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Getting used to Body Changes After Pregnancy

It’s taken me a while to really feel confident and comfortable with my body changes after pregnancy.

Even five years on from giving birth to my first baby, I do still have moments of comparing my body before and after pregnancy. And my pre-baby body wasn’t the best it could have been!

However, I feel differently now about my after baby body. It isn’t ‘perfect’ but it did a good job. It gave my two babies a safe and healthy environment to be conceived and grow.

Body Changes After Pregnancy - Love from Mim
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How My Body Changed After Pregnancy

I knew of the obvious changes on what to expect after birth such as stretch marks and weight gain. Although there were some body changes (more here) during pregnancy that no-one warned me of! (I’m talking about you: swollen feet!).

During my first pregnancy, I ate so well, and I exercised when I could, and the result of that was that I didn’t put on much weight. Losing weight after pregnancy #1 was fairly quick as a result.

Second time around, I wasn’t quite as well behaved. I knew it would be my last pregnancy and I embraced my growing waistline and went more than a little overboard on the chocolate. And cake. And all the sweet things.

I’d remembered how “easy” losing weight after giving birth was last time. Of course, I quickly found this wasn’t the case – and in fact nearly three years on from giving birth to baby #2, I’m only now at the weight I was before he was conceived. (and that is still over weight).

My post baby body might weigh the same, but it certainly doesn’t look or feel the same. Some of those pregnancy body changes decided they would stick around.

Here are some of them – and how I’m getting used to my post pregnancy body all these years on:

1. My Stomach after Pregnancy

There are a couple of changes that happened to my post pregnancy belly. Neither being stretch marks as it happens! That said, I do have stretch marks on my hips, legs and arms from my teen years – so I have my share.

The first way my post pregnancy stomach is different is the size of it – well, the size and shape. During pregnancy, I carried both babies really high and could feel my ribs expanding a lot. I remember acid reflux being bad in both pregnancies because everything was just so squashed!

After giving birth, and the baby weight loss after birth, I expected to “deflate” more than I did. But now, my ribs still stick out high up – I’ve even had a chiropractor standing on the table above me trying to push them back down.

For a long time, I hated this – I felt like I looked pregnant still months after giving birth. This affected my self-confidence a lot and I hated my tummy after pregnancy for it. These days I’m much more accepting of it and as I lose more weight I’m finding it is changing a little for the better.

2. Skin Changes after Pregnancy

My second pregnancy had similarities with my first but also some big differences. One side effect I really suffered from was itchy skin. I was tested a couple of times for obstetric cholestasis but thankfully didn’t have that condition.

But my stomach and legs were so itchy, particularly at night – I’m guessing it was just an effect of the hormonal changes in pregnancy.

The result is that my post pregnancy tummy has some small scars and whilst they’re not too noticeable to others, they’re a reminder to me.

I’ve embraced them as being a reminder of a happy pregnancy – they’re fading over time, but they might never go away fully.

I’ve been using DermaScar Silicone gel on a scar on my chest in recent months to lighten and flatten it and I’ve started to use it on some of the darker scars on my tummy too.

If the DermaScar gel does help them, as it has my chest scar, then I’ll be delighted. If the scars never fade, that’s ok with me too.

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Body Changes After Pregnancy - Love from Mim DermaScar review

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3. Changes to My Period after Pregnancy

I never liked periods much – well, does anyone? But seriously, when you’re trying to conceive, every period that comes along is like a dagger to your heart.

After having a baby, the time it takes to get your periods back depends on a few things. Such as if you’re breastfeeding, any changes to your hormones after birth and many more factors.

I had always had painful periods before pregnancy and my mum had shared with me that after having her babies, her period pain vanished for good.

I was full of hope of the same benefit – but no, my post pregnancy period returned just the same as before. On the bright side, at least my hormones after pregnancy had seemed to go back to normal so all good. Well, except periods are still annoying.

4. Post Pregnancy Hair Loss

One of the best physical changes in pregnancy for me was my hair situation. I’m talking head hair.

Seriously, I’ve never had such thick and glossy hair – my normal hair is fine and lank (in my opinion). Of course, at 4 months post partum, the hormones did their annoying changing thing and the hair started to shed.

Oh, how sad!

Woman with Hairdryer - Love from Mim

You might know that six months after giving birth to my second baby, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Just as my hair had started to get back to normal, chemo had other plans and the whole lot went! Darn it – at that point I wished I hadn’t complained as much about my hair.

I had thought that the effects of pregnancy on the body were weird until I underwent chemo.

Two years post chemo, my hair is sloooowly getting back to normal and I’m a lot more grateful for it than I was before. (But I do still complain about it!).

5. Exercise after Pregnancy

One thing I do regret at times is not exercising more during my last pregnancy. You know I mentioned about how much extra I ate, well I did twice as much sitting on my bum and doing nothing too.

This was partly due to awful pelvic pain I developed very early on – some days, I couldn’t even stand for long, let alone walk. I wasn’t expecting the pelvic pain to be one of my body changes in early pregnancy as it had developed much later during my first pregnancy.

However, I wish I’d tried to do more, even if it meant lifting weights while sitting.

How My Body is Different Now

My body has been through the wringer after two pregnancies, cancer and chemo. It’s only now that I’m starting to slowly get back into exercise. I know I would have recovered from these events much quicker though had I been fitter and stronger earlier on.

But, you know, what’s the point in wallowing in regrets. What’s done is done and my body after pregnancy isn’t all that bad.

Yes, I have some permanent body changes after pregnancy, but I am learning to embrace them and accept them as the new me. It’s taken some time for sure.

Some things I cannot change and some I can. It doesn’t mean I will!

Have you embraced your body after birth or are there any things you would change if you could?

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  1. Jodie B
    / 11:17 pm

    I’m not going to lie, I loved bigger boobs. I’m a life time member of the itty bitty titty committee and during pregnancy my body became rounder and more feminine. I had curves in places and felt like a gorgeous blooming woman.

  2. Laura S
    / 4:22 pm

    Feeling my baby kick was literally the only thing I enjoyed throughout my very difficult pregnancy!

  3. bexdey
    / 4:22 pm

    Not sure I loved any of it but I loved the result!

  4. Alicia Fox
    / 10:05 am

    Sometimes you just need to be pampered a bit :)

  5. Elahe
    / 9:59 pm

    I just loved the whole experience. Knowing that my child was growing inside me, feeling them kick and move and seeing my body change. It was something new and quite exciting. There were definitely challenging moments but I enjoyed every bit of it.

  6. Bella R
    / 6:05 pm

    Seeing baby move, especially when I am out and the people around me notice!

  7. jocy
    / 11:35 pm

    I loved lying on the sofa, patting my tummy, and getting a response back.

  8. Sonia Chang
    / 9:27 pm

    Pregnancy was a wonderful experience in my life journey because I started to experience my body is changed and I have many wonderful dreams about my baby’s future. Everything was so beautiful and magical.

  9. Elly C
    / 11:33 am

    Feeling my baby’s movements, that was delightful

  10. Linda Pepper
    / 8:57 pm

    I loved my pregnancies. Having gone through ivf, it was a joy. I was lucky enough to not have had morning sickness, i never had any massive crazings, i didnt have a sore back or body. I was able to really enjoy the life i was baking inside of me. From having butterflies before my first scan, to each scan watching it grow, to the kicks i so miss each and everyday, to even the labor, cause at the end you have a precise little bundle of joy.

  11. Maggie Karner
    / 7:20 pm

    Everything – from realising I had a new life growing inside of me, to the cravings, to the big belly, to the feeling of life inside of me. I had six children and would happily have more only Im now on the wrong side of 50…

  12. Danni
    / 3:42 pm

    It’s all just amazes me
    How my body can grow a baby
    From that first little flick
    Till their big karate kicks
    The excitement is endless to me

  13. Lea
    / 8:19 am

    Seeing hands and feet through my skin

  14. Amanda S
    / 11:17 pm

    Well I can’t deny that I loved having a cleavage for the first time ever, but my favourite moments were those playing “footsie” with my little squirmer.

  15. JenJen
    / 10:37 pm

    Feeling my baby moving. I was so violently ill throughout both my pregnancies, feeling bub move reminded me that all the pain was worth it.

  16. Anni G.
    / 3:05 pm

    So thankful I could enjoy all the pregnancy positives and the bonding breast feeding before my breasts were removed post cancer identification. Would love to try DermaScar on these scars.

  17. Adenoble
    / 7:01 am

    I loved the second better than the first as I had more time, and the experience to relax and just enjoy the process

    • julie
      / 6:36 pm

      One thing I do regret at times is not exercising more during my last pregnancy. You know I mentioned about how much extra I ate, well I did twice as much sitting on my bum and doing nothing too.

  18. Elise White
    / 6:42 am

    The baby moving was the highlight of my pregnancy. Feeling another living being kicking away inside you is a feeling like no other.

  19. TanyaC
    / 8:37 pm

    I loved the little (and not so little) kicks from inside, just to remind you that all the uncomfortable, itchy, body ruining mess would be worth it in the end.

  20. Sarahmary
    / 4:22 pm

    The feeling of creating life. It was an incredible experience and one I’m glad I was lucky enough to go through.

  21. Tracy Carroll
    / 10:14 pm

    Just had breast reduction, after carrying twins my boobs were like spaniels ears, but now after my op, I’ve got perky boobs, I’m 10 weeks post op, I’d love to try the dermascar on my fresh scars!

  22. Susie
    / 8:19 pm

    Oh I love pregnancy, the baby movements are amazing. And i just love the adjustments your body just knows to make. I find the whole thing miraculous! I was just glad my belly button stayed in – it was my worst fear to have it pop out.

  23. Nyssa
    / 2:08 pm

    unfortunately i’m still TTC with #1 and I’m so looking forward to it all and just trying to learn everything I can :(

  24. meedee1
    / 12:20 pm

    Oh I loved being pregnant. I was very lucky that I never suffered with morning sickness and neither did my Mother so perhaps its a genetic thing….my daughters will hopefully be the same.
    I seriously delighted in every aspect of pregnancy…so much so that I wanted 6 kids…my husband met me half way…we had 3 :)

  25. Paula H
    / 7:43 am

    To be honest, I didn’t enjoy being pregnant so the best thing was the end result… two gorgeous girls :)

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