DIY Flooring Ideas on a Budget

Our home is where we spend our time relaxing, playing, enjoying, making memories. It’s where we feel comfortable, happy and safe.

But often, a tired home that needs a carpet update or flooring facelift can have the opposite effect; it can pull your mood down, particularly if a renovation isn’t on the agenda. It’s easy to feel quite stuck.

What about bringing back the new home feel using some DIY flooring ideas on a budget? Have you considered it? Here are some tips for a low-cost flooring update.

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DIY Flooring on a Budget

There are plenty of inexpensive flooring ideas around these days that isn’t carpet; all you have to do is pick one that suits your lifestyle. But if you’re not the interior decorator type (don’t worry, not all of us are) here are some guidelines on how different flooring options can work in your house.


Hybrid timber look flooring is bang on trend in 2019, and soft blonde and brown tones are the most popular because of their versatility. Hybrid flooring combines attributes of laminate and vinyl in a floating floor product that you can install yourself.  Hybrid flooring is rigid and perfect for all areas because of it’s water resistant properties and it expands and contracts less than traditional vinyl making it suitable for most Australian climates.


Laminate is also another great budget-friendly option to get the timber look for less. It is made of several layers of robust fibreboard and a reproductive photographic woodgrain layer with multiple topcoats of resin. Laminate has a click-together installation system, so you can install it yourself and is hard-wearing, great for busy homes!


Unlike laminate, vinyl is water-resistant so you can achieve a trendy look just about anywhere. Vinyl is stain-resistant and comes in planks which can be self-installed.  Better still, they’re quiet and soft underfoot, vinyl flooring is a great choice if you have kids.

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Things to keep in mind

When deciding on DIY low-cost flooring ideas, avoid being sold only on the price, as attractive as it may seem. Instead, focus on the practicality of the flooring for your living situation and ask yourself these questions.

Is the flooring suitable for the kitchen, bathroom or laundry?

Some DIY flooring like laminate isn’t waterproof and isn’t suitable for wet areas. Some flooring can also be too slippery for a wet area. If you’re adding flooring to the kitchen, opt for flooring that is easy to clean. If in doubt, ask a flooring professional.

Is the flooring suitable for pets and kids?

Let’s face it; kids don’t tend to think about looking after the floor and pets, well, they’re completely oblivious. Consider the cost of repair if your vinyl is damaged. Dropping a heavy sharp object onto vinyl can easily damage it as will sharp claws however if you buy it in vinyl planks, the repair won’t be so painful as you just need to replace the damaged planks.

Does the flooring suit my climate?

Australia has a diverse range of climates and climate is likely the last thing you think of when deciding on low-cost flooring ideas. Think about where you live and opt for the flooring to suit. You might experience high humidity, and rain periods; therefore, hybrid or vinyl flooring may be the best option. If the floor is exposed to high UV rays, a hybrid flooring with UV coating works well.

Any of these DIY flooring ideas on a budget will transform your home by making it look fresh, new and even brighter.

They always say a change is as good as a holiday, so why not visit Carpet Court for more detailed information on DIY flooring for your home.

This article was written in partnership with Carpet Court.


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