The BEST Personalised Santa Sacks for Children!

In this personalised Santa Sacks review, I’ll share how we picked and designed two beautiful Christmas sacks for our kids.

We’re well on the way to getting Christmas ready in the M household. This week two gorgeous Bright Star Kids Personalised Santa Sacks for children arrived for my two!

Sponsored by Bright Star Kids.

Personalized Santa Sacks

Bright Star Kids Personalised Santa Sacks
Our Bright Star Kids Personalised Santa Sacks!

I remember when I was a kid, me and my brother both had our own personalised Santa Sack. They were placed outside our bedroom doors on Christmas Eve night when we were in bed.

In the morning, I would race to the door to find mine and beg my parents to let me open my gifts. My brother, on the other hand, would wake up in the middle of the night, open up all of his and fall back to sleep in a pile of toys!

Our two kids are one and three years old. My daughter particularly has more of an understanding of all things Christmas now. So we’re ready to start a few Christmas traditions in our house, some things that we can all look forward to each year!

Bright Star Kids kindly sent us two personalized Christmas Sacks and they’re just adorable!

Our Bright Star Kids Christmas Santa Sacks!

My daughter has the Jumbo Angel Large personalised Christmas Sack personalised with her name:

Bright Star Kids Personalised Santa Sacks

My son has the Jumbo Elf Santa Sack:

Bright Star Kids Personalised Santa Sacks

The jumbo sized sacks (86x60cm) are the perfect size for a child’s collection of small Christmas gifts or even one big one and are made from 100% heavyweight white cotton. They also come with a length of rope to tie the sacks at the top.

We’ll be popping in a mix of small gifts and “stocking fillers” so they have lots of little things to open up.

We personalised the sacks with the kids’ names. They love to have their own things and these will last for years and years to come. I think you can get blank Santa sacks too.

I love how traditional the sacks are and the colours we chose fit perfectly with our Christmas decorations. I’m a big fan of personalised Christmas gifts.

Actually I started getting some of the decorations out today to take some photos and it was a hard task to them put them away again. I absolutely love Christmas decorations and I’d keep them up all year round if I could!

Bright Star Kids Personalised Santa Sacks

Where to Buy Santa Sacks

You can check out Bright Star Kid’s full Christmas range here.

If a large Santa Sack is a bit big for you, they also have a lovely selection of personalized Christmas Stockings too. I think these Christmas presents sacks would be lovely to buy for a partner or a friend!

I can’t wait to see the kids’ faces on Christmas Day when they see their own custom Santa Sacks personalised with their name!

Now I just need to think about what little Christmas gifts we can pop inside!

Do your kids have Christmas gift sacks?

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Disclosure: this Bright Star Kids Personalised Santa Sack review is sponsored. All opinions are my own and are honest.


  1. Helena L
    / 10:20 pm

    One Christmas my aunty got me a barbie and my brother got a football, only I wanted the football and he wanted the barbie…so we swapped!! Best presents ever :D

  2. Jill Heard
    / 8:12 pm

    I’ve had so many marvellous Christmas gifts over the years but last Christmas I received a “PET ROCK” form my young son… Carefully chosen from pebbles in the driveway and lovingly painted and decorated.. I’m sure it will remain a treasure for years to come.

  3. / 10:46 am

    My first watch when I was 9, many years ago and I still have it

  4. Jessica Wolff
    / 8:31 am

    The best Christmas gift I received was a dollhouse from my grandmother that we decorated and furnished together.

  5. Ben Travia
    / 2:20 am

    A calendar featuring photos of my nephew for the following year. The gift that kept on giving.

  6. Becky Downey
    / 10:43 pm

    My husband actually painted me a picture of a forest and I love looking at it and enjoying the serenity.

  7. Eva Kiraly
    / 9:25 pm

    To be able to spend Christmas for the first time in many years with the family, that was the best Christmas present for me!

  8. AH
    / 9:07 pm

    People giving to charity or a wishing tree instead of something else – made me feel like a good

  9. Monica S.
    / 5:50 pm

    My ‘new’ man gave me a box of chocolates (nothing special your thinking?) but he had some how managed to hide in the chocolates my favourite singers latest CD! How did he do it without disturbing the plastic wrap?! Still together 20yrs and i’m none the wiser!

  10. Renee Ballantyne
    / 1:01 pm

    Hyper colour t-shirt as I had been begging for one all year

  11. Teresa Clark
    / 8:58 pm

    A pet cocktail named Honey, i taught him to talk and whistle he was amazing.

  12. Elise
    / 12:35 pm

    Way back in the 80’s I Was given a Barbie and the Rockers doll. Man, that doll was something spectacular with her little guitar and stand. She even came with a tape of her song – I think I rocked out to that song all year in my little denim jacket because she was so cool. I don’t think I have ever recieved something since that made such a big impression on me.

  13. Karla Oleinikoff
    / 11:55 pm

    Peaches and Cream Barbie when I was 8. I was desperate for a Barbie, had never had one before, and it was the one thing I asked Santa for. I was over the moon when I got her, I rolled the planner to see what look she was going to wear. I played with her for years. I was a very happy child that day.

  14. tiera L
    / 4:02 pm

    The best christmas present I recieved was a cabbage patch doll. She travelled everywhere with me, on my bike, in bed. She was my best friend and I had so much with her.

  15. Michelle
    / 12:22 am

    I enjoy spending time with my Mum creating the Christmas meal I feel like that’s a gift.

  16. Laura Power
    / 3:42 pm

    A massive wooden dolls house when I was little I had it for years!

  17. Bella Ri
    / 6:57 pm

    A picture of my little one dressed as elves with Grandma!

  18. Toni Chapman
    / 12:41 pm

    Bookstore vouchers! I may have a book hoarding problem and my family and friends are enablers. I’m ok with this…

  19. Lisa Tempone
    / 6:16 pm

    My first ever puppy [mini sausage dog]. He was just the cutest thing ever!

  20. kori kollmann
    / 2:33 pm

    I got a blue bird necklace when I was about 6 and I still have it, it was my first jewellery ever.

  21. terry i
    / 12:46 pm

    has to be handmade print from my loving so so sweet

  22. Aunty Party (Christine)
    / 9:27 pm

    My partner gave me a his and hers comic egg cups in a huge gold box. Then he brought out the real present, a flat screen TV which was my first new television in my life!

  23. Michelle - Jarrah Jungle
    / 2:20 pm

    A pink BMX bike with colourful padding around the frame and jewels on the spokes! It was the best gift because the bike was little like me so I could put my feet on the ground to stop rather than having to do a flying leap off a moving bike like I did with the bigger hand me down bike I’d been riding!

  24. Belinda Moxey
    / 2:57 pm

    I received a Care Bears jewellery box and I absolutely adored it. I still have it now and its still in perfect condition 30 years later

  25. Sarahmary
    / 3:52 pm

    Every christmas, the best gift has been being able to celebrate with my greatnan. At 93, she’s still as savy as ever, but i know it wont be that way forever. So here is to making the most of the most precious and important gift in the world, time

  26. Kasey Evans
    / 6:32 pm

    My best present was my first ever Barbie Doll from my grandparents at aged 7, it was the last Xmas our family got to spend with our granddad.

  27. Elly
    / 5:19 pm

    I honestly love any gift that I received. I feel so lucky and grateful to receive anything!

  28. Sarah Phillips
    / 1:30 am

    My first camera when I was about 11 years old. From then I became the family photographer, not much has changed, lol.

  29. Karina Lee
    / 5:03 pm

    My iPhone 6. It saved my sanity and loads of frustration since my old phone kept freezing!

  30. May
    / 4:17 pm

    My husband surprised me with a beautiful necklace when we lived in Korea. It was the best Christmas present because it was unexpected and beautiful.

  31. Ern
    / 12:06 pm

    Big fluffy black puppy with an equally enormous red bow around his neck. Best Christmas present ever, that grew up to be my best mate. He was by my side until I was 18.

  32. Maree Wood
    / 11:40 am

    My gorgeous baby girl :)

  33. blake h
    / 11:29 am

    My laptop!! The world seen in many eyes. Dont know what I ever did without it :)

  34. Paula Harris
    / 8:43 am

    A shiny red bike when I was 8. My Mum used to write in shorthand….especially Christmas and Birthday lists, which did my head in lolol

    / 7:24 am


  36. Dani Shipperlee
    / 1:00 am

    Definitely a baby born that I had wanted forever but my parents took a while to be able to afford it. I cherished it even more because of that!

  37. Karen Mashford
    / 12:53 am

    A real puppy and squeaky candy cane when I was young as I never got over the passing of our previous dog that someone poisoned.

  38. Sarah T
    / 12:30 am

    A perfume that was only available in the US. My husband sourced it for me. I loved it!

  39. Charl L.
    / 12:22 am

    A beautiful dress I’d be eyeing off in a shop, but couldn’t afford as a teenager. I was so surprised when I opened it :)

  40. Stacey Shailer
    / 11:11 pm

    A puppy! I’d been wanting a dog for ages and couldn’t believe it when woke up to a gorgeous little border collie x pup, she was the best pet!

  41. Mick G
    / 10:10 pm

    an art box with brushes and oil paints – I love to paint but always carried my stuff around in an old calico bag

  42. Kate Shelby
    / 9:52 pm

    My first iPhone. I love tech and the present was unexpectd.

  43. lara haynes
    / 9:29 pm

    A bluebird bracelet from my dad which i never got the chance to wear it as our house got broken into & that was one of the things they took

  44. Amanda
    / 8:33 pm

    A photo collage! It makes me grateful for family when its put on display so I can look at everyday.

  45. Samara McRae
    / 6:16 pm

    My baby boy. Never a better present there was.

  46. Jody Smith
    / 6:03 pm

    My husband got me a smartphone last xmas even though I resisted. Best pressie ever.

  47. Samantha Allen-Stephens
    / 5:48 pm

    When I was 10, my grandma accidentally wrapped a damp teatowel in my present. I was horrified but the memory is now a priceless gift!

  48. Aleisha Sullivan
    / 5:24 pm

    A posh barbie doll – back when the spice girls were the in thing.
    I still have her!… she has less hair than she did and has a few permanent marker tattoos but my daughter thinks she is great!

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