Where to Find the Best Etsy Planner Stickers in Australia + DISCOUNTS!

If you’re looking for where to find the best Etsy planner stickers in Australia, I have you covered!

If you’re a planner addict, you’ve probably spent hours searching for planner stickers in Australia and been spoilt for choice! I certainly have.

I have an Erin Condren Life Planner and have found some beautiful Erin Condren stickers from some amazing local stores. I do order from the US occasionally too although the postage sometimes means it isn’t as affordable.

Make it Happen Planner - Love from Mim

This post, containing affiliate links, is kindly sponsored by Etsy.

A Guide to Finding Stickers for a Planner

The Different Planner Stickers Available

The following are available to buy either as printed or printable planner stickers from a variety of Etsy planner shops:

  • Daily planner stickers
  • Weekly planner stickers
  • Monthly planner stickers
  • Work planner stickers
  • Business planner stickers
  • Erin Condren planner stickers – I get all of my Life Planner stickers on Etsy.
  • Stickers for Personal Planner, Happy Planner stickers and most other Planners that you can imagine

If you have a unique planner, or a unique way of planning, many stores will also create custom planner stickers bespoke to you.

Watercolour Wash Weekly Kit Planner Stickers - Love from Mim

Suggestions for where to get the best Planner Stickers on Etsy

Here are my current three favourite Etsy planner stores for diary stickers in Australia:

Plan with Mim Logo

Plan with Mim – my own Etsy printable sticker shop!

Or you can shop in the Love from Mim Shop, if it’s more convenient!

I sell printable (some physical!) Weekly Sticker Kits, Monthly Sticker Kits and a variety of functional stickers for planners.

Lime and Mortar

Lime and Mortar – my favourite Planner Sticker store!

They sell so may cute planner stickers and I love their ultra smooth planner sticker paper.

Plan it Beautiful - Love from Mim

Plan it Beautiful – one of my recent fave Etsy planner stickers stores.

A gorgeous collection of matte and glossy stickers.

How to Find the Best Stickers for You

When you find Etsy stores you love, you’ll want to know how to favourite a shop on Etsy. This way, you can locate the store easily in your Favourites so you don’t have to search every time.

Underneath the store name, click on the button that says “Favourite Shop” and you’re set!

Plan it Beautiful - Love from Mim

Can you make your own planner stickers?

When I first searched for where to find stickers for my planner, Etsy was my first point of call.

I had no idea there were so many planner sticker shops out there, especially in Australia.

I was inspired on how to make stickers to sell too and set up my own little store, Plan with Mim. I purchased the equipment I needed for making planner stickers and got started but didn’t realise how much time, effort and work went into it.

You can buy a Silhouette Portrait online here in Australia, here in the US and here in the UK.

If you’re wondering how do Etsy shops make stickers, then trust me, it takes a LOT of investment in terms of time and money particularly. It could be some time before you turn a profit too but designing your own planner stickers is SO much fun.

Planner and Stationery on Desk - Love from Mim

Where to get Planner Stickers + BIG Discounts!

Etsy is the perfect place for the most affordable planner stickers and I get all of my Erin Condren Kits from the site.

If you’re looking for cheap Etsy planner stickers in Australia, you can narrow your search by Country and Price to help find something within your budget.

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You get a packed 10-module course on how to make the most of your planner.

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What are your recommendations for the best Planner Sticker shops?


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  1. Kylie Turner
    / 8:23 am

    I cherish my planner; it is one of a kind
    Always nearby to beautifully captivate & remind
    Of important dates, times and occasions – it’s a must
    In a way ‘My best friend’; dependable that I trust
    Holding passion, creativity and inspiration deep at heart
    Memories entwined, beloved & intrinsically part!

  2. sharyn
    / 10:06 am

    i admit i am not very organised by nature you see
    so a planner helps keep me organised and sane definitely
    it ensures i dont miss important events or appointments each day
    and it also means i get tasks done on time hooray
    as to tick off what i need to do motivates me for sure
    so without a planner my family’s life would be one big mess galore :)

  3. Sonia Chang
    / 1:03 pm

    Itโ€™s truly a great way to organise everything under the control. I love to use a pen and a notebook to write everything in my notebook. When I go home , I put them on my planner , so my family can keep their schedule perfectly. I check my notebook every morning and night . Smartphone is a brilliant device to take photos for fast recording time but The battery can not stay forever . My beautiful notebook always stay with me in my handbag everyday and everywhere.

  4. Tamie
    / 3:52 am

    Planning itself can be mundane and stressful. Having a planner that I can be visually creative with keeps me motivated and on track.

  5. / 2:36 pm

    I love that itโ€™s a way to be creative when when our have not one ounce of creativity to be able to draw and make things pretty of your own accord! I also love that itโ€™s time to myself each week to reflect odnthe week gone by and what I have done and achieved

  6. Rachel Kapsalakis
    / 1:38 am

    It enables me to make sure I leave time for me as well as keep track of family!!! I try to leave the office early once a week. I’ve made time for the things that ignite my joy and are important to me like hobbies and holidays! I also make sure I take time out of hectic days to recharge my batteries like meditation. These things are all on my planner so everyone knows!

  7. Laura S
    / 5:02 pm

    I’m a planner (read: super organised) so I love a planner!

  8. Elly C
    / 4:29 pm

    This will be great to keep things in order.

  9. Tamara
    / 9:19 am

    As a mum of 3 young kids my planner gives me the ability to track my jobs and appointment in a creative way that is fun yet practical. By using stickers it makes it super quick and easy to track the boring adult jobs while making it look more appealing with bright and pretty stickers.

  10. Louise
    / 11:19 pm

    I love using a planner because it allows me to be creative with colouring, stickers, drawing and design. All whilst fulfilling a need to be organised. If I wasn’t being creative for a purpose (ie planning) then I’d be less likely to allow myself the time to do it. There are so many other things that I am supposed to be doing. Planning gives me permission to play.

  11. Tiffany Wardill
    / 9:30 pm

    I love using a planner as it helps me stay on top of all my tasks

  12. Karen
    / 5:55 am

    I find it so relaxing to plan out a week and to decorate my planner is just fun. Oh and I love getting sweet little packages full of fun stuff in the mail too

  13. Rosie
    / 10:03 am

    I used a planner for years, and loved it. This year I wasn’t using a planner, and have been using lists, and it is not the same, obviously. One thing that is nice about a planner is it helps you keep a vision of the long-term goal, and measurable steps. Lists are good for short-term detail, and I have more than one, the only time a list is fun is when I get to cross something off!

  14. Nicole Glanvill
    / 7:24 pm

    I love using a planner because it helps keep me on track and the stickers make it look pretty and fun. Itโ€™s easy to see when things are to be done.

  15. Andrea Louisse
    / 7:23 pm

    I love that using a planner makes me feel organized, while decorating too!

  16. Nicole
    / 7:21 pm

    I have always been a pen and paper planner. I love using the stickers as it makes the weeks look pretty and I then feel that I do more than just work work work ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’

  17. Angela M
    / 7:05 pm

    It’s so handy to keep track of what’s happening at my daughter’s school, to write down my dog’s flea treatment, dates to remember.. Everything is easy to see and I check it every morning when I enter the kitchen.

  18. Julia
    / 10:00 am

    I love using a planner mostly for the creative outlet and using stickers!

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