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9 Changing Bag Essential Products New Mums Need

If you want to know what the best changing bag essential products we can’t do without are, keep reading!

When I had my daughter four years ago, I was a first-time mum living in Sydney. Apart from my husband, the support I had was so limited.

My family lived in the UK and whilst I had a lovely circle of friends, not many had kids. So after my husband returned to work, there were times that I really struggled.

I had a beautiful baby, who loved to be cuddled. So much so that she wouldn’t let me put her down for a moment. My poor back!

Despite being endlessly grateful to be a mum, the first few months were tough. I was exhausted, living on very little sleep. Loneliness crept in too and I was so grateful to be invited to join a local mums group. They were the lifeline I needed and we are all still great friends to this day.

We shared the same challenges, the most common one being sleep deprivation! Even when my baby did start to sleep through the night, my energy levels were low.

Getting out and about with her really refreshed me. Fresh air, exercise and socialising with other new mums really gave me a boost. I looked forward to our Friday morning catch ups so much!

We would share new mum tips and tricks with each other a lot – actually we still do that! There was always at least one more mum in the group experiencing the same challenge as another. One of us always had the answer, or at least had words of comfort to let me know we were not alone.

A lot of our catch ups were in the local park or at a café we could all walk to. I would pop my baby into the carrier, or in her stroller, and we’d enjoy the walk to meet our friends.

Getting out of the house sometimes took military planning but it gave me something to focus on and look forward to. Even now, with a four year old and two year old, I have to plan ahead to make sure we leave the house on time!

I came up with a list changing bag essentials that kept me organised and on time when we went out.

Sponsored by Heinz Infant.

My Nappy Bag Packing List

1. A Practical Changing Bag

Let’s start with the most obvious of changing bag essentials – the bag! My favourite changing bag is the Storksak Elizabeth. I love that it’s large enough to hold everything I need. It has separate compartments with spaces for nappies, bottles and more.

9 Changing Bag Essential Products - Love from Mim Essential Products to pack in a Changing Bag for a day out with a baby
My Storksak Elizabeth Changing Bag!

The bag also includes a wipe clean changing mat – a definite changing bag essential item for a day out!

You do not need to necessarily buy a changing bag. You might have a bag already that is big enough for everything you need. Just make sure it’s one that is comfortable to carry or can easily be attached to your stroller. It will make getting out of the house with a baby much easier.

You can buy the Storksak Elizabeth Nappy Bag here in Australia, here in the US and here in the UK.

2. Food and Drink

When my baby started on solid foods, I always made sure to have something she could eat when we were out. Sometimes I prepared home-cooked food and took that in air tight containers.

I always had a few baby food jars or pouches in her favourite flavours in the bag too and a couple of bibs.

There were so many times when I was running later or just plain exhausted. Having pre-prepared nutritious baby food meant that she had something yummy to eat and I was less stressed.

We loved the Heinz range.

Heinz has asked Australian mums what they wanted from a new infant range. In return, they’ve created a range of steam cooked meals with no preservatives.

9 Changing Bag Essential Products including the Heinz for Baby range - Love from Mim Essential Products to pack in a Changing Bag for a day out with a baby

When I’d finished breastfeeding, I also had a bottle with water for her at all times.

Don’t forget a couple of snacks and drinks for yourself too!

3. Nappies and Nappy Sacks

What would a nappy bag be without nappies? Answer = a useless one.

If we went out for 2-4 hours, I always took at least 3 spare nappies with me. Nappy sacks are also needed to pop in your dirty nappies. Actually they’re a great multipurpose item because if you make any kind of mess, you’ll always have a bag to put it in.

4. Wipes

Wipes are also essential for changing your baby and cleaning up spills.

In fact, if I ever go out without my kids now, I often take wipes too – I’ve gotten so dependent on them!

5. Hand Sanitiser

I keep a miniature bottle of this in my changing bag at all times. After nappy changes and food spills, it’s a brilliant way of keeping your hands germ free when you’re out and about.

It will tide you over until you can wash your hands when you get home.

6. Blanket

If you’re heading outside, a blanket is another of my changing bag essentials. If the weather turns cold, your baby will love being wrapped up warm. I also used to use blankets in summer as a sun protection shade over the stroller.

A muslin blanket is so multipurpose and doesn’t take up too much room in your changing bag. It can be used to wrap your baby, cover them, as a breastfeeding cover (if you want one) and so much more.

7. Spare Clothes

Keep a couple of spare baby outfits in your bag in case of spills or mess. By that, I probably mean poopsplosions and vomit!

If you have the room, it’s also a good idea to take a spare top for mum too. Or you might be wrapping that blanket around yourself if you get messy!

8. Sun Hat and Sunscreen

All year round, a sun hat and sunscreen are essential changing bag items for you and your baby. Staying protected from the sun when you’re out and about is a must.

9. Some extras, if you have room

If you can squeeze them in, it’s also very handy to take:

I hope my changing bag essential products list helps you be a little more prepared. Getting out of the house with your baby can be a challenge but it’s also so worthwhile!

I hope my list of essential items to pack in a changing bag help you.

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What are your changing bag essential products for a day out with a baby?



  1. Kylie T
    / 5:19 pm

    Thanks for your changing bag essential products list; I think you have covered the most important one’s and it will definitely help mums be more prepared.

    • Mim
      / 5:34 pm

      Thank you! I needed this as a first time mum :) x

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