Chicco DryFit Nappies Review – Launching Today!

Chicco DryFit Nappies Review

We recently had a lovely email from awesome baby specialists Chicco asking if Mini M might like to put their new Chicco DryFit Nappies to the test.  “Why, yes please!” he gurgled.

His big sister rides in a Chicco London stroller so he knew they were a brand to be trusted ;) Being a typical newborn baby, Mini goes through many nappies each week and I’ve been looking for the perfect nappies for him since he was born.  When Miss M was a newborn we used Huggies but they don’t sell them in the UK anymore.

The lovely team at Chicco dispatched the nappies pronto and we’ve been testing them over the past few weeks.

The first thing I noticed was that they were slimmer than the nappies we’d be using previously (Pampers & Co-op).  I wondered if that would mean we’d have to change them more frequently but actually they did a great job of absorbing everything as much as the other nappies without the bulkiness.  Win!

They’re also very soft, inside and out and have a fabric-like breathable lining that reduces heat and helps to prevent nappy rash.

Mini M has been suffering from nappy rash on and off so that was reassuring.  Another win!

I did find them nice and wide so nothing escaped when he wore them too.  Win!
Chicco DryFit Nappies Review - Chicco Nappies Newborn Nappies

They’re definitely not as long as other brands we’ve tried so I found I had to tug them around a bit more to get a nice snug fit high enough up around his tummy.  That said, we haven’t had any leaks at all so they obviously fit well.

I would definitely rate them highly alongside the other leading brands and would invest in them in the future.

The DryFit nappies are available NOW and exclusively at Boots from £4.49 so check out the Chicco Nappies page to find out all about them.

I tend to buy whatever nappies we like that are on offer at the time so we’ll be keeping an eye on the Boots page and adding them to our basket soon!

What nappies do you recommend for newborns?

Chicco DryFit Nappies Review - Chicco Nappies Newborn Nappies

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Chicco DryFit Nappies Review - Newborn Nappies Chicco Nappies Newborn Baby Nappies

Disclosure: I was sent the Chicco nappies in exchange for my honest review.

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