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We’ve been trying to find a way to plan for a family holiday for the past six years! But we’re now finally starting to get organised and I’ve been looking for the best family villa in Bali to make this holiday as awesome as it can be.

Apart from an 18 month working holiday to the UK and some weekends away in NSW, we’ve never had a proper family holiday. And as much as it’s been the right decision financially, it’s been something that we’ve all wanted and needed.

Plus, I look back on the family holidays I had as a kid and still treasure those memories, so I want to create the same experiences for my minis!

Why Bali?

Our last holiday was in Bali – in fact, it was our honeymoon pre-kids! Back in 2012, the hubs and I headed to Bali for a nine-day break and it was bliss.

It was just before the busy season started and we went to Seminyak to stay in a private villa. At the time, we were trying for a baby and we talked a lot about how Bali, and that kind of villa, would be the perfect destination to bring a young family to.

The Bali villa accommodation we stayed in seemed more suited to honeymooners but could have housed a family in one of the two bedroom family friendly villas.

We didn’t plan to wait another six years to start organising a time to go back! But here we are, and the planning has started!

This post on the best place to stay in Bali with kids is sponsored by Villa Finder.

Mim in Bali - Love from Mim
Ah here I am in Bali in 2012 – so relaxed, less fine lines and a LOT more sleep pre-kids ha ha!

Have you been? I’d love to know your experience of Bali with toddlers and young kids and your thoughts on the best place to stay in Bali for families.

If you’re traveling to Bali with kids and planning your holiday, I hope these tips help you too:

Get recommendations from other parents

Although we had been by ourselves, we wanted to know what other families thought about taking a young family to Bali.

So, I reached out to my friends and Facebook community to ask them where to stay in Bali for families and for their tips.

Being able to get advice first hand from people you trust is really helpful. Loads suggested actual destinations that they had personally been to and are planning to revisit. That’s always a good sign!

In fact, one mum is planning her family’s fourth trip – so that reassured me a lot that Bali is a good choice for my fam too.

Plan ahead for peace of mind

For example, rather than taking everything you think you might need, look into what you can hire when you get there. Traveling with a young family can = excess baggage!

Also, the safety of your destination and accommodation is something to consider. Unlike in Australia, some pools are not fenced and as Aamy said, you “can’t put a price on safety and peace of mind”.¬†Pool fences can be hired, as well as equipment specifically for babies and toddlers.

Villa Finder offers a concierge service to help you plan your holiday by booking any special requirements for you, such as hiring equipment that’s ready for when you arrive.

When I booked our honeymoon, we booked dinners and massages in advance which was one less stress for us and also gave us something to look forward to!

I can’t see massages and romantic dinners being on the agenda when we take our little kids! But knowing there’s a service that can give us ideas for activities and book anything special that we need for our stay is awesome.

When we went to the UK, we had family to collect us from the airport but without that, a service that could have booked transfers or a hire car with a car seat would have been so helpful.

Seminyak Beach - Love from Mim

Book with a company you trust

When we’ve thoroughly researched Bali and chosen the location, we’ll be booking through a villa finding service that we trust.

We want to know that the villa is everything that the website claims it will be, is safe and a good choice for our family.

What we don’t want is a holiday company selling their most expensive venue or one that’s not right for us. I’d rather spend the time talking to someone about everything that we want and get it right because I can imagine it will be another six years before we have another holiday in Bali or anywhere else!

Villa Finder has over 1500 villas in their portfolio including child friendly villas in Bali and beyond. I chatted to Villa Finder about how they select and inspect the properties.

What really stood out to me was the care they take to reinspect villas so that they are confident in continuing to recommend them.

We’ve all stayed a hotel and then gone back to it a couple of years later to see that it’s rapidly deteriorated or has new owners who have completely changed it. So, I feel more confident that with regular inspections, I’m getting an up-to-date description of the property and what to expect right now.

I’m so excited to book our family trip to Bali! And researching the best place in Bali for families is getting me more excited by the day.

We’re starting to look more closely into locations for Bali with kids now so I would love your suggestions on where to stay. Seminyak holds many special memories for us but on Facebook, Kate and Vicky both recommended Nusa Dua – which looks amazing!

I’m pretty sure it will be a villa that we go for, rather than a hotel. I love the idea of having a ‘home from home’ – but, you know, with a private pool! It would be more relaxing for the kids too to have space to run around and get used to. And to not have to worry about ‘tidying up’ too much!

Seminyak Beach - Love from Mim

About Villa Finder’s Best Family Villa in Bali

Villa Finder offers villa experiences in Asia (Bali, Thailand, Sri Lanka) and aims to maintain the utmost levels of service for customers and villa owners.

All villas are inspected and approved by their team, they guarantee the Best Price Available (see website for Terms) and offer assistance 7 days per week.

You can find out more about Villa Finder and Bali family holidays here.

I would love your advice on where to stay in Bali with kids!

Comment below and let me know your suggestions on the best villas in Bali for families!

If you’re planning a trip, you can use my Free Printable Packing List to make sure you don’t forget anything :) Grab it here, alongside heaps of other freebies for mums:

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I hope my ideas for how to find the best family villa in Bali have helped you – I’ll let you know when we book!


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