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Why we choose Britax Safe-n-Sound Car Seats!

.comEver since I first became a parent four and a half years ago, the safety and well-being of my children has always been my first priority. When it comes to car seats, we choose Britax Safe-n-Sound Car Seats.

In the early months, I spent countless hours consulting Google to learn about being a good parent. I researched the best products available on the market and I found out from friends (who were already mums) what they used.

One thing I learned very quickly is just how saturated the baby product market actually is! Not only are there a million and one choices for every product needed, they all seem to claim they’re the best or the safest. As a new mum, this only added to my confusion (and anxiety).

There was one product I had been determined to get right, though, when I started the parenting journey. As we spend a lot of time travelling in the car as a family, choosing a car seat for a newborn baby was a crucial decision. I needed to be as sure as I could that my little ones would be safe-n-sound on the road.

That said, our budget wasn’t endless. We wanted to invest in a baby car seat that would go the distance, literally!

Sponsored by Britax.

Our expereince with Britax Car Seats

Rather than buy a baby capsule that would only last the newborn months, we opted for a convertible car seat. That way, we could have our baby rear-facing for as long as possible. Then, when it was time to forward face her, we could use the same seat. We wouldn’t have to pay for another one.

I chatted to some of my parenting friends and a couple of fellow expectant mums and almost all recommended the Britax Safe-n-Sound Meridian car seat, which has now been replaced by the upgraded Millenia.

Britax Safe-n-Sound Millenia Car Seat - Love from Mim
Britax Safe-n-Sound Millenia Car Seat

It ticked all the boxes of being a convertible seat – from being highly rated for its safety, through to being within our budget. We purchased the seat from Baby Kingdom and the sales staff advised us it was the perfect choice for what we were looking for.

In fact, when we had the seat installed, the installation guy commended us too on buying the “best car seat on the market”, in his opinion!

Being a new mum is hard

As a new mum, there was so much that was unknown to me. I had so many questions on just about every aspect of parenting! It took me some time to start to trust my gut instinct.

Buying a car seat for my baby that so many had recommended, gave me confidence. I knew that when we were out and about in the car, my little girl was comfortable and safe.

In fact, she felt so comfortable that most of her naps were in the car. She was that baby who woke up the second the car stopped moving!

When her brother came along a couple of years later, we again opted for a Britax car seat. Whilst we’ve tried others, which have been good, we have always felt that Britax Safe and Sound car seats match our requirements the best.

Britax Safe-n-Sound Maxi Guard Car Seat
The Britax Safe-n-Sound Maxi Guard Car Seat

Between our two cars and the in-laws’ cars, we now have six Britax Maxi Guard car seats. I think that goes to show that they’re our favourites!

When you’re buying a car seat for your baby, do your research. Check out the Britax website, chat to sales assistants and ask your friends and family what they recommend. Be clear what your requirements are and what is important to you. Then, you’re likely to find the perfect car seat.

For us, this means to always choose Britax Safe n Sound car seats!

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I hope my experience with why we choose Britax Safe-n-Sound Car Seats helps you.



  1. Kylie T
    / 6:27 am

    Thanks for sharing why you choose Britax Safe-n-Sound Car Seats; fantastic post!

    • Mim
      / 9:56 am

      Thanks Kylie – they’re our all time faves :) x

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