Babymoov Personal Care Kit Review

Babymoov Personal Care Kit Review

As part of our collaboration with Babymoov, we were sent a lovely Babymoov Personal Care Kit to use for Mini M and Miss M.

I hadn’t quite realised until I opened it just how much it contains – it’s jam-packed!

Babymoov Personal Care Kit Review - Baby Healthy and Safety Kit


The Babymoov Personal Care Kit contains:

*  a digital thermometer
*  a pair of scissors
*  nail clippers
*  a nail file
*  a nasal aspirator
*  a comb
*  2 fillable plastic containers
*  a double-faced gum massager

It’s all contained within a lovely grey and blue case and also includes a mini case inside for ‘change bag transportation’ :)  The Babymoov Personal Care Kit is £24.99.

The larger bag has a hook at the top too which means it can be hung on the door or a hook for those times when you only have one hand free – which as a mum of another newborn, is all day, every day!

Since having Mini M 2 weeks ago, we’ve already been digging into this set many times.  He was born with jaundice and I’ve been keeping an eye on his temperature daily.  I can NEVER find our baby thermometer when I need it and I intend to keep this one in this bag so that I always know where it is.

Babymoov Personal Care Kit Review - Baby Healthy and Safety Kit

We’ve also made use of the comb for his hair after his first baths and Miss M has had her nails trimmed!  She sees me filing my nails and wants hers to be done as well, even when they don’t need it of course.  Ahh it’s lovely though and I wonder if we’ll go to the nail salon together when she’s older!  Wishful thinking from me perhaps ha ha.

We’re off on a week’s holiday next month and I think this set will really come into it’s own then as we’ll have all our essential grooming items for the little ones in one bag.

The plastic containers will be brilliant for baby bath and baby shampoo as we only use such a tiny amount and I don’t want to lug unnecessary big bottles with us.

All parents know, packing for kids is already a mission and if I can limit the amount of stuff we take, I WILL!

We love this set – I think it would be a brilliant idea for a new parent to be.  It’s super stylish and super useful for all little ones.

If I could add anything else to it, I’d add a small first aid kit to make it extra perfect for travel!

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Babymoov Personal Care Kit Review - Baby Healthy and Safety Kit

Disclaimer: we were sent this lovely kit in exchange for our honest review.  Affiliate link above.

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  1. Lyndsey
    21st May 2015 / 2:35 pm

    This sounds fab, I think I will get one for my pregnant sister, just hunting out some different things as it is her first.

    • 21st May 2015 / 3:16 pm

      She’ll love it – it’s a brilliant kit! :)

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