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Ultimate Baby Milestone Checklist + FREE Printable Baby Milestone Chart!

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Using my baby milestone checklist to track my children’s development was something I loved when they were teeny. I recorded everything, from their first roll over to their first words. I soon learned though that you can’t really compare your baby’s milestones with other children.

In my mum’s group, our baby milestones were largely random. The first roller wasn’t necessarily the first crawler. The first crawler didn’t end up being the first walker either. We quickly learned that there was no race to achieve these milestones.

However, tracking baby milestones and looking forward to them was so much fun – the anticipation of when it might happen and the joy when they did.

When I became a second-time mum, I no longer felt the need to rush my son to reach his milestones. I think I spent more time with my daughter, giving her a little extra ‘encouragement’ to roll, crawl and walk.

Don’t get me wrong, we did help my son and encourage him, but we didn’t feel any pressure for him to reach them sooner than he was ready to.

Sponsored by Life-Space Probiotics.

I wanted him to have a healthy start to his little life, and we regularly checked with our GP that he was on the right track, but I just felt so much more confident as a second-time mum.

If you’ve got more than one child, does this resonate with you?

Another thing I discovered after I had my son was probiotics for infants. I’d taken probiotics myself at various stages in my life and had the chance to meet with Life-Space Probiotics at a blogging event, where I discovered more about their range.

Life-Space Probiotic Powder for Infant is designed for infants aged one to six months. It’s a premium quality, multi-strain probiotic formula containing eight strains of beneficial bacteria, including two types naturally found in breastmilk.

Life-Space Probiotic Powder for Infant also contains prebiotic Galacto-oligosaccharide (GOS), along with milk protein Lactoferrin.

Baby Milestone Tracker

I’ve put together a list of the milestones that I chose to track, plus a few extras, to give you some ideas on what you might want to record on a baby milestone first year tracker.

It’s a handy list you can print and keep, or add it to your planner or baby’s photo album. In fact, I love the idea of a baby milestones pictures tracker too!

Love from Mim - Baby Milestones Tracker

Here’s the baby milestones tracker and you can grab more baby milestone printouts here in my resource library:

Baby Milestone Checklist

  • First smile
  • First laugh
  • Holds head up
  • Rolls from tummy to back
  • Rolls from back to tummy
  • Blows bubbles
  • Sits up unassisted
  • Waves rattle
  • Reaches for a toy
  • First babbling
  • Says mama
  • Says dada
  • Crawls backwards
  • Crawls forwards
  • Pulls up
  • Cruises
  • Stands unassisted
  • Takes first steps
  • Starts walking
  • Starts talking
  • Says first sentence
  • Sleeps through the night
  • Moves into own bedroom
  • Holds own bottle
  • Gets first tooth
  • Feeds themselves
  • Uses Sippy cup

Grab your free Baby Milestones Checklist

If you want to track baby milestones, download this list and add dates when your baby reaches them.

There are so many gorgeous newborn baby milestones charts in the shops, and I think they make great gifts for new parents.

These days, our ‘firsts’ have become a bit more school and education-related.

Our babies really grow up so quickly, right?

My morning Timehop check makes me want to rewind the clock back to those chubby-thighed, drooling-baby days. Oh, my heart. (But not my ovaries, the baby-making days are well and truly done!).

Kids - Love from Mim

One day, it will be lovely to sit with my babies and look back at my lists, sharing the memories of when they reached their milestones.

They’re only three and six, however, so, for now, my list is tucked away, ready for that moment. Or for when someone asks me how long it took them to reach these milestones, because my memory sucks!

You can find out more about Life-Space Probiotics and save on their range here.

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I hope you love using this Ultimate Baby Milestone Checklist and download the free baby milestones printable! Let me know if you want me to design more baby milestone printables.



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    I’m looking forward to the first words! I cannot wait to hear my daughter call me mummy for the first time

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