am

      Ha ha it’s so so messy isn’t it! But I liked getting the messy stage over earlier on :)

  12. Helen - Talking Mums
    / 7:47 pm

    Great tips. We combined both BLW and traditional. Just depended on the situation. He loves feeding himself now at 9 months.

    • Mim
      / 8:16 pm

      You’re so right, you have to do what works for the baby and they’re all different aren’t they :)

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