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Carpet Call Ebony Rug Review

I’m so excited to bring you this Carpet Call Ebony Rug review!

We’re finally in our “forever home” and can’t wait to show you around! I’m reviewing a gorgeous new Carpet Call Ebony rug so I’m starting with our living room.

We’re still unpacking in most of the rooms so far but the living is ready. Now we’re in the process of adding some decorative touches to it.

As with the rest of the house, the walls are all white, which I love. We will be adding some feature walls into some of the rooms, including the living room. For now though, we want to decorate this room in neutral tones while we decide where to add colour.

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Carpet Call Ebony Rug Review - Love from Mim
Our Carpet Call Ebony Rug!

Carpet Call Rug Review

Our furniture is all from Freedom but we couldn’t find a rug we loved in their current range for this room.

After spending just a few minutes on the CarpetCall website, I knew we would find something perfect for what we were looking for. In fact, I think we changed our mind at least 5 times because there were so many gorgeous rugs to choose from.

These factors were important to us

  • A neutral tone: beige or grey.
  • Nothing too “busy”.
  • A pattern that might help hide any spillages from the kids!
  • Large enough to cover most of the floor space.
  • A timeless design – modern but nothing too quirky.

How we found the right Rug

The website allows you filter rugs by type and the ones we loved the most were in the Modern section.

Carpet Call Ebony Rug Review - Love from Mim

After filtering the page by our colour choices, we opted for the Ebony Rug in size 200cm x 290cm.

Carpet Call Ebony Rug ReviewCarpet Call Ebony Rug Review - Love from Mim

It’s a beautiful beige and grey rug which is stain resistant and easy to clean – so important for a family with little kids! It’s also very soft underfoot and feels really luxurious.

Carpet Call Ebony Rug Review - Love from Mim

Delivery is free in Australia and super quick too and the rug arrived really well wrapped up and well packaged.

Opening and installing the Rug

Carpet Call Ebony Rug Review - Love from Mim

I’ve ordered rugs before that have been stored coiled up and have needed to stick them to the floor to stop the edges sticking up! This one had been stored flat and with it’s hemmed ends, it rolled out and sat completely flat on the carpet.

Carpet Call Ebony Rug Review - Love from Mim

I’m sure that this rug is perfect for our living room! I’ll be checking out Carpet Call rugs for the other rooms too.

Its adds such a lovely, subtle “pop” to the room and matches our existing furniture really well. I know that when we add more decor and colour to the room as the months go on, we’ll be so happy that we chose the Ebony rug.

It’s actually on sale right now along with many more beautiful rugs – pop over to the Carpet Call website here to find out more.

Right, now I’m off to scour Pinterest for ideas on new blinds!

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Disclosure: We were kindly sent the Carpet Call Ebony rug in exchange for my honest review. Some links above are affiliate links meaning if you click through and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This doesn’t affect the price you pay.



  1. Najaf Mazari
    / 1:18 am

    Your living rooms so beautiful and nice.I loved it.

  2. / 3:50 pm

    So gorgeous! Your photos are stunning! Congratulations on making it into your forever home, I wish you so much happiness there. Xx

    • Mim
      / 10:39 am

      Oh thank you beautiful! It felt like it might never happen but yay we’re in! x x

  3. vaidehiyoutube
    / 12:03 am

    Beautiful drawing room.Love it

  4. loretta franceschimi
    / 6:20 pm

    Your living room looks good. Well done.

    • Mim
      / 6:59 pm

      Thank you! It’s getting there and I’m enjoying decorating :) x

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