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The Best Baby Carrier For Dad

If you’re looking for a baby carrier for dad, how about the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One Air?

BabyBjorn Carrier One Air
The BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One Air in Black Mesh

We loved our Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One Air and my husband got so much use out of it. Read the full review here.
From the early months, he much preferred baby-wearing our minis than pushing them in the pram.

It’s such a lovely way for parents to bond with their new baby, keep them close and keep an eye on them.

Plus, it’s so lovely for babies to be close to you, to even feel your heartbeat through the carrier.

Sponsored by BabyBjorn. Affiliate links below.

Check it out here!

About the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One Air

The BabyBjorn Carrier One Air is BabyBjorn’s best-selling, ergonomic baby carrier.

It’s available in an array of unisex colours and very supportive and comfortable. My friend’s husband likes to use it as a hiking baby carrier because even after long wear, the supportive straps mean his back doesn’t ache from wearing it.

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One Air

This lightweight baby carrier has suited our family well.

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One Air Features

Its features include:

  • airy and cool 3D mesh that dries rapidly
  • ergonomic and comfortable in soft material
  • fully adjustable size & seat width
  • babywearing from newborn to 3 years, plus facing-out & back carrying
  • two height positions to ensure your baby is at the right height
  • a wide, fully adjustable seat area that ensures a comfortable and ergonomically correct position for your child’s hips – if you’re looking for a hip dysplasia baby carrier. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has tested Baby Carrier One Air and acknowledges it to be “hip-healthy”. This means that the baby carrier provides the correct support to your child’s hips and encourages good hip joint development, which is especially important in your child’s first months
  • adjustable head support that protects your newborn baby and gives the correct support until your baby is able to hold their head up unaided.

This infant baby carrier is budget conscious too as it grows with your baby. We used the Baby Bjorn Carrier One Air from when my son was tiny and later as a toddler baby carrier.

Why do we think the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One Air is the Best Baby Carrier for Dads?

There are three main reasons:

  1. My husband loved that with this carrier, you can wear your baby forward or rear facing.
  2. We both have occasional back pain and haven’t used a carrier more comfortable than this one.
  3. The unisex colours (we have it in Black) meant he didn’t feel like he was wearing my carrier – it was very much both of ours.

You can find out more about all of the features and benefits of the BabyBjorn Carrier One Air here plus, don’t forget to read the full review here.

Check it out here!

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Want to know what the best Baby Carrier for Dad is? Find out why the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One Air is the top baby carrier for new mums and dads here! Best baby carrier reviews and more. #babybjorn #lightweightbabycarrier #smallbabycarrier #bestbabycarrier #newbornbabycarrier

Disclosure: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I hope this post on the best baby carrier for dad, in my opinion, has helped you.



  1. Emily Biv
    / 9:33 am

    Bonding together
    Around the town
    Bopping to the beat
    Yelling and shrieking with joy

    Carried to soothe
    Aeroplanes around the house
    Rocking to sleep
    Rising and falling
    Inspecting the great outdoors
    Enjoying life everyday
    Resting on my Daddy’s chest.

    Free hands mean, more time with Daddy doing everyday things.

  2. Amy W
    / 9:18 am

    We’re expecting triplets later this year. A comfy carrier for Dad to carry one of the bubs in would make life so much easier. It would mean he could leave the triple pram at home and just take a double!

  3. bexdey
    / 8:30 pm

    My son just wants to be close so just my husband walking around the house with him would be great and give me some time off from carrying!

  4. Bella Ri
    / 7:36 pm

    This will make not only dad feel close to bub, but it would be so convenient having both hands free to get on with day-to-day tasks, as well as snuggle with the little one, being ergonomic and ready to make life a whole lot easier!

  5. Tracy Andreatta
    / 3:11 pm

    My daughter is a single mum of 2 kids under 2 . This would allow her to do errands,shopping and cuddles and chores while still caring for her 2 year old hands free .

  6. Amelia
    / 1:38 pm

    So bub #2, very recently born, is a bomber. He was a newborn for all of 5 minutes before he grew another few centimetres again and all my dreams of hubby carrying him around in our old Baby Bjorn (aka “the crotch dangler”) were shattered with the first muscle spasm. Sounds like the Air is the upgrade we need – better for the back, more supportive for our super-sized baby, and the obligatory hands-free needed for chasing after child #1 :)

  7. Skyla
    / 1:43 am

    This would make pokemon hunting so much easier.

  8. Lea
    / 1:12 pm

    My very tall husband struggles with Stiller’s, so this would be perfect for him.

  9. Kasey Evans
    / 9:35 pm

    The close bond a father can get wearing this fantastic carrier, whilst still having hands free.

  10. Maggie Karner
    / 2:24 pm

    Beautiful baby Bella is a wriggle worm and she has been feeding in a pretty lush paddock. Mum and dad love bushwalking and hiking in National Parks and State Forests, but dad has a real time of it these days having to carry Bella.

  11. Amanda
    / 9:26 pm

    Before hubby was a human dad he was a dog dad and loved taking our furry bear for a walk. This carrier will mean that when dad takes Bub for a walk his hands will be free to take Bear as well perfect for Dad, Bub and Bear bonding ?

  12. Kate Jones
    / 1:09 pm

    My husband Chris would love to bond in comfort with our new first born baby by wearing a Baby Bjorn! We are due in November and have been recommended by a lot of friends to invest in Baby Bjorn as they’re the most comfortable, versatile and safest baby carrier to date! I am really keen to use one in particular as we both need the best back support for us as well as for a new born. And I want my husband to have as much opportunity to have skin on skin bonding time with our child, as I strongly believe it’s important to help connect them together.

  13. Rebecca
    / 11:38 am

    We are due to have our first bubba, after years of trying and multiple heartbreaks. I know my husband will not want to put this baby down once we have them in our arms, this carrier will just make things complete for him to have round the clock snuggles

  14. Kieran Duffey
    / 9:19 am

    Having an extra carrier would just be a dream! Especially one as comfortable as this to give extra baby cuddles!

  15. Rachel K
    / 1:54 am

    I love how versatile and easy to use it sounds. I’t be perfect for daddy and baby to visit the zoo and see exotic “pets” without all the work! Of course it’d also feed that internal desire to learn (there are many animals that carry their young this way!) and see something new. It also makes for great exercise (…and a better body) that he wouldn’t even realise he’s doing as he enjoys himself walking around. A win win for me!!! lol

  16. Linda
    / 12:39 am

    Dad would be so happy to have his own bjorn, we wouldn’t have to constantly adjust. He says I’ve already carried baby so he would like his turn.

  17. Natasha Adam
    / 12:11 am

    First fathers day is fast approaching
    And winning this Baby Bjorn Carrier
    Truly would make this daddy’s day!
    His love for his bubba is
    Really special watching their connection grow.
    Safety comes first and a Baby Bjorn Carrier is sure to provide a secure base and

    Lasting moments of closeness.
    Ohh just think of all the possibilities and
    Very special moments in time to share
    Exploring and having many great adventures made possible by this Carrier!

  18. Natasha
    / 12:00 am

    First fathers day is fast approaching
    And winning this Baby Bjorn Carrier
    Truly would make this daddy’s day!
    His love for his bubba is
    Really special watching their connection grow.
    Safety comes first and a Baby Bjorn Carrier is sure to provide a secure base and

    Lasting moments of closeness.
    Ohh just think of all the possibilities and
    Very special moments in time to share
    Exploring and having many great adventures together with this Carrier!

  19. Tash
    / 11:48 pm

    First fathers day is fast approaching
    And winning this Baby Bjorn Carrier
    Truly would make this daddy’s day!
    His love for his bubba is
    Really special watching their connection grow.
    Safety comes first and a Baby Bjorn Carrier is sure to provide a secure base and

    Lasting moments of closeness.
    Ohh just think of all the possibilities and
    Very special moments in time to share
    Exploring and having many great adventures together!

  20. Kate Newmarch
    / 9:00 pm

    Out of all the things to buy in preparation for a new baby, the one thing my husband has wanted to research and look at is baby carriers! He is a really active and excitable fellow and I think a pram would only slow him down. this carrier is a must so he can show off our first bub around when he/she arrives in the new year.

  21. Ashleigh turner
    / 9:00 pm

    It would help my husband feel more connected to our bubs if he could carry him when we go out

  22. Sarahmary
    / 8:38 pm

    My hubby is super outdoorsy and loves nothing more than showing bub nature’s greatness. This carrier would help him be able to take bub no matter where he was exploring

  23. Anna
    / 8:11 pm

    Baby carring is a great way for Father’s to feel connected with their baby, be hands on and still be able to multitask.

  24. Jessica Hunt
    / 5:13 pm

    Im due in September, but we didn’t think we would get this far! My first daughter was born at 25 weeks and all that we wanted to do was hold her but couldn’t. Once we were allowed to, my husband let me have the first and second cuddle with her and he waited a few more days before he did. He is 6 foot 5 and nearly fit in the chair but I will always remember the excitement on his face. With our second pregnancy I have been on modified rest since 25 so he has had to do the lions share in looking after our 2 year old. This carrier would be great so he can plenty of snuggles with Bub number 2!

  25. tracy wedding
    / 2:43 pm

    with a toddler and a new born and all the bags that need to be carried this would be the perfect helping hand

  26. Peggy Ikin
    / 1:31 pm

    My partner loves carrying our 9 week old in our secondhand carrier but I’d love to win this one for him. It’d be a fantastic Father’s Day gift.

  27. Simin Saifuddin
    / 12:27 pm

    I’m due on the 30th this month and these last few weeks where baby’s movement have been strongest, I have watched my husband tenderly hold my tummy and talk to the baby. I believe, beyond the amazing convenience of being able to carry our bubs around and staying hands-free to do everyday chores, the carrier will allow my husband to build and nurture a strong bond with the baby. Dads don’t get to carry the baby like mums do all these months, and the carrier will finally allow him to feel all the emotions and love we feel – this is as close as he will get to it.

  28. Sarah
    / 10:06 am

    I’d like this for my husband. He stresses constantly about the safety of the kids and often ststruggles taking our 1yr and 2yr old out together so very rarely does he take them out alone in fear he might loose ones. Having this would help keep one on him so he can focus on them both.

  29. Karina L
    / 9:18 pm

    This looks super comfortable for our Dad to carry the little bag of rice around. All day. Every day.

  30. blake h
    / 5:53 pm

    I would love this to actually bond more with my son. It would also help with back pain, the breathable mesh would stop sweatiness as well.

  31. Nadine
    / 1:20 pm

    My daughter and son-in-law now have three little treasures,
    a walk to the park with Dad would become one of life’s pleasures!

  32. Harry Cornish
    / 12:19 pm

    been a man carries struggles in itself and lets face it we need all the help we can get. This baby carrier would be a godsend in that it is ergonomic and comfortable which allows me to wear for extended periods and get on with what I need to do.

  33. Jade O
    / 9:08 am

    With my sister and her partner just giving birth to number two last month, this would make their outings so much easier, Plus with the whole family travelling to the Gold Coast this Christmas, spending days together will be made easier on my brother in law and my little nephew!

  34. Yasemin
    / 9:29 pm

    To be honest, this would make my life much easier. Whenever my husband carries one of the kids, we adjust the current carrier for him and he can’t do it without my help. I then have to readjust it for myself and the youngest baby. Having two carriers would make things more convenient and less stressful. This one seems very easy to adjust with lots of comfy options.

  35. Amy
    / 8:28 pm

    So many snuggles and eith the breathable mesh not so much sweating

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