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Ahh children and mobile phones – we’re hitting that phase soon I suspect. But how do I know when my child is ready for a mobile phone?

My kids are nearly five and seven and the eldest is at school so I’d say that it’s too early for them both right now. However, as the school years seem to be flying by, they’ll be phone-ready before I know it.

Scary isn’t it sometimes, how fast the time flies? It still feels like yesterday that I was dressing her for her very first day of school, braiding her hair and walking her to her new classroom. In fact, we were talking about that just this morning on the way to the school drop off. I wonder if the time flies as quickly for her as it does for me – I don’t think so, and I hope it doesn’t.

Back to kids mobiles though.

On one hand, I love the idea of being able to use a tracking app to always know where the kids are and that they’re safe. And also have the ability for them to be able to call me if they ever need anything. That said though, I don’t want to introduce technology before they’re ready either.

Do your kids have a mobile? And how old were they when you got one for them?

Girl with mobile phone

Should I get my child a Mobile Phone?

I’ll tell you what my considerations have been when it comes to getting a phone for the kids:

1. I love the idea of knowing she’s safe

This is definitely the main driver for me.

My daughter, who’s nearly seven, has a kids GPS watch that counts her steps and also tracks her location, which definitely gives me peace of mind – just in case.

She isn’t old enough to go out alone but sometimes when we’re at the park, I worry about crowds. Well, I worry about everything!

2. She’ll lose the phone

See, another thing I worry about is investing in an expensive phone that she’ll leave or lose somewhere. Because she loses a lot of STUFF! Seriously, whenever we go to a friend’s house, the park or a café, something is pretty much always left behind and we have to double back to get it.

The kids GPS tracker watch that she has now is a good first step as it helps to reassure me but it was also a good opportunity to introduce her to her own first electronic device that she takes out of the house.

It’s her responsibility to look after the watch and she has clear instructions that if it’s lost or damaged from carelessness, she will need to dig into her piggy bank to replace it. She’s going to great lengths to keep it safe, as you can imagine!

3. Is she too young for a phone?

I think what I’d ideally like is a kids watch that makes calls as she’s used to wearing her steps watch now and it’s the next step up.

Having an actual phone – is it really necessary for a child her age? I don’t think so just yet.

4. Too much tech time

On one hand, we don’t let the kids use the family iPad much, unless it’s for ABC Reading Eggs or something school-related.

That said, they probably do watch a little more TV than I’d like. (And don’t get me started those weird YouTube videos where grown ups play with toys!).

The hubs and I are on our own phones a lot for work (well, this is what we tell ourselves!) and I wouldn’t want her to develop an unhealthy habit of spending too much time on the phone.

5. Will the phone and plan be too expensive?

I’ve been checking out the Amaysim website to see what the best phone deals for kids they have are.

Best phone deals for kids

Their prepaid mobile plans are budget friendly and offer amazing value for every family member, with great deals popping up all the time e.g. This month, they have a sign up offer where you can get 35GB on your first renewal for just $10.

That includes unlimited calls and texts within Australia so no chance of a scary big bill at the end of the month.

Alternatively, their data only plans start at just $15 for 2GB of data.

Both options have no lock-in contracts and this would be essential for us, in case we decided that giving the kids a phone wasn’t the right decision.

I’ll keep giving it some thought because so far, she hasn’t even asked for a phone. Her school has a no-phones policy too so it isn’t like she’s surrounded by other kids with their own phones all day.

I would love to know your thoughts on mobile phones for kids and when you first got one for your child?

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  1. I’ve had most of these thoughts and I know that a phone is definitely something we’ll need to consider in the next few months! Being rural, we don’t have as many options either, Telstra is the most reliable here whether we like it or not!

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