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5 Tips to getting the Best Home Internet Plan

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I’m on a mission to save money on our household bills right now. So, I’ve teamed up with iSelect to bring you the best ways to save money by getting the best home internet plan.

iSelect can help cut through the confusion and overwhelm, explain the differences in internet technologies and find the best home internet options suited to your family’s usage and budget from their range of available plans and providers.

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Tips for choosing the best internet deals

Here are iSelect’s top tips to finding the best home internet provider and plan:

1. Speed is key

For the best NBN experience and to avoid slow connections or buffering issues, opt for at least a Standard Plus Evening Speed plan as this will give you a minimum peak speed of 30 Mbps. Many providers have made their Standard Plus Evening Speed plans more affordable and they are suitable for families wanting to connect multiple devices, stream online entertainment or gaming.

2. Unlimited may be unnecessary

A lot of people prefer ‘unlimited’ data plans for budget certainty and protect themselves from high internet use, but many users don’t need it and could be paying more than they need to. 200-250GB a month plan should cover most families for downloads, streaming and gaming.

3. Lock it in

While more providers are now offering month-to-month plans, if you are looking to keep costs down it is a good idea to lock yourself into a 12 or 24 month contract, rather than going month-to-month. Contract plans generally have lower set-up fees and often include a free modem which can improve your connection speed.

4. Go wireless

If the NBN is not yet available in your area or you are always on the move, then home wireless broadband could provide you with a fast and convenient home internet connection. The bonus of opting for a home wireless broadband plan is that you can take it with you when you move or travel, making it a great option for renters or families with holiday homes. And home wireless broadband is proving really popular among households who don’t yet have access to the NBN but want something faster than ADSL2+.

5. Speak to an expert

Most of us have much better things to do with our time than spend hours trawling the internet to (ironically) compare internet plans. So, save yourself time, hassle and hopefully some money too and speak to an internet comparison service like iSelect. iSelect’s trained internet advisers can help you understand your family’s internet use and find the plan to meet your needs and budget. 

 The different types of internet connections

 ADSL & ADSL2+ ADSL uses the same wires that are used to make telephone calls. Up until a few years ago, this was the most common connection type in Australia but it is currently being phased out as the NBN rolls out across Australia. Once NBN is available in your area, you’ll have 18 months to switch across before your ADSL service is disconnected. 


Cable broadband uses Pay TV cables and generally provides a faster connection than ADSL. However, like ADSL, most cable services are also being phased out as the NBN gains momentum across the country.


The NBN or National Broadband Network is currently being rolled out across the country, and 10 million homes and businesses across Australia can already connect to the NBN. NBN plans are available in a range of different speeds options ranging from basic to premium, and you’ll also need to choose an appropriate data allowance.  For families, we’d generally recommend a ‘Standard Plus’ speed plan with at least 200GB data month.

Home wireless

Home wireless broadband is home internet access via a portable modem or mobile phone and offers a similar speed to standard plus NBN. Rather than your modem running off a fixed line connected to your house, it runs off the mobile network. The bonus of home wireless is that your modem is portable meaning you can take it with you if you travel.

If you’re still feeling confused about comparing internet plans, give iSelect a call and let them do the hard work for you.
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