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I’m a Bupa Blog Awards 2018 Finalist!

So just a little bit of exciting news – I’m a Bupa Blog Awards 2018 finalist – oh my word! I’m still squeeing over it!

When I got the email to say I had made the finals I nearly fell of my chair…but then……..I checked out who else had….!

And it was only two of my biggest blogging heroes – Lauren and The Thud and Kayte at Woog’s World. I’m sure you love them as much as I do for their candor and general hilariousness.

House of White and The Little Mumma are also finalists in my category (yay!) – the Families category and I’m so delighted to be sharing the experience with all of these super-talented and inspiring women.

What are the Bupa Blogger Awards, you say?

Well, in their own words, “The Bupa Blog Awards is all about celebrating bloggers and influencers who are making a difference in health and care for their online communities.”.

As you know, I share my motherhood story and my experience of breast cancer and the resulting mental health issues.

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I also work very closely with Cancer Council NSW and you might have seen my bald head pop into your inbox if you get their Pink Ribbon Day emails!

I write my blog first and foremost for me – it’s my online diary, my outlet, my therapy. But when the hundreds of emails I receive tell me that something I’ve said has helped you, it just makes my day.

Mim Jenkinson
And let’s not pretend I didn’t filter the fuck out of this pic!

For some of you, it’s about cancer. You’ve found a lump, you’re going through treatment or someone you know has been diagnosed.

For others, you’re interested to know what’s working for my family and what products or services are making our life a bit easier.

Then there are my planner-girls! Who share my obsession for pretty stationery and an attempt to stay as organised as possible.

I LOVE my little corner of the internet so much and I hope to continue to blog and to share for many more years to come.

What happens next?

Well, I’ve been invited to a fancy dinner on October 25th and it’s there that the winners will be announced in each category and for the People’s Choice Award. You can find out more here and if you’ve been watching my IG stories you’ll know that Ms Lauren at The Thud has my vote!

I have fek all to wear – because I work from home, don’t even go on dates really and don’t have much of an out-of-the-house-life after 7pm!

So I’m seriously considering wearing the dress I wore to the AusMumpreneur awards. What do you think?

AusMumpreneur Awards Mim Jenkinson - Love from Mim

I kind of like the idea of wearing it again because:

  1. I don’t have anything else.
  2. It’s a beautiful dress and made me feel special.
  3. I don’t want to buy another dress when I’ll have no reason to probably ever wear it again.
  4. I can’t be faffed going shopping – it was hard enough finding that dress.
  5. I kind of think it might be funny to wear it again – I mean, isn’t that what a lot of wish we could do?

What do you think though?

I asked on IG and the vast majority said wear it again! But then I did get some messages pleading not to – because I might regret it on the night and it might take the shine off a super fun night.

Anyway, I’ve digressed into vanity so I’ll shut up now!

But YAY to being a Bupa Blog Awards 2018 Finalist – I cannot wait for the event!! x x

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  1. Mummy Muckups (Anna)
    / 11:33 am

    Seriously!!! Wear it!! (unless you fancy a good shop sesh). Otherwise, it looks fabulous and I especially love the wrist bling (the trophy that is!). LOVE!!! Good luck!!!

    • Mim
      / 6:00 pm

      Aww thank you lovely lady!! And how pretty is the trophy!! x x

  2. Kazzie
    / 2:21 pm

    oh my word, go for it! either add or change the bling! And have a ball!

    • Mim
      / 2:26 pm

      Thank you so much!! x x

  3. Louise
    / 1:03 pm

    Wear it again – you and the dress are gorgeous ! Maybe some different bling, something that pops against the black :) Have the most amazing night. You’re already a winner.

    • Mim
      / 1:32 pm

      Oh thank you lovely Louise – you’ve made my day! x

  4. / 10:57 am

    How exciting! Congratulations, Mim.
    Those are all excellent reasons for wearing the dress again…and I imagine when you look back at the night, you’ll more be remembering the people, and the way you felt, rather than *exactly* what you had on. You’ve probably already had this suggested to you, but maybe you could wear different accessories and/or have your hair in a different way? So the dress would be the same, but the outfit as a whole would be slightly different.

    • Mim
      / 10:59 am

      Thank you so much lovely! I love the idea of that – I might even change my hair colour a bit! And yes – I think you’re so right about remembering the event more so :) x

    • / 11:00 am

      Haha, just saw May’s comment below – same wavelength!

  5. May
    / 10:40 am

    I love you in this dress! And if it makes you feel a million bucks go with it! You could change up the accessories if you wanted.

    • Mim
      / 10:45 am

      Oh thank you lovely! And YES – I love that idea!! x x

  6. / 12:58 pm

    That’s fantastic – congratulations! 100% you should wear the dress again.

    • Mim
      / 4:05 pm

      Oh thank you so so much!! x x

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