Creating the Perfect Family Garden

Creating the Perfect Family Garden is written in collaboration with Thomsons Outdoor Pine.

We’ve been making some changes in our new house inside but one area that’s still suffering is our back yard! Creating the perfect family garden area is definitely on the agenda for this year though.

We want a kid friendly garden that’s fun and safe for the kids to play in and that’s also going to be a great place for us to entertain.

The garden is L-shaped and not huge but does have some room to add a few touches to bring it to life. As much as I would love someone to design my garden for me, I’ve been researching some back garden ideas to do just that. It’s way more fun than I thought!

How to Create the Best Family Garden

My perfect family garden would have these things – they’re small garden ideas that might work for you too. How to create the perfect family garden:

1. A place to start with!

The lawn itself – well it leaves a LOT to be desired. The Aussie sunshine has dried it out and the bindis are doing their best to finish it off. A few of my friends are saying the same about their garden.

We’ll need to get rid of those bindis ASAP to save what’s left of the lawn. We don’t have the budget to landscape the whole garden so we’ll need to remove what’s there and then find a good bindi weed killer to hopefully prevent a reoccurrence.

2. A place to entertain

If you’re going to be using your garden to entertain as well as play, it’s worth defining those areas.

Our current garden has a paved dining area (with a pretty grim brick built-in BBQ). Our BBQ sits next to that but we intend to get rid of the bricked one. Because…yuck.


Ideally, I would have loved a decked dining area as they’re so timeless and beautiful. Perhaps later in the year (decade) for that little dream!

We currently have a very old pergola over the dining area which needs completely re-doing. We hoped a lick of paint would be enough but the wood is cracking badly so we’ll have to replace the lot.

Something like this pergola from Thomsons Outdoor Pine Sydney would be perfect.

Outdoor Pergola
Outdoor Pergola from Thomsons Outdoor Pine

They specialise in timber design and construction for outdoor structures such as pergolas, timber decks, carports, gates, balustrades and outdoor stairs for homes in Sydney and other areas.

The kids otherwise have the run of the lawn which brings me on to…

3. A place to play!

This is what a family garden is all about, isn’t it? We want the kids to have a fun and safe area to play together and to play with their friends.

Currently, it’s a bindi-filled waste land! Ok, it isn’t that bad. But apart from their trampoline, there isn’t much fun stuff otherwise. Whilst we don’t have the room (or budget) to fill the garden with play activity, we have been on the lookout for a swing set.

Girl on trampoline

Luckily our local park a few minutes away has one but I’d love the kids to have their own so they can play at home more and invite their friends round.

4. A place to put away

We currently have no real storage and I think we probably need a shed or somewhere to put BBQ things and toys when they’re not in use. Because right we have numerous random balls rolling around!

I would like the hubs (who’s a carpenter so has no excuses) to build either a shed or a big outdoor storage box. You know, one day.

5. A place for pretty things

I do not like gardening but I do like gardens. I just have no inclination to crawl along the lawn preening plants. Am I alone?

However when I see other people’s pretty gardens with bright and bold flowers, I’m totally envious.

So I need to think of some ways to bring some prettiness into the garden that can be easily maintained. So I think a trip to the local garden centre might be in order soon!

So there are the few things I would like in my ideal family garden. I’ll keep researching garden design ideas on a budget like ours and share any I find.

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How about you? Do you have any other small backyard ideas to create the perfect family garden?


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Do you have any tips for creating the perfect family garden?


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