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How to Win at Productivity with Batch Tasking!

Never underestimate the level of productivity you can achieve with batch tasking. Unlike multi-tasking, batching tasks helps you stay focused and get more done because you focus on one task or similar tasks over more extended periods.

It’s a complete myth that multi-tasking works. Experiments carried out found that you can lose as much as 40 per cent of productivity by multitasking thanks to the mental blocks created when you shift tasks all the time.  It can take an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds for these mental blocks to disappear so you can get back on task.  Eeek!

How to Prioritise your To Do List

What is batch tasking?

You can implement batch tasking in almost any job.  It involves completing similar tasks in a scheduled block and limiting the number of times you have to switch back and forth to different tasks.  The switching is where you lose time and focus.

What can busy mums batch-task?

Here are some examples:

So, instead of you making dinners daily and wasting time procrastinating because you’re tired, you’d grocery shop and meal prep all in one go. Instead of paying your bills individually, dedicate a day each month to pay all the bills. Once you get into the rhythm of batching tasks, you’ll find that things will flow better and the quality of what you are doing increases. I can guarantee you won’t feel as exhausted.

How to do batch tasking?

So let’s use meal planning as a batch tasking example. You’d have to agree; it is a wonderful feeling knowing you don’t have to cook dinner!

Batch Task 1 – Plan all your meals for the week on your meal planner and don’t forget to include meals that can be frozen.

Batch Task 2 – Write out the ingredients for each meal into a shopping list. I find it easier to categorise into dairy, meat/poultry, fruit & vegetables etc. Don’t forget to shop your pantry for items you already have!

Batch Task 3 – Go shopping and buy all the ingredients.

Batch Task 4 – Pick a day and batch cook each meal from the meal planner.

The key to batch tasking is allocating the time to carry out the tasks and sticking to them; not stopping until they’re done. It won’t work if you assign a block of time to do a particular task only to leave for the gym or hop onto social media. Switching tasks is the quickest way to lose momentum and increase procrastination.

Batch tasking ideas

Here are some ideas if you’re still a little stuck for tasks you could put through batch processing,


Isn’t it so tempting to check your email when your phone ‘pings’ or a little notification pops up on your monitor? To embrace batch tasking and limit the effects of getting sidetracked, turn off your email notifications and set specific times during the day when you check and respond to all of your emails.


Instead of stopping what you’re doing to put a load of washing on each day (and then forgetting it’s still in the machine), consider doing all the washing in one go on a particular day of the week. You can then get all the washing dried and folded at the same time.


When the week gets busy, it’s always handy to have it all planned out. Consider taking the time out on a Sunday or a Friday afternoon to plan your week. It’ll give you the bigger picture of what’s on, and you’ll feel less frazzled at the start of each day.


Although actual learning is not suitable for batch tasking, for example, watching or listening to online courses, it is suitable when you have to do an assessment.

Assignments can be overwhelming at the best of times so doing all of your assignments at the same time, one after another, will bring on the flow, help your brain function at its best capacity and churn out your best work.

So, do you think you’ll give batch tasking a go this year?

Remember, it takes time to get the hang of batch tasking. The first point is planning the tasks you’ll batch, how you’ll do it, and when you’ll do it. Planning and batch tasking go hand in hand. Good luck!

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Have you tried batch tasking to be more productive?


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