Chemo Capers

Sorry, there are actually no chemo capers, I just couldn’t think of a title for a little update on how chemo is going!

Well since we last caught up I’ve had many more of my weekly Paclitaxel chemos and I now only have 3 to go!

THREE!! So 3 weeks today will be my very last chemo. Hopefully ever.

Before you say “hasn’t it gone fast!”, no it has not ha! It’s dragged, every week but the end really now is in sight.

I finish chemo this month. THIS MONTH! Hooooooray!

Chemo Capers - Chemo Chemotherapy Triple Negative Breast Cancer Paclitaxel
Image Source: Pixabay

Chemo had been going well, I’ve been feeling more and more fatigued and achy as the weeks have gone on, as I was warned. By about 3pm each day I’m pretty useless.

My back has been killing me and my Oncologist was a bit concerned as back ache isn’t a side effect of Taxol so she sent me for a CT scan last week to see if the cancer was back and bothering my spine somehow. It thankfully came back clear.

Now I’m having some other symptoms, nerve issues, so I’m being sent for a bone scan tomorrow to check my spine. I’m nervous, I won’t lie. I’m confident it will be ok though and I’ll be glad to get the all clear that it hasn’t spread to my bones.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me. And your toes!

Last week I had a lovely all expenses paid 2 night mini break stay at the hospital because of a viral infection but that aside, it’s been a fairly uneventful few weeks chemo-wise.

I told you there were no chemo capers!

I did have an awesome time at a recent blogging event though yay and an actual stay in a hotel all by myself!

It’s a bit weird to think I’ll be finished soon. I’ll have my Mondays back – what WILL I do?

I’ll tell you what I’ll do, I’ll try as hard as I can to grow some bloody hair! Despite a few teases of regrowth, it has all fallen out again and I’ve never been balder.

My eyelashes are sparser than ever and my eyebrows have reduced to about 1/4 of what they once were. Sob sob sob.

And what I would give for some nose hair! Yes I said nose hair – you’d be surprised at how very necessary it is!

In other news, my leg hair is still fighting it’s own battleĀ for survival annoyingly well but I point blank refuse to shave my legs in protest on behalf of my bald head and face. Sorry not sorry, Mr M.

My face is bald!

Oh the sadness.

Anyway it’s ok, it will come back, and hopefully a bit of it in time for winter. Please pray for the safe return of my hair.

I don’t think I have any other update really except I’m plodding on, crawling to the finish line and gearing up for round 2 – radiotherapy.

A BIG thank you, as always, for the lovely comments, calls, texts and emails – you are all amazingly lovely and supportive!

Thank you too for bearing with me when I take days (weeks?) to reply to you because I’m too tired to string a sentence together.

We are nearly at the end!

Stay tuned for the finale of Chemo Capers, 3 weeks from now :)

My Friend Has Cancer eBook by Mim Jenkinson
My Friend Has Cancer eBook by Mim Jenkinson

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Chemo Capers - Chemo Chemotherapy Triple Negative Breast Cancer Paclitaxel
Image Source: Pixabay


  1. You Baby Me Mummy
    / 5:53 am

    You are so amazing Mim, you never stop amazing me with your amazing attitude. The home stretch now huni xxxx

    • / 2:26 pm

      Oh thank you lovely! Nearly there!! x

  2. Hannah Budding Smiles
    / 9:15 pm

    I had to stalk your Twitter feed before I commented and am so happy your back tests came back clear. Yay for leg hair, yay for 3 weeks to go and I’m sending all the love and best wishes in the world xxx

    • / 2:26 pm

      Hee hee yay all clear – thank God! x

  3. Kat | Beau Twins
    / 6:41 am

    Mim, I bloody love you! You made me chuckle lovely lady. have everything crossed for you gorgeous and sending you so many positive vibes, love and hugs! Big love beautiful. Xxx

    • / 10:46 am

      Oh thank you lovely lady! x x

  4. Em @ snowingindoors
    / 3:55 am

    Please tell me you have a theme tune in mind for Chemo Capers ;-) I’m glad the end is in sight for you, I have my fingers crossed that the next 3 weeks zoom by and your tests all come back clear xx

    • / 11:54 am

      Hee hee I think I had the Benny Hill tune in my head at the time! x x

  5. Donna
    / 5:45 am

    I love your sense of humour and I am so glad there are no real capers. I hope these three weeks pass uneventfully and I have everything crossed that your bones are ok x

    • / 11:56 am

      Thank you lovely lady! 1 scan down and 1 to go, hopefully results tomorrow x x

  6. Lisa (mummascribbles)
    / 10:00 pm

    How is it that despite this being a post about chemo, when I click to open, I just know that I am going to have a little giggle? So pleased that you are nearly there, and so pleased that you have leg hair. I feel bad for shaving mine off at the weekend now since it’s actually so precious and since it was a bit of an effort, I might join you in the hairy leg club!! Sending lots of love and luck for the bone scan…sure all is fine. Mwah xxx

    • / 10:25 pm

      Thanks lovely! Hee hee we can be hairy-legged sisters in arms! x

  7. Katy (What Katy Said)
    / 9:32 pm

    Hurrah for leg hair- not something I’d ever thought I’d say. Big hugs hun, you are almost there xxx

    • / 9:52 pm

      Yay thanks lady! Sooooo close!! x x

  8. Tracey @ Champagne Days
    / 9:22 pm

    Sending positive thoughts your way but also curious about why do we need nose hair?

    • / 9:51 pm

      Ha ha well I think scientifically the hair helps fend off infection but without it my nose sticks together in a pinched fashion and I look like Michael Jackson! x x

  9. Ness
    / 8:44 pm

    YAY! Finish line in sight! I have fingers, arms, legs, eyeballs, everything crossed for your scan results. I’m sure it will be fine, but I understand the fear…

    Radiation wasn’t as bad as chemo once I got over my initial fear of the unknown. You will be fine. It wasn’t claustrophobic at all.

    I saw my radiation oncologist last Friday and he said they were all very happy with my results. I have my first six monthly check up early September and hopefully it all stays boring from now on and same for you. You’re nearly there!!!

    • / 10:27 pm

      Oooh I’m so happy for you that you’ve finished and all is going so well!! Yay I’ll be joining you soon and yes, let’s hope our lives are uneventful from now on :) x x

  10. Hannah | Hannah Spannah
    / 8:37 pm

    I’m so glad this horrible time will be behind you soon and it goes without saying that I’ll have everything crossed and will be sending positive thoughts when you have your bone scan. well done for staying sane through this process xxx

    • / 9:05 pm

      Oh thank you beautiful! x x

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