6 Ways that Colouring with Kids is Awesome

I’ve never been the ‘craft mum’ – it is NOT my thing. But colouring with kids – that’s much more my thing.

I do remember loving crafts at school and I believe firmly in the benefits of them. I just don’t particularly enjoy them as a parent. There, I said it.

Don’t get me wrong, we craft. But if your kid comes round for a playdate, don’t expect me to set up the paintbrushes and scrapbooks. Nope.

I felt bad for a while – why was I missing the ‘crafting’ gene? Wasn’t it something all mums should love to do?

Then I realised that crafting doesn’t need to equal paint splodges, glue sticks and…mess.

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Colouring in with Kids

Because…colouring in! Colouring in is SO much fun and something that I’ve loved from my toddler to adult years.

It’s calming, it relieves stress, it’s pretty and there is NO mess. Perfect!

We have lots of kids colouring in books dotted about our house, and the occasional adult colouring book too. And it’s always been our go-to when we eat out.

If the kids can sit and do some colouring in while they’re waiting for their food, eating our is so much easier.

My six-year-old daughter particularly loves to colour in and has from an early age. My three-year-old son? More of a scribbler apparently. But the thought is there. Kind of.

I’m happy though that my kids love one of the hobbies I loved as a kid and colouring in together is something that bring us all joy.

More joy and less mum guilt!

I know I’m not alone with the whole ‘I’m not a craft mum’ thing. Phew.

Psychologist and parenting specialist, Renee Mill, says “While many mums love crafting with their kids, many also avoid crafting activities because they see them as time consuming and messy. However, with a bit of planning, you can choose a simple activity just with scissors, colouring pens, paper and glue, for example, that is fun and mess-free.”

Renee says that getting involved with a craft activity can take you away from the busy everyday routine that can help you connect with your young child – something that can benefit you both.

Pop'lol Gel Ink Pen Set from Pilot Pen Australia - Love from Mim

6 Reasons to Craft with Kids

She explains six key benefits of craft time with kids:

1. It’s time away from technology

Good connection happens when there is eye contact. Our brains are ‘social brains’, which means that when we connect through eye contact, it helps our child’s brain develop.  When a parent and/or the child is engaged in technology, eye contact and face to face communication is diminished. Bonding, love and affection are best displayed when there are no screens or other devices in the way.

2. It’s non-confrontational conversation

A lot of parenting involves telling a child what to do and the child reacting to it, frequently in a negative manner such as being oppositional, defensive or sulky. When you work cooperatively on a craft activity, the focus is on working together, both being contributors and respectful of each other’s opinions. This generates closeness and warmth. It sets the tone for collaboration in the future.

3. It creates confidence

Confidence does not come from being praised. It comes from achieving something, which is called mastery. When a child learns a new skill or finishes an activity, they develop feelings of mastery which increase confidence. Of course, the parent should give helpful praise which will reinforce the confidence e.g.; “I noticed you were able to concentrate for 30 minutes”, “That border required good eye hand co-ordination.” “You really mastered that”, “How creative to think of adding red to the drawing.”

4. It enhances moods

Arts and crafts are good for lowering stress and lifting one’s mood. When you create something, you release dopamine which is the “happy hormone”. Therefore, spending time together doing an activity is great for mental wellness. When you are both happy and calm there is more space for loving moments.

5. You use your imagination

The imagination is a very powerful tool. With the advent of technology, children are not engaging their imagination as much as before. When you watch a video, you are watching the creativity of another person passively. In therapy and hypnotherapy, sports psychology and performance enhancing psychology the imagination is harnessed. It is a good “muscle” to keep active for mental wellbeing.

6. You can re-connect with your own creativity

As adults we often take life too seriously. It can feel like life is all about paying the bills, getting the kids to appointments and daily chores. What a grind it becomes. When you take time out for creative play, you step out into another dimension for a while and it relieves those burdensome feelings. It also is an opportunity to be mindful and in the moment. You are activating different parts of your brain (right side) which will help you feel more balanced and alive. Also, it is a reminder not to take life so seriously all the time.

“Crafting and art work can be very rewarding for children on many levels.  It takes them away from the right/wrong world that is often part of everyday school work and into the arena of the imagination, where anything goes,” adds Renee.

Does colouring with kids count as craft time? Absolutely yes!

We love to colour in with gel pens because they’re so vibrant and easy to use. Plus, the range of colours is vast.

I’ve shared before my passion for Pilot Pens and we love their Pop’lol Gen Pen range.

John Johnston, Marketing Manager for Pilot Pen Australia said that a ‘craft resurgence’ is currently taking place and that they consequently have seen an increase in demand for many products such as colouring pens, paint markers and even calligraphy pens. He said that this trend is ironically being driven online, with many ‘Insta’ mums and YouTubers offering some great tips and advice to make craft easy and accessible.

Instagram and Pinterest used to be a place that brought out the ‘mum guilt’ in me. When I saw the craft that other mums were producing and the look of joy on their kids’ faces, I felt like I should probably be doing more.

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Colouring is our thing! It’s a hobby we all love and we can do together.

Don’t get me wrong, we still make time for other crafts, this is our favourite though.

Pop'lol Gel Ink Pen Set from Pilot Pen Australia - Love from Mim

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And the winner is…Lisa!

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Crafting with Kids - Love from Mim Ideas for crafting with kids or colouring with kids using gel pens! Less mess and so bright and vibrant. #crafts #crafting #gelpens #pilotpens #colouringin #coloringin

Do you love colouring with kids too?



  1. Kylie Turner
    / 8:18 am

    I enjoy sharing an artistic flair
    With hearts on our sleeve, we wear
    Colouring in brings joy; one of a kind
    I love framing our masterpieces – they beautifully entwine
    The household with happiness, inspiration and fun
    How brilliant & a treasure if we won
    With Love From Mim & Pilot Pens
    Fascinating adventures, time & time again!

  2. Gayle Vos
    / 1:26 pm

    Colouring in is a great way to hone in on motor skills plus it’s fun to do.

  3. / 3:42 pm

    We like to bake together. Hear me out. I get them involved in choosing what they want in their lunchboxes, so I know they’ll eat it. Then we talk about recipes, and what ingredients we need. We carefully measure them out together, combine them and then we get something wonderfully delicious (most of the time!) at the end. Not only do we get to talk while we bake, but they’re also learning measurements, science and a healthy life skill at the same time, and I get something to add to the school lunchboxes. Everyone wins!

  4. Belinda Short
    / 3:12 pm

    My 6month old loves to create masterpieces for daddy to come home to with her crayons.

  5. Anna
    / 12:45 pm

    When the end of school term is approaching & the holidays draw near
    It’s the special times I look forward to, the memories I hold dear.
    Sprawled out on the bed with my darling little one
    It’s precious time shared between mother & son.
    Out come the textas & pens & our favourite colouring book
    With Easter approaching, what will we colour? A bunny, chocolate or a chook?
    We talk whilst we colour, what will the Easter Bunny bring this year?
    I look at my little one, he makes me smile, I almost shed a tear.
    It’s times like these I wish he’d never grow up, that he’d stay my little one
    I guess he’ll always be my baby, always my honeybun.
    With some new gel pens, we could take our favourite craft activity to the next level, let our imaginations run wild
    A colouring collaboration uniquely created by us, mother & child.

  6. Louise
    / 10:59 pm

    I love making ‘stained glass’ windows with my daughters. We use coloured cellophane and sticky tape. It looks brilliant when the sun shines through :)

  7. Karina Lee
    / 9:53 pm

    We love making cards! It’s such a fun yet low cost and non-messy craft activity!!

  8. Loz Jordan
    / 9:32 pm

    My favourite craft activity with the kids is making cards for family and friends. Themed stickers, scrapbook paper, cutting out shapes, drawing pictures, washi tape. We send personalised cards for most occasions, bonus is that it costs less than buying a card (that many people probably just bin anyway!).

  9. Kate Slack
    / 2:36 pm

    I have been teaching my son to knit, he is getting there and is enjoying learning how to make a scarf.

  10. Patricia Comer
    / 9:00 am

    I love paper mashee! God knows no one can get that wrong…. but try to wear it too quickly and it could be a stinky flop lol. However it is best because when it is hard and dry you can glue stuff to it, paint it and your imagination is your only obstacle! Our most recent creation is a Bilby Easter Bonnet, for the school hat parade in 2 weeks.

  11. Meligc
    / 8:34 pm

    As a foster carer, I often work with special needs kids. I love messy play, because it feels naughty but it’s not. And it’s so sensory.

  12. Andie Harrie
    / 7:00 pm

    We love to make vision boards of the things we desire
    It’s changeable and an activity we admire
    Gives us goals to achieve
    Pictures and quotes in which we believe

  13. sue perry
    / 6:58 pm

    I love teaching my son to make suncatchers
    He loves his shiny creations
    They make great gifts & he’s using fine motor skills

  14. Deborah Bolam
    / 6:54 pm

    Empty toilet rolls make little dolls with crepe paper tinsel sparkles stick on eyes and wool for hair very cute

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